Been There, Done That

We traveled to Los Angeles in early May.  I hadn’t been there since 1978. The air was certainly cleaner this time around.  Our accommodations were lovely. We had a very nice time, ate in great restaurants, and had fun with our daughter.  The people we met were very friendly. Our flight connections worked as well as could be expected, and we had no major glitches in our travel plans. Aside from some cool and rainy weather, it was a great trip.

It was kind of surprising when both husband and I independently stated that, as far as we were concerned, neither of us had to go back to Los Angeles ever again.  We had been there, done that, and now we wanted to move on to other things.

I suppose it could be a sign that we are aging, and the fast pace of such a vibrant city was more than we could tolerate. I don’t think it is only that, though. I think it means that it is more important for us to do things that are truly meaningful and feed our souls. While I dislike how the word is bandied about, we want to be more mindful when we travel.

What are you relieved to be finished with?



36 thoughts on “Been There, Done That”

    1. My first reaction to that is to laugh, but it’s followed very closely by a sense of sadness. Sorry that this experiment didn’t work out for you, Molly and her family. I hope that in retrospect you’ll be able to look back at this time as having had some positives.

      I’ve been to Michigan only a couple of times, but have enjoyed the time I’ve spent there. I spent a week in Traverse City, and loved it. The scent of fir and pine trees is what has stayed with me as a lasting memory of that place.

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  1. Thanks. We feel many emotions, but sadness is probably tops. We gambled a lot on the move here. It turned out badly. Michigan and Wisconsin are very much like Minnesota, which gave us false hope. Some things we like. Some things we don’t. The return to Minnesota was forced by the economic climate of this area, something that has blighted all aspects of our lives here. I hope and expect it will be a joy to return “home” to Minnesota. If nothing else, this has been a useful test of the notion that “you don’t what you’ve got till it’s gone.”

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    1. the work market here is phenomenal. if your son in law has a pulse he can find employment and likely name his terms
      what is his field of interest?
      welcome back

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      1. He is a “manager,” a vague term for a loose category of employment. I was told that there are 150 jobs he could apply for in the Twin Cities. Here . . . there isn’t even one. But even more critically, the jobs in this region are dominated by an industry–the auto industry–that was formerly rich and now is dying. The cultural climate of work here is toxic.

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        1. is he tech based at all?
          a manager of what?
          accountants ,iron workers,
          efficiency experts?
          speedway, menards or taco bell might hire him day one,
          i’ll forward you pages tech. ompanies looking for skilled workers if he’d like to look


        2. tim, he has mostly worked in quality control. He likes teamwork, dealing with coworkers. He’s great at conducting inventories and collecting data. Thanks for the interest.


    1. There is a story of a couple guys sitting at a really bad production. One says “This show is terrible, let’s go.” The other says “We got comp tickets; we can’t just leave.”
      A few minutes later the first says again, “I can’t stand this! Let’s go!”
      “We can’t!” Says the second.
      Shortly, the first guy gets up and leaves.
      He comes back and tells the second guy, “ Here, I bought two tickets. Let’s go.”

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        1. I’ve never worked on a show that bad. i’ve had some poorly attended shows where you just hoped the audience would outnumber the cast. (That’s pretty much the “go/no go” limit; the audience has to be bigger than the cast otherwise you refund their money and go to the bar).


        2. A friend and I still refer to it as “The Show That Shall Remain Nameless.” A production that proved even Shakespeare has its limits…


  2. in the same way i am a hoarder of stuff i hoard experiences also. i have ideas and a history of experiences and events i file away as bookmarks and references to make better decisions with in the future. i’m done with first wife , catholic school, winter, and expecting reasonable thoughts from trump

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  3. This is unbelievably timely, because my High season at work just ended yesterday afternoon. And it’s such a funny feeling to work at such a high top level, 10 and 12 hours a day for the last week or so. And then have it be done. My staff is on site, my programs are out the door. Now I just look forward to a lazy summer.

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  4. We will not erect an anti-bunny fence around our vegetable plots this year. The murderous feline across the street seems to have either frightened away or slaughtered any neighborhood bunnies.

    Today we also finished planting 8 tomato plants, 20 peppers plants 10 ostrich ferns, 5 dahlia tubers, 2 delphinium, and 2 bleeding hearts. Tomorrow the peas, pole beans, kohlrabi, spinach, basil, parsley seeds and soaker hoses go in. Pea fences will be next weekend. The pepper plants are excessive, but they were so pretty we had to plant them.

    We donated 8 tomato plants that we started from seed and their cages to the transitional living home affiliated with my work. Schizophrenics and meth addicts don’t eat enough vegetables, and they need something positive to do, so they can cultivate tomatoes all summer. We also gave 5 pepper plants to our church’s community garden.

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  5. Paying off my student loans. Reading “The Fountainhead.” Pregnancy and the toddler years. Worrying if a friend was going to find a new apartment she could afford…

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  6. We worked today from 10-4. My core , shoulders, and lower back muscles feel as though my time on this Earth is limited. Ooh!! Am I stiff and sore!!

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  7. I am done gardening for the weekend. I woke up in the night with one of my eyes swollen shut and the other starting to feel itchy and odd. A trip to ER revealed allergic conjunctivitis, probably from the bone meal or granulated ferilizer we used yesterday. Drat! I will have to sit around tday with a cold compress on my eye, putting eye drops in every so often.


      1. It is all pretty blurry. Husband has to take my place as assisting minister at church today since I look like I have been in a fight and it would be hard to rrad the lessons.


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