Bumper Crop

Husband picked an enormous amount of strawberries yesterday. It is the third picking this year. The header photo is shows what he harvested. We figure we have one more big picking before strawberry season is over.

Our 14 month old  grandson ate about 2 cups strawberries yesterday. It was a pleasure to watch him savor the tart jewels from the garden. I will have to freeze a lot of berries this weekend.

What has been your most successful production?

30 thoughts on “Bumper Crop”

  1. i enjoy hosta growing because they either make it or they don’t
    my dad messed with roses all his life. mediocre results at best
    peonies day lillie’s hosta and ferns are my garden favorite
    for other production i have these 5 kids
    they either make it or they don’t too
    then there’s business.
    it works then needs tweaking then it works then it needs tweaking.
    i walked my dogs last night and walked past the neighbors garden which is thriving, he gardens by the calendar and is doing great this year
    potato’s in by good friday is his rule.

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    1. Yet another reason why you and I get along so well tim. I feel exactly the same way about my lilies and hostas. If they come up on their own — fabulous. If they don’t come up, that’s on them. But I’m not crazy about ferns. They always remind me of every science fiction fantasy movie I’ve ever seen– creepy ferns everywhere.

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    1. And if things go to plan, fingers crossed, I will have some of the fresh strawberries at Blevins tomorrow that I’ll be picking first thing in the morning.

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  2. I can think of some very satisfying musical productions – choral concerts mainly – that I’ve been in. I think there would be a tie between a Carmina Burana concert in maybe 2012, and The Events – that play at the Guthrie (VS and Lisa also participated) that enlisted multiple choirs in the region to be part of the play.

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    1. Carmina Burania- we saw a concert production of that at Theater de la Juene Lune. But I think that had to be earlier than 2012. Sure enjoy the music.

      A few years ago my oats crop went 103 bushels / acre. Average statewide is maybe 60. It was a good year and everything went right and the oats was managed well.
      I was doing a phone survey about Ag production and told the person my oat yield. She said “Isn’t that a little high?” I said “ YES IT IS!”

      We buy strawberries from a neighborhood berry farm. They’re organic and Oh! So good!
      We’re on our fourth quart from them this year.

      My grandfather had strawberries when I was growing up. I had to pick a lot of berries. I’m over that and have No interest in picking any more.

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      1. Husband decided that any further berries belong to the birds. We have ample berries in the freezer, and he is sick of crawling around in the strawberry bed.

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        1. That also means you’ll not longer have to worry about the robins getting tangled in the netting. Yay for the robins, and for Chris.

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  3. I have to echo vs: my daughter is the best thing I’ve produced. She has been working miracles recently.

    Otherwise, my best production was the magazines I edited, especially those published in 1980. Our office was extremely amateurish back then, and yet we put out some highly entertaining and progressive magazines. Looking at them today I feel a glow of pride.

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  4. Hi guys!
    I guess the best thing I ever helped produce was Rock Bend. It really is so much fun and such a cool collaboration. I miss being involved once in awhile but I like my life now. I wouldn’t go back to those days.

    A couple of years ago I think I produced a heightened awareness of compassion and what it means to care for others in my coworkers. I don’t want to go into detail about it but I think I opened some people’s eyes about the level of care one individual in particular was receiving. There is good, complete, adequate care and then there is fully compassionate care. We are all human, even those who can’t tell us what they need.

    I hope to produce more responses here. Glad to see your familiar names.

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  5. I’ve produced a fair amount folk concerts over the years. Some were good, some were financially successful, some were memorable, but two stand out as magical. Both were sold out concerts in a tiny wooden church in Inver Grove Heights, Old Salem Church. The artist was Pete Morton. The church has no electricity, so all light was from candles, and the only heat was from an old pot-bellied stove. We served hot apple cider, wine, and home made cookies which were paid for with free-will donations. Pete was at the height of his powers, and inspired by the setting; it was a couple of sublime evenings.These concerts were twenty-four and twenty-six years ago, and I still get the occasional query from someone who attended them, wondering if I’ll ever have another concert there.

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  6. If Barbara wants it, she’s got it. She deserves much more than that from me after all the work she put in my old bungalow. BiR: 651 666 3042.

    tim: are you serious? I don’t think I can afford to give it away.

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  7. Gardening here is strictly based on what survives benign neglect. Daughter has been a success thus far – don’t see that changing.

    Another thing that I have been able to step back and say “yeah…that’s a good thing…” is the Women in Tech group I co-founded at work. We started with a group of 15 or so “would you be interested in…?” folks and now have a membership of over 200. And I get the pleasure of hearing from our members what the group has helped with or provided for them…yeah. Pretty proud of what I created when I said, “we need to do this.”

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