Crunching the Numbers

Two years ago this month we hit 5,000 followers on the Trail. So I thought I do some stat updates:

Followers: 7,892
Total # of views: 858,848
Total # of comments: 146,681
Most active recent day: March 22, 2019 (That Ole Devil Moon – VS)
Most active day and time: Tuesday, 8 a.m.
Most viewed post:   R.I.P. Tom Keith – November 1, 2011
Most commented posts:
Chores & the Great Depression (182) – Jacque’s
Finding the Back Roads (180) – BiR’s
Banished Words (180) – also BiR’s
Top recent commenters: PJ, BiR, tim, Renee, VS, Linda, Steve
Today we have folks viewing from: US, India, Netherlands, UK, UAE, Canada, Kenya, Sweden and the Czech Republic.

Nothing earthshaking, I just thought this was all very interesting.

Anybody have a question to go with our stats?

28 thoughts on “Crunching the Numbers”

  1. When’s the collection coming out titled “The Best of the Babooners: An anthology of the best witticisms and poignancies from the blog that’s sweeping the nation.” ?

    Chris in Owatonna

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  2. Rise and Shine Baboons or whoever you are reading this?

    Please identify yourselves! Who are these people reading our verbal meanderings? It amazes me anyone is interested in our little virtual KaffeeKlatsches. Is this the on-line equivalent of peering into the neighbor’s windows at night, just to see what they are watching on TV?

    I have wondered in these last few years, who is reading this? Early on, it was clear that the listening audience of TLGMS was the audience, but those folks must have dispersed long ago.

    I am headed to Iowa this evening to decorate the family gravesites in Nevada, Iowa with my mother and sister. I wonder if this is mom’s last year doing this. She is nearly 91 now and it takes both of us to get her in the car. It will be nice tomorrow so we will probably will take her for a larger tour of Central Iowa until she asks to go home. It seems to soothe her to see her old stomping grounds and the farm land she and dad, and dad’s relatives, once settled, developed, and tilled.

    One grave is that of Charles Hiram Jackson, my great-great grandfather, civil war veteran and early settler of Iowa, having been born in Indiana, moved to Iowa for the the opportunity offered in the 1850’s, then signed up for the War in an Iowa regiment. When he got home from the war he found out that his wife had been unfaithful. He divorced her. Then 3 days later he tried to marry his cousin. The Constable would not agree to it. Several days passed and he reappeared with Moriah, a Civil War widow with 2 daughters. The Constable did marry them and thus a family was created. We will tip our hats to Charles and Moriah this weekend.

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    1. 2 years ago when we did stats the last time, I did actually ask lurkers to just sign in and say hi. No need to do anything else. But we didn’t get one bite with that.


        1. HMM. I have wondered about that. There may be something to that theory.

          I know where Edith has been lately. Where is Steve?


        2. I’ve been curious, Steve, did Molly get the anticipated job offer, and if so, any progress in the the move?


        3. PJ: the job was offered and Molly accepted. This is not official yet, so I can’t share details. I don’t know what to say about the other issues. The dearth of reasonably priced housing makes it difficult to form plans. I’d sum up the whole effort with one word: anguished.


        4. I understand your anguish, Steve, especially since you personally are powerless to do much about it. No doubt, compromises will have to be made. Try to be as flexible as possible in considering what your alternatives are.


      1. These kind of long distance moves are difficult. Plus you are moving from a rural location with few options for employment but a lower cost of living, to an urban/suburban area with many jobs and limited living options at this time. Glad to hear from you though. Thanks for popping up.

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        1. The other ones I did were detailed by my mother, since they were written by her. This old story is lacking so many details that it would be hard to do much with it. We actually found the few facts we have on

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  3. I feel I have been lax in my participation. Does not help that the work wi-fi filters connections to WordPress. Morning routines have shifted, making my before work reading more sporadic. And then by the time I am home I find other things demanding my attention. 😕

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    1. LIfe is like that–a routine shifts and everything else goes with it. I have experienced a lot of that as well this spring. It really has limited some of my participation. I am just glad to see your name pop up when you are able.

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