Mashing It Up

When I am over my head at work, making lunch in the morning is not something I want to spend a lot of time on.  That’s why I try to cook on the weekends, so that there are leftovers that can be quickly scooped into containers for lunch.  Yesterday morning there wasn’t much to choose from but there were four different take-out containers from last week, each with a bit left: Vegetable Fried Rice, Sticky White Rice, Broccoli in Garlic Sauce, Egg Foo Yung.  I dumped all of them into one container, mostly thinking it was the best I could do and resigning myself to a lunch that would be mediocre at best.

But it was great.  I stirred it all together, warmed it up in the microwave and it was a big comfort at lunchtime.  Not quite macaroni & cheese, or pizza, but close!

Do you have a surprising mash-up in your life?

37 thoughts on “Mashing It Up”

  1. What comes to mind (perhaps because of the waffles in the header image) is peanut butter and lingonberries on waffles. Yum. Also the surprising number of instrumental covers of Abba tunes, especially “Dancing Queen” (including bassoon quartet) that can be found on YouTube…

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    1. Sounds like there’s a story behind the searching for instrumental covers of Abba tunes on YouTube. I’m guessing it has something to do with darling daughter and those rip-away pants?

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      1. Actually no – nothing to do with the tear-away pants, though maybe it should. 😁

        I volunteer at Daughter’s (former) elementary school, teaching lessons from Schmitt Music’s Bravo music curriculum. Most of the lesson sets are themed with a composer/specific musical piece. There is one lesson set that is “voices of the instruments” – each of the six lessons is centered around an instrument family (how those instruments “work,” why they are grouped that way, how they are played, what they sound like). The written curriculum used “Flight of the Bumblebee” to demonstrate each instrument family (including voice)…but I found this video right before the first lesson (brass), and, well, there was no going back.

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  2. Husband has several deeply entrenched personal missions, one being that it is his duty to fold and hang up all the laundry, and another that no leftover in our home goes to waste. To that end he sometimes concocts what I call “glop”, stews or soups that have ingredients that sort of go together but really don’t go together all that well. He sometimes adds new, not leftover ingredients so that he ends up with more leftovers than he started with. He often freezes the glop if it isn’t being eaten fast enough. It is invariably tossed after a while if we can’t identify it in its frozen state. Sigh!

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    1. I do that on occasion too. Take some leftovers, add some new ingredients to it, and see what results. SOmetimes delish. Other times, meh.

      But I’m amazed at the stats of how much food gets wasted in America. 40%?? Criminal, AND expensive! I have no sympathy for anyone who claims they are “poor” yet buys $100 worth of groceries each week but ends up throwing $40 worth into the garbage. 😦

      Chris in Owatonna

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    2. unfortunately i can relate

      i am amazed that when tryin to polish off stuff in a tupperware a little of this and a little of that gets added. i get a meal and two tupperwares full of the new thing in the end

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  3. I should add that the frequency of glop production has decreased since we finally seem to be getting the hang of cooking for two and not cooking as though our son and his friends are still at home devouring everything in the kitchen.

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    1. I need lessons on cooking for two. Or even cooking for one. This is always been a problem for me, overcooking.


      1. just get a really good deal a meal
        twice in a week maybe … twice in three months is great. even 3 or 4 times in 3 months is ok


        1. seal a meal is a vacuum packing system that allows you to get a gallon of stuff divided up into 2 cup servings that you freeze for months instead of a zip lock that needs to be tended to within a month


  4. I like musical mashups, which can be almost anything–blending genres, weird instrument combinations, medleys, or vocal/instrumental crossovers. One of my favorite band pieces of all time (mainly for its novelty value) is a piece titled “Instant Concert.” Arranged by Harold Walters. It’s about 4 minutes long and features short snippets from some twenty-seven well known classic and Americana/folk songs.

    Silly, but fun.

    C in O

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  5. As we speak, Husband is cutting up any veggies he finds in the bottom of the fridge, which he will combine with eggs and cheese and some herbs for what I call his Messa Eggs. It is always delicious, because I didn’t cook it. Sometimes some interesting taste combos… (This is left over from our Maui trip, when we had to get rid of a lot of veggies in a short time…)

    It seems like I’m always combining at least two recipes, sometimes to accommodate food sensitivities, etc. My current go-to for potlucks is the one I’ve brought to many a BBC gathering combined with my sister’s Savory Egg Bake, which uses less cheese, different spicing, no flour, then adds half-&-half…

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  6. I am reminded of this, which I first heard on the morning show about 30 years ago. If this isn’t a mashup, I don’t know what is…

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  7. Speaking of mashed…
    I ordered chicken noodle soup yesterday. What arrived was a brown stew of gravey consistency with nary a noodle in sight.
    I asked the nurse, does this look like chicken noodle? She made a face and said “don’t eat that; we have soup here; I’ll get you soup”.
    Evidently the kitchen purées all the soups. But still I don’t see how chicken noodle got that color or consistency.

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    1. Getting caught up on what I have missed the last few days… sorry to hear you are laid up Ben. Though it doesn’t surprise me that you have made friends with the nursing staff. 😊

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  8. Danes are fond of singing, and back when I was a teen there were certain songs that were always strung together in one long festive medley. It was a lengthy chain of songs that had nothing to do with each other except that they flowed together seamlessly and quite naturally. Anyone who had ever attended a confirmation or wedding knew this medley and without prodding would segue from one song to the next.

    During one of my visits to Stubbekøbing, after spending thirty years in the States and enjoying the hospitality of my entire family when I visited, I invited them all to a wine festival at a local establishment which, at the time, was owned by an old classmate of mine. Kjørups Kro was renowned far and wide, and on Saturday evenings when they held these wine festivals, people would arrive in busloads from as far away as Copenhagen. The food was superb and plentiful, and the company was delightful. That evening stands out as one of my favorite memories of all time. All of us, eating and singing and dancing together. I was struck, on a more recent visit, by the fact that this old tradition has since died. I have looked on YouTube to try to find this medley, surely it must be there, but so far without success.

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