Rarin’ to Go

Photo credit:  Violeta Pencheva

I am SO impatient to get out into my yard this weekend. I have a couple of errands and one meeting but because I’m eager, I’ve actually put pen to paper to make a schedule.  Do A first, then do B second with times listed so I can get home as fast as possible.

My bales are all conditioned and ready to plant. YA and I hit Bachman’s for the first time last weekend, so the front porch is filled with flowers and veggies.  I’ve gotten some more yard waste bags from the hardware store.  I’m READY.

Anything you are chomping at the bit to get to?

37 thoughts on “Rarin’ to Go”

  1. i am ready to plant my hay bales too
    what do you do to condition them?

    i trusted the trails enthusiasm and bought two from ben and set them in place yesterday but auto repairs and an electrical wiring challenge got my afternoon and evening

    my motorcycle has got me itching to go but it’s still a little cold. when it gets down to 40 the wind going up your sleeves and the freezing across the bridge of your nose takes some of the fin out of it . i have a to do list as long as your arm and my challenge is to get through it


    1. Hey Tim check the internet. I’m in my car so don’t have a website handy but there’s watering and there’s fertilizer. I use nitrogen and then egg shells during the summer to combat the nitrogen. It takes a couple of weeks for me to get everything fertilized so that the inside of the bail starts to heat up and break down which is what gives the plants their nourishment.


        1. Yes, the bales do slowly break down as the summer goes by, although not into keeps or anything.

          The fertilizer that I use is nitrogen-based so I use egg shells (calcium) for balance.


  2. Our daughter is graduated, yesterday and we have one free day today in LA . Sunday is an all day travel day and we get back to Bismarck so late we are spending the night there . I am rarin to get back home to check the tomato and pepper seedlings, see the cats, and rest before I go back to work on Tuesday.

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    1. Congratulations. I know technically it’s her achievement but as a parent I think you get to claim all her achievements as partly your own.

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    2. OT – Claudia Schmidt will be performing at the Ginkgo in St. Paul on Friday, May 17th @ 7:30 PM. Tickets are $20 + tax. Anyone interested in going?


        1. Let’s plan on it, Linda. If anyone else indicates an interest before the end of this post tomorrow, we’ll all talk. Otherwise I’ll email you.


  3. My kids are giving me takeout for mother’s day tomorrow. I’m eager for that…but I don’t know what to get. I was in the mood for Thai food but the two Thai restaurants I know are no longer in business.

    Any suggestions for good takeout (not Chinese) in south Minneapolis? I prefer something with lively flavors, not bland food. And no chickpeas.


    1. It’s in St. Paul, but you might try Taste of Thailand. They don’t deliver, but they’re just over the Lake Street bridge, west of Snelling. A mile at most into St. Paul. Wonderful egg rolls, crisp, not greasy. Masaman curry, chicken satay, good basic Thai food, and they do takeout.

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  4. I am looking forward to Mother’s Day being over with, so I can get to some outdoor projects. I’m at the flower shop tomorrow and Monday, then have a few days off.

    One thing I’d like to get to soon is a chipping session. I have a little electric chipper, and once a season I run the raspberry canes and knotweed stalks through it. Right now the canes and stalks are just in a piles, one in the front yard and one in the back yard. As it gets later in the spring, the piles start to get a lot of foliage growing up around and through them, so it is definitely not good to wait too long to do the chipping. Things get jungly awful fast.

    The chipper produces some nice mulch, but not as much as you might anticipate from the piles of material to be chipped. It chips down to a surprisingly small heap of mulch.

    The other thing I need to do is get the canna and dahlia bulbs out.

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      1. Garage sale. I think it was five or ten bucks. It is not the sort of chipper you may have seen in the movie Fargo – no one would ever try to put any human limbs through it or anything. If you have something brittle like a raspberry cane, it chips easily. Small branches are OK. Green wood does not chip easily in it, though. I take the green wood to the compost site.

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        1. those big chippers are something. they are basically a really heavy steel discs with a hole cut in the wheel in 2 or 3 spots in the wheel . you hook them up to a big gas engine and get them spinning at 100 miles and hour and you push the sticks down the tube chute where they wheel spinning chops them at a rate that determines the size of the chips. i almost got sucked in once feeding a tree branch with all the little little branches still there. i got my wrist tied up in all the little branches and hat to pull like hell to keep from getting pulled in.


  5. Rise and Shine Baboons,

    I am anxious to get at this blog, for one thing. WP is locking me out a lot these days, not allowing me to “like” anything, and often denying me access. I have not had a few minutes to do any problem-solving on the computer, so it limits my access to the Trail.

    I also want to get into the garden. I got started yesterday and FRiday, getting to the Birch Island Woods sale and Fleet Farm for soil. Now I have a number of transplants (from LJB) to get into the ground today and decorative pots to plant. It appears, LJB, that your timing was ideal, giving your Caring Bridge entry. Yesterday I made my first tripod for temporary rock sculpture and constructed the fiirst one in the front garden.

    This year it feels like Spring was SO delayed and we would never get here. Finally!

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  6. I”m chomping at the bit to get back to the BWCAW! Didn’t get up there last year for the first time since 2007 and I think I’m feeling the first symptoms of withdrawal. 😦

    Chris in Owatonna

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