Maui Wedding

Well, we did it – just spent close to a week in Hawaii on the west end of Maui (near Lahaina) for Stepson Mario and Natalie’s. Husband and I have a difficult time committing to plans far ahead of time, so right from the start this was an exercise in letting go. We also don’t fly often, and each time we do there are new things to get used to – what exactly is “flight mode” ? (Found out it only applies to smart phones, and ours is a dumb phone). Booking online is still scary for me – I long for the days of travel agents to do it for you.

By the time we made our reservations last November, the cheaper flights all involved either two stopovers or a Red-eye flight, and we got one of each on this trip. Luckily we made all of our connecting flights, and the only problems flying were that “caged” feeling you get in narrow airline seats, and the inability to really sleep on a plane. We were able to avoid jet-lag by waiting to sleep until we were ready to drop, and then logging in a good long stretch before the next full day.

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The wedding and dinner (at a seaside restaurant called Merriman’s) also went off without a hitch; all 34 of us behaved properly (at least while I was awake) – youngest daughter teared up and was not able to finish her solo song during the ceremony, but no problem. The vows were touching and sometimes funny, and the stories told during the ceremony and dinner were heartwarming.

Most of our days were spent doing things with the family, a lot of it on the beaches, for which we were grateful. We reconnected with the various other parents (there were a lot of us, there’s a story for another time.) It was soothing to hear and watch the waves, and playing in the ocean.

We are so very glad we made the effort to get there – it was definitely an event not to be missed.

What’s the farthest you’ve traveled for a Wedding or other Major Event?

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  1. When we were in grad school we drove from Winnipeg to Virginia for the wedding of Husband’s step brother. We were too poor to fly, so we drove and saw friends and relatives in Wisconsin , Ohio., and DC., and Civil War battlefields in Pennsylvania . The wedding was in a small town in southern Virginia near the Dismal Swamp. It was a most pretentious affair, as the bride’s family was extremely rich. The festivities went on for three days.

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    1. I got chiggers on my knees in a State Park in West Virginia south of Charleston. I had never had them before and they itched like crazy. I had really lovely red sores on my knees for the wedding. The wedding was on Derby Day. The bride was a decendant of William Penn.

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  2. Rise and Shine, Baboons,

    I don’t think I have travelled geographically very far for a major event, but maybe that comment is just my morning fog talking. 30 years ago there was the family wedding on Madeline Island with Lou’s very anxious mother and her sister in tow. They never did stop talking about that wedding. From small town Iowa, Madeline Island was a foreign country. Then it poured rain, the wedding was moved inside, and we were lost on the country roads of the island for awhile while the stormed raged. The car slid and the ladies shrieked in the back seat.

    Then there were the New Jersey people, family of the bride, at the wedding who were far more disoriented than the Iowa Midwesterners. They thought they were going to be eaten by wolves, having left New Jersey only for Florida beaches and NYC theater . Certainly they had never left for the wilds of Lake Superior. An uncle of the bride, a car salesman, paced the dock of the island awaiting the ferry, not wanting to be left behind in Wisconsin. The poor guy.

    Lou’s mother and aunt sat huddled in the corner watching us dance the Hora. We had a ball, and it gave them an experience to tell their friends about. We saw it as a cultured distance.

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    1. Ah, many years ago we attended a wedding in Princeton NJ. We young Iowa kids, disembarked the plane in Newark to run into my husband shirt-tail relative at the airport. Very strange.

