I’ve just had one of my favorite kinds of weekends. No social engagements, no particular errands, no particular chores. Started out with snowblowing early Saturday morning so that YA could get to work; although it’s technically a chore and it was cold, I had fun using my new snowblower (well, new to me anyway) even though it was a little hard to get it started the first time it was still dark and I had to kinda figure out by touch where the choke and throttle were. Did my Saturday morning chores (change sheets, water plants) and by then it was all of 7:30. So except for taking breaks to throw more laundry in and have meals, I spent the entire day in my studio! I’ve had a pile of stuff that I wanted to use up for a few weeks and I managed to get through it all.

Yesterday I had to snowblow out the bottom of my driveway again and when I lent the snowblower to my neighbor for a bit, I got to learn about cotter pins. Glad he broke it and not me – I would never have known what had happened and would probably have spent a lot of bucks having somebody diagnose and fix it. YA convinced me we should out for breakfast – The Lowbrow – her favorite breakfast spot. When we got home I made a big pot of broccoli cheese soup and then headed back to my studio. Overall I made 41 cards this weekend and got the studio spruced up as well.

My friend Pat calls this kind of behavior “burrowing” and I have to admit I did feel like I had hunkered down in my sweatpants and fat socks. I do enjoy my busier weekends as well, but it did feel rather nice to tune out the world for a couple of days.

What do you like to do when you’re “burrowing”?

24 thoughts on “Burrowing”

  1. Morning-
    It was a good weekend for that. For the most part, we were able to do that as well.
    Yep, had to go move snow Saturday morning, and Kelly had to be in town Saturday night, but other than that, we burrowed on Sunday and Kelly even commented how nice it was not to have to be anywhere.
    She took a walk, I did bookwork. (Bookwork to me is like your studio to you. When I have time to do bookwork I know there isn’t anything “more important” happening elsewhere that I need to deal with).

    It was just a nice weekend at home.

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  2. I bake bread and make brodo (Italian poultry broth), just like I did this weekend . Husband started Danish rye bread that takes 4 days to make. It has a sourdough base with pumpernickel flour and rye chops We didn’t have snow but it has been bitterly cold. We only went out when forced to. I made 4 loaves of French bread and 2 gallons of broth.

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  3. We actually started our burrowing early. Knowing that it was going to be very cold on Thursday and snowing on Friday, Robin and I went and got the second shingles shot on Wednesday. As anticipated, we both felt lousy on Thursday and mostly read and slept. As I began to feel a little better in the late afternoon, I made a big pot of chili. Friday I went out for a few groceries in the morning in advance of the snow, then spent much of the day reading and puttering around in my office/studio. I started cataloging my books- something I thought would be useful at the point where I need to downsize or am eternally downsized. That’s going to take a while, as I am noting the condition of each book as I list them.

    Saturday morning I got out the snowblower—only the second time this winter. It wasn’t as much snow as predicted, but not nothing. When I take the trouble to get out the snowblower, I clear all the sidewalk on our side of the block. We had an unanticipated opportunity for company—a friend from Ely—for dinner on Saturday so I made a pot of Jambalaya.

    Sunday was more-or-less pure burrowing. Robin read and worked on knitting projects, I read and worked on my catalog and on setting up a new printer I had gotten to replace one that died.

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  4. Luckily we only got about 4 inches of snow here. We had planned for Saturday eve a Thank You Pizza Party for several people who helped with our friend W’s move (in November :} ), and were able to go ahead with that.

    Sunday we holed up here and did some favorites – made an egg bake, those home-made Turtle candies with the pretzels, and Husband made cookies. Then I did meatballs that required Hoisin Sauce that I was out of, but hey, there’s a recipe online that took 10 minutes – less time than going out to get some – and voilà! It worked. I never would have tried that on a regular Sunday, but it felt right with the cold and blowing/drifting snow.

