Hotdogging It!

Every now and then I just have to laugh at what makes the news these days. I’m not talking about the incessant political news that is spewing these days, or even the complete over-saturation of stories about the helicopter accident last weekend.  No– I’m talking about the fact that a Weinermobile driver got a traffic warning.

The Weinermobile driver (drivers are called Hotdoggers) got pulled over by a Wisconsin traffic officer and was given a verbal warning about the state’s “Move Over Law”.  This law says if someone is pulled over on the side of the highway with their flashers turned on, you have to move to the next lane over from them or if that is not possible, to reduce your speed significantly.

Oscar Mayer was quick to announce how much training their Hotdoggers get before they are allowed to take to the road in the Weiner mobile, but I guess there will always be a slip up. Luckily instead of getting a fine and points on his license, the Hotdogger just got a warning.

What’s the whackiest “news” you’ve heard/seen recently?

43 thoughts on “Hotdogging It!”

  1. I noticed an article this morning about an owl at an English owl sanctuary that had been hanging around an area so rife with voles and mice that it had become obese. It had to be put on a diet as it was too fat to fly.

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        1. If there’s enough mice and voles, all she would need to do would be step off the branch and gravity would do a lot of the work.


  2. i was walking my star tribune back from the snowdrift it was tossed in yesterday and was thinking how the local spice that is offered is what makes the personality of the paper
    i love reading the new york times but the stories are all distant. the wiener mobile may be an exception. australian fires,earthquakes in cuba, political bickering, could be from any paper but the weiner mobile or the launch of the saint paul winter carnival make it something i care about on a local basis.
    i saw yesterday that the overcast sky’s in january set a record for depressed sunlight
    i appreciated the note that makes me appreciate the rays of sun when they sneak through

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    1. Local papers compete in a media environment rich with TV, radio and internet news sites that broadcast news 24-7. The Strib used to be a great source for international, national and state news. In order to be a source for content not already being broadcast elsewhere, the Strib is more and more an outlet for local sports, local weather and local novelty news.

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  3. Forum Communications, the Fargo based company that owns our local paper, is printing full page ads telling us that we will get much more local news now that our paper is going to a weekly format, and that there will be lots of local news on the paper’s website. I am not optimistic about this. It also means we will have no more comic strips to read.

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    1. In my home town, the LeMars Daily Sentinel, does have an online format that is pretty good. When I visit my mom, I pull it up and read the articles to her. She especially likes the articles about students in trouble at the high school and obituaries.

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    2. i see that warren buffet just sold his newspaper interests yesterday
      he bought a bunch of papers a few years ago because he believed in newspapers but sold them for 15% less than he paid for them because he sees the death spiral
      i read the exception is the weekly locals
      love reading local stuff and getting local services
      landscaping massage pizza and car dealers get their audience here plus the personal ads make you wonder

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  4. Rise and Shine Baboons,

    ‘Days of our Lives’ renewed: Long-running soap will return for Season 56.

    This is the soap my friends and I started watching in MIddle School, around age 13. Please note that the young, beautiful characters who were unfaithful and having amnesia when I was 13, are now the aged matriarch and patriarch of the show. I assume that they shaped up their sexual behavior and their memories returned in the years since I watched regularly.

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    1. is what’s her name the raven haired ageless beauty still on the radar?
      i didn’t watch the show but she’s been a hottie for years
      susan lucci?


      1. I think Susan Lucci was a different soap, but I would no longer know. The last time I watched Days was when my son was a baby—38 years ago. I was a little surprised it was renewed, because I thought most of the soaps had been cancelled years ago—I don’t watch any daytime TV anymore.

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  5. The whackiest news I’ve seen recently has to be Alan Dershowitz holding forth yesterday at the Senate Impeachment Trial. “It was like witnessing a grotesque amalgamation of tragedy and farce. Is this really happening? Is the argument actually being put forth that a president can do anything in service to his own re-election?” That’s how Dan Rather put it. The word gobsmacked is not one I normally use, but in this case, that’s pretty much how I feel. As they say in the vernacular: You can’t make this shit up!

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    1. I did have that thought, as well. I find it all so distressing, though, that I am trying limit my exposure. I am doing my three monkey impression: See no evil, Say no evil, Hear no evil. It gets me through the day.

      And now I probably have a sinus infection despite all my efforts not to contract one. That also must be #45’s fault.

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  6. OT – Thought I’d give ya’ll a heads up, in case you need to do some shopping to join in the celebration. On Saturday, February 1st. it’s National Eat Ice Cream for Breakfast Day.

    “Happy National Eat Ice Cream for Breakfast Day! Surprisingly, this holiday was invented in New York in the middle of the winter. Created in the 1960s (clearly, because it’s a groovy idea), the day is further proof that you can eat ice cream at any time of the year, any time of the day, and on any occasion. So on the first Saturday in February, go ahead and get your treat on. Before noon. We won’t judge.”

    Official Recipe: The Breakfast Banana Split

    Prep Time: 10 minutes
    Servings: 1-2

    1 Pint Ben & Jerry’s Chunky Monkey Ice Cream
    2 Tablespoons of Sliced Almonds
    2 Frozen Toaster Waffles
    1 Banana
    1/2 Cup Brown Sugar
    Unsalted Butter
    Chocolate Syrup


    Peel banana and chop it into thick, round slices. Sprinkle each banana slice with a pinch of brown sugar.
    Add butter to a medium size nonstick pan and heat over medium high heat. Add banana slices and remaining brown sugar.
    Cook bananas until golden brown underneath (about 4-5 minutes). Gently flip bananas to brown other side (about 1 minute) and then immediately set aside caramelized bananas on plate.
    Toast frozen waffles in toaster or toaster oven until golden brown.
    Place the pint of Ben & Jerry’s Chunky Monkey ice cream on its side. With a large chef’s knife or serrated knife, cut all the way through the pint of ice cream near the lid. Make another cut about 2 inches below the first cut to form a thick, round slice of ice cream with packaging still attached.
    Place the ice cream slice on one toaster waffle and unwrap the carton from ice cream.
    Place caramelized bananas on top of ice cream (creating a layer of banana) and drizzle chocolate syrup on top. Sprinkle sliced almonds on top of syrup.
    Place second toaster waffle on top to form a breakfast sandwich. You’re welcome.

    National Eat Ice Cream for Breakfast Day Activities

    Eat ice cream for breakfast, of course.

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      1. remember clockwork orange and how they made malcolm mcdowell listen to ludi b and watch porn and they did something to make him feel violently ill
        same with me and ice cream except for the music and the porn.

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  7. I liked the recent story about Florida iguanas falling out of trees during a cold snap. It’s too bad we don’t have iguanas in the midwest. Wouldn’t that be a great excuse if you were late for work? – an iguana fell out of a tree and landed on the hood of my car.

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