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  3. i was only in hawaii once and it was 40 years ago. my aunt wanted to get into the travel agent business and she knew how to do the easy stuff but nothing more. i went with a buddy of mine when we were 20 something. we landed in honalulu and jumped over maui where we checked into to big hotel on the ocean and when we got to the room there were only single beds. my aunt was instructed to get double beds so we bitched and they told us the only double beds on site were in the ocean side cabins and they cost $10 more per night. we said we’d take them and when we got there the waves were lapping outside the door 30 feet away. it was incredible. lahina was 2 restaurants , fancy and casual and fancy wasn’t fancy, the island was so laid back it was incredible. we next went to waikiki and stayed at the royal hawaiian in the pink classic landmark overlooking waikiki beach. great sites and gardens nearby, surfing was wild with the biggest waves i’ve ever seen in the north side of the island and really fun piano bars with submarine crew members who were happy to be out of their submarines. my buddies sister was married to a guy stationed at pearl harbor but she was not much of a host so we visited the site and saw where the boats sank and went back to waikiki. it was a place of incredible beauty and the spots we stayed were wonderful but my travel partner was not liking the prices and wanted to go home early.
    my travel guide ad lib had us land in vegas at midnight and take off at 10 the next morning so we gambled all night and broke even paying for the rent a car and our big night in vegas for an appropriate ending to a big vacation. i went on other weekends with that guy but it was to breezy point or brûlée’s with a bunch of guys. he was an odd travel companion on a deluxe trip but my experience has me thinking i should go back again before i die, what an incredible place.

    furthest i traveled for a wedding or funeral was not too far milwaukee chicago fargo
    nothing special but hawaii was one of the nicest places i ever visited. i’d go back in s heartbeat

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    1. I wish I could have seen it then, tim – it’s ‘way too built up now – the resort we were in was one of a string of maybe a dozen on the beach there, and Lahaina was so packed with shops and tourists, Husband and I skipped that and drove into the residential part, found the High School clear up in the hills…

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  4. Bir, I’m so glad you had a good time. Maui is a wonderful place and I am so lucky that I’ve been able to travel there many times. I don’t think I’d want to live there but I do enjoy visiting. The farthest I’ve ever gone for a wedding was Florida. A very good friend of mine and godfather to YA got married when she was three, so we traveled down for a couple of days for that.


    1. VS – did you have a favorite part of the island? We were on the west end, but would have loved to go with the group (unfortunately on the day we were to fly back) that drove all the way to the other end to Hana.


  5. I think Forsyth, Montana may be the longest distance I have traveled specifically to attend a wedding. It’s roughly and eleven hour drive from St. Paul. I did that in 1978 to attend my friend Shirley’s wedding. Two other mutual friends and I piled in my trusty old SAAB and headed north. We stayed overnight in a cheap motel in Forsyth, attended the wedding the following day, and headed back home on Sunday. I drove all the way there and back. I’m glad to report that Shirley and Tom are still going strong, together. This was a second marriage for both, and they’ve both just turned eighty.

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  6. PJ’s comment reminds me that two friends and I traveled from San Francisco back to the Midwest – the Event was finishing the teaching year and going to our respective homes for summer visits. We poured ourselves into my VW bug, took turns driving through or around Reno and Salt Lake City, found a cheap motel somewhere. We stopped in Denver for one night, where we each knew people, then did a marathon day from Denver to Marshalltown and practically fell out of the car at my (folks’) house. I don’t remember how the other two got to their points beyond, maybe by bus after staying the night at our place. I wonder if I drove back on my own, or if we met up again, ’cause I don’t remember the trip back..


  7. OT – Barbara Brown Taylor was today’s speaker at the Westminster Town Forum. I suspect some of you may be familiar with her work, and some may not. She’s an Episcopal priest, a teacher, an author of several best-selling books, and a terrific speaker. Her talk today was about ways to increase understanding between people of different religions — or no religion, concepts explored in her newest book: “Holy Envy: Finding God in the Faith of Others.” If you have an hour to spare here’s a link to a recording of her speech. Be sure to listen not just to the speech but also the questions from the audience she answers at the very end. I find her so inspiring.

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  8. I’ve traveled for a few weddings. Florida for my best friend in high school. New York to be in a wedding for my best friend after High School. Charleston SC for a niece And last summer, out to PA for a nephew.
    Got a wedding on the calendar for November in Stillwater. That might turn into just a day trip. 🙂

    Never been to Hawaii.

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  9. I once went to San Diego with a friend to attend a wedding. I still remember a lot of locations around San Diego and La Jolla. It was a lovely trip. The weather was always perfect.

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