Weeds Can Help Control Climate Change?

Photo credit: Bru-nO

As someone with a garden, I’ve railed in the past again weeds, especially Creeping Charlie. So when I saw the above headline on the BBC last week, I got a little excited.

The story turned out to be about a farmer in Australia who has been advocating “natural sequence farming” which at its core seems to be allowing nature do more of what nature does when we don’t interfere. It’s about a system to hang onto water and also about letting weeds be in some places so they can soak up carbon dioxide.  I’m seriously simplifying this.

It doesn’t look like “natural sequence farming” will work at my house which means unfortunately I don’t think I can use climate change as a reason to let weeds take over my garden. Rats.

What do you have too much of that you wish could help combat evil?

24 thoughts on “Weeds Can Help Control Climate Change?”

  1. You had me at the title question. Wish the answer had been in the affirmative. As it is, I still maintain that creeping Charlie and dandelions are good early food sources for bees, and I’m sticking with it.

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  2. If there was some redeeming value to rocks out in the fields, I’d be happy about that.
    On our farm it’s mostly limestone. At least we don’t get the huge chunks of granite that farms just a few miles away have. Although we’ve gotten some pretty big pieces of limestone!

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      1. because typically, the limestone pieces are smaller. Thin ‘slices’ a couple inches thick.
        And again, “typically”, the granite chunks are usually quite large rocks.

        And I don’t have to add lime to my soils. There! A benefit! 🙂

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        1. And I’m sure if we think about it long enough that lime in the fields certainly battles evil right?


  3. I started 30 tomato plants and 28 pepper plants. I can only plant 8 tomatoes and 15 pepper plants this year. I hope the extras could combat evil. They kept germinating and I didn’t have the heart to throw the extra seedlings out so I just kept transplanting them into their own pots. I plan to give them to coworkers and friends.

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    1. They are Brandyboy tomatoes which are a beefsteak variety, and two kinds of roma-type tomatoes-Gladiator and San Marzano. The peppers are Thai peppers, Spanish Giant (a huge, red, sweet variety) , and two kinds of New Mexico peppers-Big Jim and Joe Parker.

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    1. how do you combat evil with that is the bigger question. have the judge sentence the bad guys to look after ljb’s medical appointments and chart them and take notes on the details that surround each one post it to the medical charts ljb may want to access and have it checked and double checked for spelling grammar and punctuation. have the doctors and nurses sign off on the documents and attest to the accuracy teach them to get convicted… its easier on the outside but the consequences are supposed to serve as a deterrent right?

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        1. I think I got it. Taking some of the enormous paperwork checking and rechecking , sorting and filing off of LJB’s plate. A deterrent. Right tim?


        2. I interpreted ljb’s comment as referring to the several days of testing she’ll be undergoing next week at the Mayo Clinic and not the paper work involved. I’m there’s plenty of paperwork involved, so maybe tim is right.


        3. I’m not sure I’m following either, PJ, but I think tim wanted me to answer the second half of the question, about combatting evil. I just addressed the first half because I couldn’t think of anything else which I had too much of.

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    1. We dug up our front lawn for a vegetable garden. I would rather weed and reap than mow. Now they say 2-4 inches of snow. Well, it is good moisture, as we say out here.

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      1. Shortly before I returned to Denmark for my first visit after moving to the US, my parents moved back to Denmark after having owned and operated a pub in Ireland for five years. They purchased a house in a rather tony neighborhood, and dad promptly scandalized all of the neighbors by tearing out his front lawn and planting potatoes instead. This despite the fact that tall hedges surrounded everyone’s property and you had to make a deliberate effort to see what was going on behind those hedges.

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  4. I have a lot of robocalls on my answering machine every day. Most of them trying to sell me health insurance. One recording after another – “limited enrollment period” – beep (delete) – “limited enrollment period” – beep (delete) – “limited enrollment period” – beep (delete) – and you have to wonder, why do they leave the same message four or five times every day? If we could somehow harness that determination and turn it to combatting climate change, the world would be saved. I have to believe that.

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