May Day

I read a couple of advice columns every day – makes me feel better about my life choices. A couple of days ago, the advice seeker was complaining about how much work his wife was putting into preparing their kids’ lunches.  She has cookie cutters for decorating their sandwiches, debates with the kids about which items goes in which lunch box compartment, includes little notes.  The writer thinks this is a complete waste of her time.

I am that woman. When YA was little I usually had wheat bread and light wheat so that I could use cookie cutters to make dual-toned sandwiches.  Until she was about 11 we had some seriously over-engineered birthday parties with themed games, food and goodie bags.  (Child enjoyed these very much at the time although she says she doesn’t remember them well.)  I make little treats for my office mates on various holidays, send mountains of greeting cards; those of you in book club know that I can’t stay away from bringing a potluck item themed to the book we’ve read.  Can we say Pi Day?

This is not competition. In fact, when I meet someone who also likes to celebrate like I do, we usually end up comparing notes and collaborating.  I met a woman about 4 years ago who can outdo me with one arm tied behind her and she gave me a great tip.  Whenever you get a new stamp set or die, you have to make at least 4 cards with it before you’re allowed to put it away.  Life changing for me.  I sent her a thank you card.

So all of this is to say that today, about the time that today’s blog was being posted to the trail, I was sneaking around my neighborhood in the dark, delivering May Day baskets!

What would you like in your May basket (size is no object today)?

27 thoughts on “May Day”

  1. This May Day I would like Nyquil, throat lozenges, and Sudafed. Yep, I have my first cold and sore throat since the fall. It had to happen eventually. I have had a lot of little dripoers, hackers, and snotters in my office and play therapy room lately.

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  2. Flowers that the giver picked in their own yard i.e. just a small bouquet of early spring flowers. Chocolate preferably Valrhona brand, I really like their dark chocolate-orange bar but haven’t had it for years. Scones. Cookies. (Baked goods should be homemade or from a top-notch bakery.)

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  3. Rise and Shine Baboons,

    I would like Lake Superior rocks from the beach, preferably the rough, cooled lava type, in my May Basket, with small chocolates dispersed throughout.

    Saturday I took a “temporary sculpture” class at the Arboretum from Peter Juhl, the master of rock balancing.

    Since coming home from that, I spend all of my time trying to balancing rocks. There are two sets of them on my front patio as I type this. This way my supply of art supplies is accessible and the temporary sculptures keep falling down and I keep putting them back up without buying new supplies. It is great.

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  4. In addition to the baskets that I left in my neighborhood, I drove to two close friends’ homes for deliverirs. As I was driving up Lyndale, I saw a pickup on the right hand side of the road with their lights flashing. As I slowed down to pass, I saw a young teenager get out of the cab, with a basket in her hand, and run up toward the front door of the house. So I was not alone in delivering May baskets this morning. Then when I got home I found a nice container of pansies on my doorstep.

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  5. I’d settle for some fresh and really good tortilla chips and some hot salsa. Just in time to practice for Cinco de Mayo.
    This may be helpful to getting in the spirit of things:

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