18 thoughts on “Stuck”

  1. Rise and Shine Baboons,

    Lately, cozy is not my thing, except when it rains and blows all weekend, creating untimely yucky, cold weather so then I am stuck inside fantasizing about my garden. Last week was a rigorous week. I gardened all of Sunday and Monday, then I worked my usual 3 days, then did two more days of training of therapists. Phew. Then add in an early morning meeting in Fridley on Tuesday. So yesterday my cozy spot was my recliner. On any sunny day the cozy spot is the sun porch, at least for a little while. For the ultimate warm and cozy experience, It is my bed with hulu or Netflix. Not much of that going on in the spring and summer.

    I started the morning with a call to Social Security to officialize a retirement of sorts and planning for a knee replacement procedure in the fall. Lots of cozy planned for that period.

    Today, with the sun shining and the day off, it will be garden and hanging the sheets in the 🌞 sunshine.

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  2. I have a couple – I’ve probably described the chair in my bedroom by the (fake) fireplace. A few mornings a week time allows for a cup of tea there while I watch the squirrels and birds out the window.

    My reading chair in the living room – equipped with a coffee cup warmer as well as a jar of pencils/pens, journals, a “to-do” clipboard, and a nearby sewing basket for little mending jobs.

    I suppose I should count my bed…

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  3. my cozy place is minneapolis
    it is just right
    when i go to other places it’s fun to experience but they are lacking or strange or too small or too big.
    the weather is off or the sun sets at the wrong time, they don’t have familiar things and how would i know if they hinge i don’t know if the things i don’t know about are any good?

    my bath tub used to be a go to cozy spot but the bathtub at this house is about a 3.

    leach lake is a welcome respite

    the hot tub in my warehouse might be moving home in a couple weeks then i can go live out there

    my car except i am playing musical cars right now and don’t really have one to call my own. i have 6 vehicles with 200k ish on each and my mechanic is having some challenges which causes me to have some challenges so i take the car in the most need of kind words and gentle prodding.

    life is a process and sometimes cozy is relative

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  4. I suppose our family room is cozy on a cold winter night with the TV on tuned to the Gopher Hockey game and the fireplace blazing. My wife does a great job of decorating for comfort and coziness so I can get cozy in most rooms of our house. I have a reading chair in the living room like BiR, a wooden rocker that fits me perfectly, with a light over my shoulder, a sideboard on which to rest my morning coffee, a nice view out the front window to the neighborhood, and the stereo tuned to MPR Classical. Unfortunately, some mornings it’s so cozy that I fall asleep reading after about ten minutes.

    I can also get quite cozy at certain campsites in whatever locations– even the BWCA of all places–if the weather and site details and firewood are good. Getting a good dry fire going, having a nice view of the surroundings, getting the campsite set up “just right” to utilize the shade, the windbreaks, the tarp, kitchen area, etc., makes for a cozy experience. And then it rains and the wind blows so hard the tarp collapses and it gets cold and the fire smoke blows in your face no matter where you sit and the magic is vaporized. 😦

    Chris in Owatonna

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  5. To enjoy the morning sun, our front porch is perfect. We have a Swedish design, laminate chair with a sheepskin cover and a footstool that provides a very comfortable place to enjoy a cup of coffee and the morning paper.

    On warm, sunny days, my zero gravity chair in the back yard is ideal, but most of the time my trusty recliner in the living room is my refuge. Bernie much prefers the recliner as there’s room for him to snuggle up next to me.

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  6. It is pretty cold out here this week. My work building is heated with hot water heat. They turn off the boiler in the middle of May. We have no heat right now. It is cold and not cozy. The elevator is the warmest space in the building. I don’t think I can hang out there all day.


  7. My favorite cozy spot is on the sofa with an afghan on my lap, and maybe a kitty as well, and a nice fire going in the fireplace.

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  8. On a good day, I can take my mom off-floor to some cozy spot. On cold days we find a “fire”place at some lobby in the building, and I find us a cup of tea with a bite of chocolate. On a warm and sunny day like today, we find a spot outside in the back, where we can watch a little “creek” (drainage ditch, but still pretty), or little kids playing at a nearby playground.

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  9. When I am at the flower shop the coziest place is in the greenhouse on the south side of the building. If the sun is out it’s maybe ten degrees warmer than the rest of the shop. The rest of the shop tends to be chilly, because that’s more conducive to keeping the flowers fresh. The design room is definitely chilly, and if I have to go in and out of the coolers very much, I have trouble getting warm again. I don’t have actual work that I can do in the greenhouse, but sometimes I will go there on the pretense of needing to wash out some vases or something.

    At home I like to have a heating pad on the couch in the cold weather months.

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  10. The photo of Nimue reminded me a bit of something that happened at my sister’s house a year or two ago. A mouse tried to get to the bird feeder by scaling the pole and squeezing through a tiny opening in the baffle around the pole. It got stuck and couldn’t get loose and died, wedged in the baffle.

    I trust no cats were harmed in the making of this blog post.

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