Day of Thanks

It’s Thanksgiving.

  • I’m grateful that thanks to Mother Nature, I don’t have to worry about any more raking for awhile. Or pruning.
  • I’m thankful that although I don’t have a working chimney right now (until repairs in spring – maybe), I do have a working chimney liner, thus heat.
  • I’m grateful that Nonny is still spry and vibrant, and coming to visit in a couple of weeks.
  • I’m thankful that YA’s foot is healing nicely and she can now get around on her own, drive and go back to work.
  • I’m grateful that most of my friends and loved ones afflicted with the big “c” have beat it back with a stick and am thankful that this community was able to surround the friend and loved one who didn’t with caring and support.
  • I’m thankful that I haven’t thrown my new cell phone out the window (yet).
  • I’m grateful that usually once a day a stranger shows me kindness (even if it’s just stopping on Lyndale so I can either pull into or out of my driveway).

Enough about me. Anything good on your grateful list this year?

21 thoughts on “Day of Thanks”

    1. You’ll have to let us know what it’s like right there. I love watching the parades on TV but I hate all the silly commentary and the fact that you’re not really seeing a parade anymore but a show that they’ve orchestrated.

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      1. We didn’t see everything that people in front of the Macy’s store or folks watching on TV saw, but we saw everything else. No narration. It was fun to see the marching bands. We saw Ronald McDonald’s balloon deflate.

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    2. I found out this week that a former co-worker is on one of the floats – maybe a Macy’s float? – she’s in a singing Christmas tree of some stripe, I think. She chose to be on the side of the float that lets her family see her vs. the side the TV cameras will be on.

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  1. Grateful for another year of generally good health; another year to enjoy my parents; another year of a happy marriage; another year of financial stability and health; another year of sharing my books with people and meeting book lovers, readers, and authors–who are all generally fun, interesting people; another year of being competitive on the golf course (and not having any major aches on the backswing), another year of enjoying the incredible BWCAW a few times.

    That’s enough for now. I know I’m EXTREMELY lucky in the crapshoot called the game of life on Earth. Happy Thanksgiving, everyone.

    Chris in Owatonna

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  2. I am grateful that my daughter and her friends have their respective poop in their respective piles – all good kids who are already working to improve the world around them. I am thankful that I have enough in the bank account that when the opportunity arose for us to fix our chimney, we could do it (exterior brick work – more easily done that VS’ work, I’m sure). I am thankful that when I sit down at the dinner table this afternoon with family that i don’t have to worry that there will be disagreements about politics, that everyone is welcome at that table, and that we aren’t a family that loses half the crew to whatever football game is on.

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    1. funny i forgot about football. ill be turning it on in an hour after the muppets take manhatten is over
      i am thankful we had jim henson, i still get weepy when i think about his death. i really liked his brain.
      i am thankful we had robin williams and jonathan winter and all those people who made us smile.
      it is so important to find ways to smile. the good place is my new go to for that.
      i am thankful that my family is all friends. my mom and sister are coming over this morning (i proclaimed dinner to be at 130 this year so my daughter and son can go to their mothers house and enjoy the other half of their holiday earlier this year.
      i am grateful son is making the trip form pheonix and will arrive in time to eat before he goes to his other two thanksgivings ( mom and significant others)
      i have the one daughter in london and the rest of the whole famn damily is here plus a couple of strays that we enjoy. multiple additional dogs will be here and the grandson will be the center of attention . ari is a trip.

      trip to london to visit daughter next week is very exciting, wish i had money to enjoy it but london on a shoestring will be a joy.
      business is coming along and the landlady is a bit high maintenance but… i found a big investor in vancouver who will push us forward there and i do love vancouver
      i am thankful for my new hops growing business in wisconsin. that is something i have wanted to do for years and got the go ahead last week to do that.
      off to dinner

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  3. I am most grateful that I am part of a community of like-minded people, both in the physical world and in cyberspace, where I can regularly connect and contribute. Also for food, roof over head, and relatively good health… and for the fact that I could go on and on here.

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  4. Rise and Being Grateful, Baboons,

    I am so grateful that my surgery and most of my rehab are over! Now if the weather would stabilize it would probably help a lot since the new knee is barometer sensitive.

    Grateful that we were able to travel safely yesterday afternoon, despite the dodgy weather

    Grateful that my brother does not put giblets in the turkey dressing.

    Grateful that I have family to gather with and enjoy today.

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  5. I’m grateful for feeling like 58 rather than the upcoming 78, with a hip that works, many good and loving friends and many positive experiences with strangers. Grateful to still have my farm, horses, cats, chickens and a goat (even if his name is “Trouble” — calling “Come, Trouble” has been altered to “Come, Goat.”) And looking forward to a Thanksgiving dinner of wild salmon, cornbread and homegrown vegetables….and who knows what else will grace the dinner table at 4. I best get ready, it’s 3 PM! Happy Thanksgiving, Baboons…so grateful for you and this blog.

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  6. Hi Kids!

    I too am grateful for all of you here.
    We hosted Kelly’s brother, his wife, plus 4 of their 6 boys and another friend. It was all wonderful even if we did forget to serve the baked beans. No one went hungry.
    I know we are very fortunate in all aspects.
    I’m grateful to Mayo Clinic for taking care of me. I just hope to see less of them next year.

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  7. Can anyone tell me how to log In from an iPhone? I can log in to comment but it doesn’t let me like comments and I can’t figure out how.


  8. Half Born Twins
    in the phoney trapeze praying ( Cry tears of rain )
    Unfaithful – Stevie Nicks played ( a stereo ) Hush snow ‘n’ blow.
    hold your horses, stop right there! Idea pouring- Yankee… Half eaten twins ” Unborn child on high ” ( 64 ) over a rain barrel! Different name & coulor- tears of many years, Occasional aristocrat, uppity clouds familiar Half born twins bag & plead ” Sleepy eyes gotta wonder” ( nightly) it does not atter how astrey I go. 1921


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