A Perfect Weekend

I try not to let my anticipation get the better of me. It’s been my habit to keep my expectations down so it was a little worrisome how much I was looking forward to this past weekend.  What if it wasn’t up to snuff?

I got up early on Saturday and went to Great Harvest Bakery for three-cheese bread and monster cookies. Gym and then coffee and some reading until it was time for a stamping workshop.  Then some serious yardwork, doing clean up all along the south side of the house and the front with YA.  Chinese take-out for dinner.

More sleeping in on Sunday, Brueggers for heart-shaped bagels, gym and then once home, made peanut butter cheesecake brownies while watching James Bond. Then more yard clean up and the planting of the bales and flower baskets.  More time with YA.  Then a funny card and cookbook from YA for Mother’s Day.

In between all this, some assorted chores also got done and now I’m reading while I wait for Colombo to come on at 7.   I can’t think of what could be added to make a more perfect weekend, although it would be nice to not have all scratches on my arms from cutting back the raspberry canes or the splinter in my finger that I haven’t been able to get at yet.

What would be your favorite weekend? (Two days only however money and physics are no object!)

25 thoughts on “A Perfect Weekend”

  1. Rise and Shine Baboons,

    Well, this was nearly perfect—Friday and Saturday I shopped for dirt and plants, did a couple window planters Saturday, then yesterday, potted and gardened for about 4 hours. Then I cooked ribs, my son arrived to celebrate Mother’s Day and we ate them. I balanced some stones in the garden. There was no MD brunch, something I have come to not want. Then I had a piece of chocolate pie.

    Like I said, Practically Perfect in Every Way, just like Mary Poppins.

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    1. Lovely. Do you re-balance stones that you’ve balance before? Or are you getting a large collection of balanced pieces now?


        1. Oh, Lord, look at that mess.

          Stone balancing is like football—they all fall down. I put them back up. The wind blows, they all fall down. I put them back up again.

          The beauty is that there are no materials to buy and you never have anything to get rid of, including the beautiful artwork.

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  2. Tough question. First thing that popped into my mind was 36-holes per day at Bandon Dunes (once at the four 18-hole courses) with a good burger for lunch, washed down with a beer, then a quick nap, dinner on the patio watching the sunset over the Pacific Ocean (fresh caught salmon, grilled, Domaine Serene Evenstad Reserve Pinot Noir, creme brulee for dessert, then a stroll on the beach at night watching the stars fill the sky on a perfect summer evening.

    But then I thought, “I can think of about 20 more ways to spend a perfect weekend, which means none of them would be perfect because perfect implies there is only one best choice.

    Chris in Owatonna

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  3. It was a pretty productive weekend but I wouldn’t call it a ‘perfect’ weekend. Not enough relaxation or wine involved for that.
    Perfect weekends involve more of those things. Time to sit on the deck, time to sleep in, time with our son and daughter in law and family.
    More “Time” in general I guess.

    We got our garden in Sunday. Got snow fence down. Got the next round of machinery out. I went to the opera movie (Met in HD) on Saturday and that was good. And I have a cold so I took a nap. Didn’t get grass cut, didn’t get the machinery greased.
    I have never been able to get my bales to condition as fast as they say. I use 10-10-10 fertilizer and the hose is on a timer to run 2x / day. They are warm between the bales, but not inside the bales themselves.
    But we add dirt on top to plant seeds and it gives the starter plants a place to start and it has always worked out, but I’m missing something.

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    1. I use ammonium sulfate. From my desk I don’t remember the 10 10 10 measurements but it is high nitrogen. My conditioning takes two weeks. 3 days of just watering twice a day then 3 days of 1/4 cup of the nitrogen twice a day thoroughly soaked in,. Then for 3 days eighth of a cup twice a day thoroughly watered then three or four more days of watering. This is based on the very first website that I ever found with directions about straw bale gardening. And it seems to work for me although I have added the calcium component on my own after reading about nitrogen and calcium and fertilizer in general.

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  4. And I’m sure it will surprise none of you that I have a chart that I print out every year and highlight as I’m done with each day


  5. OT: many people know my family faces many questions raised by the need to move back to the Twin Cities this summer. That process took a giant step forward this weekend. It looks very much like my daughter will be offered a job (and will take it). The new job will be within easy walking distance from our old home on Juliet. The date of the move will be early July. Now we need to find another job, a school, a medical center, a home and an apartment. While much remains uncertain, we have a job and it has a location, so the other searches are not as confusing as they were a day ago.

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    1. This is fabulous news Steve. I’m sure I speak for others on the Trail that those of us here in the Twin Cities are thrilled that you’ll be back among us physically.

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      1. Ole and Johnny went fishing. Ole jumped in the boat, but Johnny got hung up with one foot on the dock and one foot in the boat. The boat moved farther and farther from the dock, forcing Johnny to stretch desperately.

        “Yump, Yonny, Yump!” cried Ole.

        “How can I yump when I got no place to stood?”

        Now maybe my little family can yump. We’ve finally got a place to stood.

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  6. I’m not sure I would’ve designed it this way, but we had an almost perfect weekend too. Company for brunch Saturday meant that the house was lookin’ pretty good, and nothing else was scheduled that day, so we were able to bask in the “afterglow” of the party. (And finish the mimosas.)

    Sunday, the little “band” I’m in ( two guitars, a bass guitar, and I’m rhythm & harmony) at UU did our season Finale – four songs including Feet of a Dancer. : ) I love performing, and it’s always a high.

    Then we went out to Farmers Park for gathering watercress, visited my mom and took her outside, and then went out for dinner. 🙂

    And managed to be home for Mothers Day phone calls from step-son (home from Maui wedding) and nephew-son (Georgia). 🙂

    I’ll see if I think of anything more perfect than that.

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  7. Ooh, a perfect weekend would be at home, with nothing to do at work or at church, just good weather, no wind, and energy to get garden tasks done.

    Today is a perfect day. We arrived home from our California trip this morning at 8:00 am. We arrived in Bismarck so late last night that we we spent the night in Bismarck, stopped in early this morning at our favorite Mandan butcher shop, and got home. I bought groceries, did laundry , and napped. It is quiet and sunny with no wind, about 75 degrees. Husband is getting a report finished, the cats are dozing, just perfect.

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  8. This past weekend was not my favorite sort of weekend. I was at the flower shop, with three of the local schools having proms, and of course Mother’s Day. I had a seven-day stretch of working every day at the shop, ending today. and I’m glad that’s over with.

    The ideal weekend would involve a walk downtown to the farmer’s market,, an art fair of some sort to browse, dinner on a nice restaurant patio, and some time to read and sit with a cat on my lap.

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