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  5. Friday I met my sister and cousin for lunch in south Mpls (I live north of St. Paul) and got home about an hour before the snow started. The rest of that day and all of Saturday were spent inside cleaning, doing laundry, setting up new music for the school choirs, reading, binge watching Mrs. Maisel on Amazon Prime, clearing the paper clutter off my desk, shredding no longer needed “important” papers, and playing Solitaire on my iPad. Sunday morning was spent singing with my church choir for 2 services, then back home for more reading and watching a Netflix DVD. Today I need to venture out to grocery shop. Then comes a food prep session (roasted veggies, rice pudding, quinoa and beans), practicing the new music before school rehearsals resume tomorrow, and shoveling the snow off my deck before the bottom layer turns to ice.

    Love the photo – and that is what I wish I had been doing all weekend!

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    1. Renee, you know I think about this often but I don’t know if I have ever asked you. What in heavens name do you guys do with all of the food that you make. There’s just two of you there right?


  6. We eat a lot of leftovers. Mainly we cook only on the weekends and eat the weekend dishes all week. Husband also takes some of it up to the rez so he can just reheat things up there.

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    1. Yep, tomorrow will be tough.
      Kelly has to work today it she took Friday off. I had to work Friday, but college closed at noon in anticipation of snow.
      And Daughter got Friday AND Monday off.
      Tuesday: It’s the new Monday.

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      1. my burrow is simply got to be quick
        cooking painting writing playing guitar watching a movie
        these are my sinful pleasures.
        to have a job is to know when the day is done
        i used to comment on my 5:01ers and how they are always aware that 459 is x minutes away
        i have never been done with my list of must dos since 1969 or so.
        i love to immerse in the moment in my own little attention deficit sort of way. when i’m painting i’m doing deals in my head when i’m doing deals i’m doing other deals or drifting off to other vistas
        i burrow with guys guitar night wednesday’s and get lost in a circle of song choices
        old timey, ricky nelson, johnny cash, lyle lovett, the band, my turn let’s see, dylan the beatles randy newman kris kristifferson or a song from my new song lists

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  7. Some people had three day weekends; I had a one day weekend, as I was scheduled to work at the shop today and Saturday. Sunday I spent some time on IRS certification tests for my volunteer gig. And shoveled.

    Hope to have more burrowing time in the coming weeks.

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  8. OT – Update on what’s going on next door.
    As we were eating lunch at our dining room table today, we observed two police officers walking through our next door neighbor’s yard. Tommy’s large, rented trailer and assorted cars have been parked in front of their garage for over a month. The garage itself is still full of junk: old couches, misc. furniture, engine parts, tires, piles of clothes, plastic bags full of who knows what.

    Turns out the new owners of the house, a Korean couple, who closed on the house in December, have tried to accommodate Tommy’s pleas for a little more time. In true Tommy fashion, he has continued his nightly tinkering on cars in the back alley, and even brought in “new” cars to work on. He wasn’t going anywhere. The couple, who are working on the inside of the house, intend to flip it once the work is done, and apparently it finally dawned on them that it was going to be difficult to sell with Tommy as part of the bargain, so they called the police.

    Tonight, Tommy came with a rented U-Haul truck to haul away the large trailer. Whereto is anybody’s guess. There are still four of “his” cars parked out there, and the garage is still full of his crap. The saga is ongoing.

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    1. a time lapse camera positioned on the roof facing that way would provide hours of watching pleasure in the years to come

      fond memories you can share with the korean couples realized recipients over good coffee on the backyard neighborhood niceties coming this next era of your experience

      the story you could craft to spin any which way around the tommy saga could be an a-z series with a publication every 3 months for the next decade or so.

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  9. yes it’s very hard to realize there are people who have such a hard time getting it together

    even with his rent covered his ability to get by is challenged.

    it will be nice for pj to have a different view on neighbors when the transition is complete


    1. His rent isn’t covered. Tommy is homeless. I have no idea where he hangs out during the day. He doesn’t usually show up until 10 or 11 PM, and then tinkers through the wee hours. He’s on drugs, and liable to do really stupid stuff. This morning there’s yet another junker in their back yard that wasn’t there when I went to bed at 11 PM. This isn’t going to end well, I’m afraid.


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