50 thoughts on “Where in the World is VS?”

        1. They’re not here right now but apparently during the summer season people come out by the hundreds to watch them fly out from underneath the bridge at night. And they don’t have a mosquito problem in Austin.

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        2. Or the food from Austin because I have been informed just now but my waiter that if you don’t have breakfast tacos when you are here, you haven’t really been to Austin

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    1. My room looks right out over Lady Bird Lake. And I don’t know enough about either Dan Rather or Walter Cronkite to know if they were considered renegades?


      1. Rather and Cronkite were mainstream reporters in a time when professionalism required them to be as middle-of-the-road as possible.

        Cronkite was considered an ultimate professional, although he famously broke with LBJ’s gang to announce he thought the US was losing the war in Vietnam. By the time he retired, conservative antagonism to mainstream media reporters was mounting.

        Rather was the CBS anchor who inherited Cronkite’s chair. Times had changed, and conservative hostility to CBS made things harder for Rather than they had been for Cronkite. Rather was finally forced out at CBS when he and his production staff could not demonstrate the validity of documents they used to show George W Bush cheated to avoid military service.

        Cronkite was considered the most trustworthy man in America. I think Rather wanted to be the modern Cronkite, but couldn’t bring it off because of the increasingly partisan times. Neither man was anything like a “renegade.”

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        1. Molly Ivins was a Minneapolis Star columnist for a few years. I met her at a party in the early 1970s. She found Minnesota unbearably boring because our politicians were much too sane and ethical. As she left to go back to Texas, Molly declared the Twin Cities a “stone wall drag.” But she was fond of the place and said nice things when her boredom had worn a bit.

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        2. I wouldn’t claim to have known Molly, but meeting her was a joy. She is one of those people who have an aura around them. Some people are special. She was just the same person face-to-face as in her columns, just a bit more profane.

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        3. It’s not quite accurate that she was a columnist for the Minneapolis Star. She was a reporter, not a columnist, for the Minneapolis Tribune, the first woman assigned to cover the police beat, and later on a beat called Movements for Social Change. There she covered “militant blacks, angry Indians, radical students, uppity women and a motley assortment of other misfits and troublemakers.” She returned to Texas in 1970 as co-editor of The Texas Observer.

          Last year in April, the Minneapolis St. Paul International Film Festival screened “Raise Hell: The Life & Times of Molly Ivins,” a documentary of her life and career as a trailblazing journalist. Cathy Wurzer did an interview with the film’s director, Janice Engel, which gave some additional insights into Ivins’ life and career. I can well imagine, though, that she would make a lasting impression if you ran into her at a party.


        1. Other than Austin City Limits, I associate Austin with a friend who lives there; she keeps urging me to come visit. I know that Willie Nelson and Shawn Colvin are also based there, as are Lance Armstrong, Andy Roddick, Rene Zellweger, and Sandra Bullock.

          I await your report, vs.

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  1. Just been out walking around. It’s a little drizzly actually not quite drizzle so should we say mist and drizzle- “mizzley “? Anyway Austin is very high-tech with a lot of millennials here and you can tell because just in the area around the hotel I counted at least seven shops where people can go in and plug-in and or connect and also several places that were clearly tech companies named Labs or Tech.

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    1. I think that perception is accurate. It’s a Democratic stronghold, as are most of the other big urban areas. It’s them cowboys ya gotta watch out for.

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    1. Lisa, my phone buzzed and I picked it up and read your comment when I was at the restaurant with my client and supplier. And I snorted out loud and then I had to try to explain the trail to my client and my supplier. Not an easy task. But I think they are already suspected I was a little crazy so I don’t think I hurt my cause any.

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