I Shoulda Known Better…

On our second day at the Fair, YA and I hit the Ag Building a little before lunch. She surprised me by asking if we could check out the Minnesota beers.  The surprise is because not only have I never had a beer at the Fair, she doesn’t drink much at all and I’ve never known her to drink beer.  But keeping an open mind, we went and looked at the Minnesota beers.  If you haven’t been to the Fair the last few years, you can now get four smallish cups of beer – there are about six different “themes”; you do not get to mix and match.  After looking at them all and asking if there were “sample sizes”, YA said no to beer.

We wandered around a bit more, petted some more baby animals and then found a good spot for the parade, right across from the International Market. After the parade, we headed over to the market to see what kind of good foods we might find and as we went, we passed the Schmidt Brewery store front where they do a flight of three beers.  One of them was a “fruity” and YA asked if we could get a flight to share.  I am not a beer drinker but I figured we were splitting 3 small cups, so even though I felt SURE that this wasn’t a good idea, we went for it.

The fruity one had grapefruit in it. I knew after one sip, that I wouldn’t be having more of that one.  YA felt the same, so we dumped that one.  YA kept the pale ale and I took the last one.  It really wasn’t to my taste, so after a couple more swallows, that one went in the trash as well.  Then YA baled on the pale ale, leaving it to me.  I was forcing myself to drink it, thinking if I didn’t, it was a complete waste of the money I’d spent.  I made it about 2/3 of the way through the small cup before I realized that the money was gone and my having a terrible time wouldn’t bring the money back.  Into the trash it went.  So I figure together we only drank about ¾ of one small cup.  Then we each got a lemonade to wash away the beer taste!

When was the last time you did something against your better judgment?

29 thoughts on “I Shoulda Known Better…”

  1. Well, there was the time I planted 18 tomato plants.

    Two years ago my anxiety over planting enough basil for pesto got the better of me, and we ended up with 60 jars in the freezer. Every jar has 2 cups of very firmly packed basil leaves. This year was better, and we only froze 46 jars. We won’t need to plant basil next year.

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  2. I’ve said yes to being on a board of directors a few times – what comes to mind is the Wedge Co-op around 1979 or so, when they moved from what is now the “Theater Garage” to a 7-11 right around the corner (now the current Wedge’s parking lot). It was when they talked me into being treasurer that I should have listened to my better judgment…

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  3. The only thing that saved us from drowning in tomatoes that year was a fungal blight in the heirloom tomatoes that I didn’t treat early enough, and that reduced production considerably.


  4. Rise and Live to Regret the Thing:

    Serving on Boards has been my most frequent, ‘I knew better than to sign up for that.” Infighting, outright mutiny, and unethical behaviors seem to rule these bodies and I now refuse to join any except for the one for the organization I founded. And I am sure that is only a matter of time.

    I am still planning a rant later in the day to answer yesterday’s question about gender bias. I just don’t have that long now.


  5. I also didn’t enjoy being on boards. I’ve been on just enough to make them understand a lot about myself however. I know that there are Big Picture People in the world and I’m glad that there is a big picture but I’m the kind of person who would rather just dig down to details and get my hands dirty.

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      1. Getting a little better. She can now put a little bit of weight on her left foot, that’s the one that’s not broken. So she’s practicing with crutches and we have the orthopedic appointment tomorrow to find out if she has to have surgery and a pin.

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  6. i remember the time i went into the docs office for my foot that i broke into multiple pieces. the guy that gives out the boot and stuff asked “ did you know when you did it you might be doing something you shouldn’t?” i said “yeah “
    and he said about 80% of the people he treats knew it wasn’t a good idea but did it anyway

    i’ve tried to remember that but it seems often i remember after the fact and that i should have thought about it earlier

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  7. didn’t we just do this one a couple weeks ago?

    1st marriage
    listening to my banker
    believing buyers at menards, mills, target walmart…
    those dwi’s
    to eat that big old bowl of ice cream even though i knew it was going to kick my ass
    thinking that i had better judgement to do something against
    getting out of bed some days
    turning on the news

    getting started answering this question… i wasn’t feeling angst before

    minnesota wine has a booth across from the ag building vs
    they don’t have a wine you’d pour because it so yukky


    1. I know some good MN wines.
      A friend of ours runs Salem Glen vineyards. And Kelly’s cousins run Four Daughters.
      I know several others.
      Careful with the sweeping generalizations there tim.
      Or do you mean the MN wines are all good, so therefore they don’t have any you’d pour out because it tastes yucky?

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  8. I shared a flight in the horticulture building with my sister. Four beers for maybe 8 or 10 dollars. We picked the hoppy theme. There was a blood orange something-or-other that was a little weird, but the other three were pretty good.

    The wines they have at that Minnesota wine booth are never all that great, but then again there’s nothing there I’d refuse to drink. The thing about local wines is that they are always sorta pricey and there are many better wines that cost less….IMHO.

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