The Baxter Dossier

We are taking in a house guest today. A wee dog is staying with us for 10 days  while his people (son and dil and grandson) take a vacation to Victoria , BC.

Baxter is a West Highland White Terrier. He is 3 years old and pretty well trained (for a terrier).  He went to puppy preschool and kindergarten! He has the typical Westie skin issues and gets itchy if he eats anything with gluten. He gets along with his home cat pretty well. I don’t know what our cats will think of him. I have dog proofed the house and yard. The backyard gates are all secured and terrier proof. He is too short to jump the fence. It will be fun to have a terrier in the house again.

Son is compiling a “Baxter Dossier”  to assist us in caring for him. They are very attentive dog parents and I am sure the instructions will be very detailed. I like the word “dossier”. It makes Baxter sound like a spy or a diplomat.

Imagine you will be someone’s house guest. What would the dossier say about your care and feeding?

21 thoughts on “The Baxter Dossier”

  1. Becomes lethargic if she doesn’t get her morning coffee. Can tolerate TV news in small doses, but might yell curse words at the TV if 45 is being particularly ill-mannered.

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  2. Needs French press coffee and skyr for breakfast. Has been known to spontaeously clean out hosts’ kitchen cupboards when bored, so keep her busy. Lielkes pinot noir.

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  3. Needs some alone time in the morning to brace for the day. Prefers to sleep late if allowed.Prone to saying the Olympia Dukakis lines out loud if you watch “Moonstruck” with her. May scatter partially read books around the house.

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  4. Husband says his would read “needs fresh food, a musical instrument, books and appropriate outdoor gear for the weather. Might raid your bookshelves and your fridge in the middle of the night. May try to cook. Will also help care for your pets.”

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  5. He does best in rooms with windows offering a view of nature or a bird feeder. Never ask about his past; once started about that he can not stop talking. Becomes morose if exposed to current news reports. He’s an easy keeper about food: chicken sandwiches and V8 juice are all he needs. No cheese, please. And if the Vikings lose, don’t let him know.

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  6. OT: my daughter’s family is in a apartment tower near the big river. I haven’t seen it. Once posh, it now is a bit seedy. When she said their apartment is on the 14th floor, I told her where they really live. Yesterday she checked the elevator buttons. They run from 1 to 12, then 14.

    My new phone number prefix is 666. Apparently that freaked out the last resident here who was assigned those numbers.

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  7. How appropriate. We’re going away for the weekend. Just Kelly and I!
    We’ve had to prepare a dossier for daughter and a briefer one for the neighbor who will be collecting eggs and feeding dogs. (Better than the other way around, eh?)

    Mine would say “snacks are good; have plenty around with a mix of sweet and salty. Expect him to stay up late watching old movies on TV. He is high maintenance but only to himself; mostly it won’t bother you.”

    That last part is kind of a joke; when I come into a theater to set up the lighting, I like to have things ‘just so’. Garbage can, comfy chair, drink holder, place for peanut M&M’s, room for script and notebook, the proper little work light (called a ‘Littl-lite’) and monitors set up in such a way as not to block my view of the stage.
    I’m very high maintenance.

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  8. We once house-sat near Carmel, CA (tough gig), little stone cottage with two cats. The owner had left a true dossier – very detailed notebook, and she even included directions to the beach, fun restaurants, and the Trader Joe’s. We enjoyed the week immensely…

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  9. Early in our marriage,my wife and I house-sat twice. The second house we “sat” was the Prospect Park home of the mayor of Minneapolis. He proved to be a persnickety, nervous landlord. It wasn’t a good experience.

    We loved living on the northern edge of Stillwater on a property that included three ponds. The ponds were fed by spring water. One was filled with trout. We spent a happy summer there, often canoeing the Saint Croix River. We had a cat then, but no dogs. The ponds were home for a large white duck named Sunday Dinner.

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  10. Cleans up after herself but needs quiet time at least once a day for reading and thinking. Will not be a good companion in front of the television with either news or reality TV, but will give affection to your pets in abundance.

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