Our Microsoft Outlook went wonky last week, and wouldn’t send any emails, telling me that all our messages were rejected because of abusive behavior on our part.  This happened once before, and the tech guy who fixes our computer had to push some unknown button to correct the issue so that Outlook communicated with our internet provider.  When it happened again last week, I took a chance and just restarted the computer. It did a few upgrades and, voila, our emails were delivered.

I needed a reboot after a stressful late winter and early spring at work and with my regulatory board. Our travels kept me from rebooting in the way that is the best for me, which is pulling weeds and planting new plants and seeds. I finally got to do it last weekend, and, despite developing that weird eye virus, it greatly helped my spirit and made me very happy. It is hard for me to focus on work problems when I am weeding and laying down soaker hoses. It is good for me to worry about cut worms instead of paperwork deadlines. This year we only planted 21 perennials, a record low for us, but our garden beds are really shaping up. I can breathe deep and relax just looking out the windows.

How do you recharge and reboot? Any wonky computer issues vexing you?

16 thoughts on “Reboot”

  1. So far I’ve been able to solve all my computer issues myself. The biggest issue I have right now and one I can’t fix is that my computers are getting old and can’t support the latest operating systems, especially not without rendering some of my onboard software inoperable. That means I have to periodically reboot just to clear out the accumulated detritus from incompatibilities with various online sites.

    I personally reboot by going down one of my various rabbit holes—anything where I have to slow down and pay attention—botanical illustration is good for that, or any drawing and painting for that matter, or genealogical research or any other kind of research. Restoring old books also serves.

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  2. Rise and Restart Baboons;

    Uffda. I do need a reboot. Often travel is a reboot for me because I can get away and get perspective on situations after days away from home and in different surroundings. Just the process of finding my way around, walking in new neighborhoods, and seeing different sights causes me to see my own life and self in new ways. I will have an enforced reboot sometime this summer or fall when I have a knee replacement.

    I have had relatively few serious computer problems, mostly because my son has been so attentive and helpful about this area of my life. I also back up everything on separate hard drives in two different places. I have had to use the back ups to reboot twice now. It saved me so much trouble.

    I could use a head reboot today—I have my second migraine this week caused by the big weather fronts coming through. I am irritable. Please send sympathy cards to Lou for what he endures when I have a headache.

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  3. Last week Kelly was saying everything she tried to do on her work computer was difficult. I’m not sure she’s allowed to reboot those computers. I haven’t heard her comment on that particular issue this week.

    I guess I’m having my “emotional reboot” with my forced vacation the last few weeks. Things are improving, just not as fast as I’d like. Today and the weekend, I have no doc appointment or anything and can just lounge around and enjoy the time.
    tims ‘Ten Perfect days’ are past as the gnats are out in force. And then yesterday large black ants started crawling over me. I was forced into the house. Heck.

    Lighting consoles these days are all computer based.
    In 2006, when I spec’d the first ‘Modern’ light board for the college, most were still DOS based and there was one that was XP based. We bought that one. Six months later the company was out of business, but, there was another company still proving support for quite a few years.
    Finally, last fall I was able to get a new light board with Windows 7 in it. (it’s all embedded and you never see the traditional ‘desktop’ and it won’t let you play solitaire or anything. And they are NEVER connected to the internet to keep them safe from viruses)
    But some of the older consoles were still XP. And there are literally tens of thousands of them out there working fine. But as always, updates won’t always work. And sometimes you can work with out them and sometimes not.
    Every time a company invents a new light, to control it you have to load that lights ‘profile’ into the console. (and there are dozens of new lights / year) and thats when the lack of updates might be a problem.

    Just a tidbit of lighting trivia for your Friday. 🙂

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    1. Ah yes, a few days without medical appointments can be a real treat.

      Don’t tell anybody, but I have one appointment – a blood draw – next week and I’m going to skip it!

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  4. All the ways I used to reboot are no longer available for me. Mostly that means I’m not able to get outdoors to restore myself the way I’ve done all my life. What works now is using my computer to edit photos. I’m not creative enough to make beautiful objects all on my own, and yet editing photos allows me to make images more interesting or beautiful than they were. All of life’s annoyances and pains disappear when I can listen to music and tinker with digital images. This is powerful. The power of editing is that it lets us show things the way they might have been, but somehow failed to be. What was fuzzy becomes crisp. What was drab becomes gay. What was cold becomes warm. Or not. I get to choose.

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  5. I have 2 more hours at work today, and then I am going to buy groceries and pull weeds. We also need to plant the basil seeds, kohlrabi seeds, and parsely seeds. I plan to have a non-viral, low stress weekend.

    I am fortunate to be two offices away from our IT guy at work. He also freelances and fixes my computer at home. At work, my next door office mate and I just call down the hall “Romeo”, (his nick name. He is always looking for a girlfriend bu never finds one) and he solves our computer issues.

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  6. OT from yesterday. Daughter is flying back home today. She is again in First class seating, but she is irritated since she says she has a hard time tolerating entitled white people, and the ones she has encountered in First Class seating are the worst!

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    1. I think that was what the quote I posted yesterday was all about. The notion that if you have enough dough you can buy whatever you feel entitled to.

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  7. The end of my high season coincided very nicely with a stamp and scrap expo at the State fairgrounds today. So wandered around booths, bought some stuff, came home and have been playing in my studio ever since. Perfect reboot for me.

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  8. We have a couple of “young people” that help us out with little stuff. Then last month a friend-and-computer-geek visited and helped out a bit. We should probably switch our email over to something newer, but…


  9. It is tempting to whine when one’s luck takes a turn for the worse. I drive a car that’s 17 years old. My computer is just short of ten years old. Both function beautifully. I count my blessings for that! I turn 77 next week. While I don’t function beautifully, I’m grateful to be functioning any way at all.

    (The car, by the way, will be for sale the first week of July.)

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