Spaetzle vs Schnitzel

Our local Walmart store management  tore  out most of the checkout aisles and installed several dozen  self-checkout kiosks.  I refuse to use them, which means I have to  put up with long lines and long waits while my icecream  melts.

Husband and I were in line the other day conversing about a spaetzle-aspragus recipe, when the woman in front of us asked what exactly  spaetzle was. She and her husband had been chatting up the cashier, who happened to be from the same Hispanic community they were from near Bakersfield, CA.  She said she had heard of it but didn’t know what it was. I explained, and then cautioned her that it was different than schnitzel, and then I explained what forms that could take.  She had heard of that, too. Behind us in line was an elderly neighbor from a block over from our house who takes long walks in the neighborhood and wanted to know if we got our produce in. She said she loved watching our garden.

Shopping is a social outing for us, and reinforces our sense of community. We aimed to be Community Psychologists, so I guess things are working  out.

What communities do you belong to?




32 thoughts on “Spaetzle vs Schnitzel”

  1. Mostly the Theater community. But still somewhat in the Farming community. And the neighborhood community. And this here blog community.
    There’s also the Lighting and the Stagecraft community but they sort of double up w/ Theater.
    Interesting isn’t it how each group has their own issues, terminology, and discussions?

    Snowing here this morning. Just a gentle snow and talking 1″-2″ and I’m headed out to pick up some lighting.

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  2. Rise and Shine Baboons,

    There are so many communities to belong to, including this odd little Baboon Community that creates so much fun and engagement. After BBC yesterday, VS explained to me what I needed to know about the sealing rings on the Instant Pot. So after she left I did overcome my fear of a pressure cooker enough so that I could do the initial step of the water test successfully. So now I belong to the Instant Pot community. This evening I will try risotto, which Renee has inspired me to experiment with.

    Sometime over the summer I found an online community of “green communities and gardens” which I was hoping would be active, but I don’t hear much from them. That seems like a worthy and do-able thing to garden and be environmentally sound in those methods.

    This morning my community is watching the snow fall. This is inspiring me to snuggle up inside the house, rather than venturing out to do errands. This dictates that later today we will join those clearing snow from driveways and sidewalks!

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        1. It was an organization for garlic fanciers. I think membership came with a cookbook, if I recall correctly, and it was tied somehow to the garlic festival in Gilroy, California. It also may have been connected somehow to Les Blank’s documentary film, “Garlic is as Good as Ten Mothers”.

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        1. When I worked for this rare group of consultants (late 90s), a speaker for one of our monthly staff days was a dowser as well as speaker, so we learned a bit about dowsing, which I’ve of course forgotten now.


    1. I’m not sure, Renee, if you really would want to join a community of dowsers. The professional organization, the American Society of Dowsers, is oriented toward dowsing as a business and has stringent requirements for membership, including references from three clients for whom you have successfully dowsed. The meetup groups that involve dowsing as part of their program tend to equate dowsing with other aspects of their “magick”. Personally, I would give them a wide berth.

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  3. Apart from you Baboons, the only community I can claim is the senior citizen community where I live. Two days ago I was stunned by the sight of two pretty girls, about ten years old, wearing short dresses. They were the great grandchildren of my best friend in this place. I realized it has been a long time since I’ve seen or heard a child except my own grandson. Actually, it has been years. At 77, I’m one of the youngest residents and one of very few males. If I wanted to date an octogenarian pushing a walker, I couldn’t live in a more favorable place.

    This gets complicated for me. I’m sympathetic to old people–heck, I am one–and yet under normal circumstances I would prefer spending time among younger, more vital folks. Meals can be difficult. Since so many of us are hard of hearing, the few residents who still hear well sit between those of us who are auditorialy challenged. I now censor my comments. People here don’t like frightening truths, so many (even most) of the things I want to talk about are too disturbing, starting with global warming or the mad bozo in the White House.

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  4. i belong to many great groups through
    i started with start up business meeting and entrepreneur stuff but found art, music veggie stuff, social outings, guitar playing, writing group, painting , motorcycle group, woodworking , politics, cannabis, camping, skijoling (dogsledding on cross country skis, bee keeping, photography, motivational gatherings and visits to groups that have a one time meeting on a group i think i may have an interest only to find out i was wrong … i don’t like theirvgroup and o leave bit coin and funny currency groups leave me shaking my head even though there are guys o know who are well healed by their involvement .
    tcm movie buffs, mushroom hunters, vintage clothing
    mile wide inch deep again….

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  5. I now have a sort of handwritten spread sheet to keep track of (what I say I’ll do for) all the groups I belong to… The main headings are Music/Dance, Unitarianism/Spiritual, and Books.

    Another kind of community would be the various families I’m part of, though they are pretty scattered except for my mom.

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  6. Baboons, Blevins, Illierati, Back Porch Stampers, Soup Swappers, BIWorldwide. These are the official ones. But I suppose there are plenty of little sub communities that I belong to that I’m just not thinking of right now. A little brain dead today.


  7. I’m curious, Renee, why you would caution the woman to be aware of the difference between spaetzle and schnitzel? Seems to me that would be like warning an American to be aware of the difference between French fries and a hamburger. What am I missing?

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    1. Well, one is meat and the other is dumplings. She wasn’t sure which she had heard of, and I wanted to make sure she knew the difference. I was just being pedantic.

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  8. It’s hard to keep track of all the communities. I volunteer for fix-it clinics, tax preparation, and a neighborhood gardening group, each with its own community of volunteers; and then there’s the dragon boat group and the folks that do the mind/body balance classes at the JCC. I also sometimes go to art classes at a mosaicing shop and at Pathways. I have a monthly support group meeting, and, of course, book club and the Trail. I’m probably missing a few. So many interests, so little time.

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