Big Fish

The fish in the header photo was caught in the Missouri River in ND  about a month ago. It set the record for walleye in ND, weighing in at 16 lbs and some oz.  Its title for biggest walleye was revoked last week when the  Game and Fish department discerned, somehow, that the fish had not been hooked but had been caught by the gills with the fish line, sort of like being lassoed.  The fisherman was understandably disappointed, and insists that he hooked it by the lip. Game and Fish is standing firm, though.  What a let down.

What have been some big let downs for you?  What would you like to go fishing for?

19 thoughts on “Big Fish”

  1. Rise and Shine Baboons,

    That is a Honkin’ Big Fish. wow.

    I love fishing for bass and sunnies–they are small enough I can actually handle the fish and remove it from the hook easily. The bigger fish can be hard to handle. I do not get to fish often enough–it has now been many years, but I really enjoy it.

    Let Downs and Disappointment: That is a long list. When I finished teaching for two days on Saturday, I was exhausted and Sunday was an entire day of “let down”–just kind of in a fog. Or may be it was the weather. My first marriage was a huge let down. Several jobs were also just Bad Bad Bad. The entire Fairmont Experience at the “Human Circus” (the local name for the human services office) was entirely disappointing, ending in being included in a incompetent attorney’s lawsuit. If he had done his homework, he would have called me as a witness for his side and won his lawsuit instead of naming me as a defendant. That entire experience was kind of surreal.

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  2. The one that still comes up on top was not getting into Bobettes (dance team in h.s.) in 1965. High on the list is also how first marriage turned out. (Interesting it still doesn’t come to mind first.) The time I took and didn’t pass the GRE… Surely others will surface as the day progresses.

    I am always fishing for the next thing that will connect me to more people, I guess. Yesterday tried out a care-givers support group, since we are needing guidance on next steps with our friend W. Another lovely set of people… I’m not sure if I should take up space or not there, since they all have husbands with dementia and are immersed in caregiving all the time.

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  3. Jacque reminds me about teaching – that was a pretty big disappointment when I realized I didn’t want to do that any more – I had thought my generation would change the education landscape… not so much, you really couldn’t fight the bureaucracy much.

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  4. My family moved in March of my 9th grade year from one school district to another. My family thought it would be better for me to get acclimatized so they made me transfer to the new school before we had even moved. At the beginning of the semester. It was miserable. At the end of the year there was the annual prizes and awards ceremony at the new school; since I had only been there a few months, I didn’t receive any recognition of any kind. And I knew full well that if I had been at my old school I would have gotten a fair amount as I was always at the top of my class. It was heartbreaking.

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  5. It was a let down when went to see the British Museum and just as we got there it closed because anti-oil drilling protesters chained themselves to the front pillars. We went back the next day, I think.

    I don’t care for fishing. The last time I went with friends on the big lake here, Lake Sakakawea, I caught several fish, all the same way the fish in the header photo was caught. I apparently let out so much line that it lassoed them up from the bottom of the lake. Maybe my true sport is Team Roping. I am not a good rider, though.

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  6. big let down
    last job effort
    i dropped my pursuits and did the company’s bidding only to fall prey to political back biting

    he was /is a trump supporter so i guess it should t come as a surprise

    what would i like to fish for
    a way to pursue and make all my ideas happen. i have so many i look forward to getting them cooking

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  7. Thanks, Linda, for this beautiful Eric Bogle song.

    This is a difficult time for me. Last week I lost an old friend to breast cancer, and I’m currently holding on for dear life to a friend who is dying from cancer of the esophagus.

    At the age of 76, I’m very much aware that none of us live forever, and I have constant reminders that some of us are here on borrowed time. Just got off the phone with Jon. He’s entering hospice care and will be going home from the hospital on Friday or Saturday. Don’t know how long he’ll last, but every day is a gift.


  8. Hey Kids!

    I haven’t fished in years and years.
    I had a pretty fancy pole and reel, but honestly, I didn’t know what I was doing. It was just about the ‘toys’. At least I quit before I started buying fishing boats.

    Sounds like I’ll be in here longer than anticipated. Everything still going ok, just lots going on.
    And I’m kinda disappointed.
    This isn’t how it was supposed to go.
    I was so looking forward to doing fieldwork last fall and it didn’t happen due to weather.
    And then I was so excited to get back out this spring! And I did some, and got oats in and fertilizer done and between work and not feeling well didn’t get to do what I should have,
    And now it sounds like won’t get to do anymore this spring either.
    And I’m struggling with that. It’s a big let down.

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    1. Sorry to hear that, Ben. Hang in there. Hope you get to enjoy at least part of the long weekend at home.


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