I know you’re expecting to see details about Pi Day next week, but this year I’m going to change it up and write about Pi Day organization.  Here’s what it takes:

Already Done

  • Send out Evites. If you’re local, you got an evite, although I can’t guarantee they didn’t go to Spam.
  • Decide on pies. Mark the recipes with post-it notes.  11 this year – I can’t help myself
  • Make list of ingredients and then shop for those ingredients
  • Make little pie placecards and nametags
  • Make sure you have enough plates, napkins, forks
  • Check on red/white wine supply

Up Next

  • Go through recipes and sort out which are baked and which are non-baked
  • Figure out how many pie shells need pre-baking
  • Do any of those pre-baked ones need any chocolate coating or other prep?
  • Figure out what oven temperature is needed for the baked pies
  • Figure out what can be chopped/ground before Saturday
  • Make an actual schedule of the order of baking, set up by oven temperature needed

Friday night

  • Make the oatmeal cookies that become the crust for the Crack Pie
  • Make Crack Pie crust
  • Boil the condensed milk to make dulce de leche
  • Do any pre-baking of crusts and coat the chocolate ones
  • Do any nut chopping/grinding that needs doing


  • Get up early and get started!!

Hopefully there will be time in here for a shower before everybody arrives!  Oh and here’s what’s on the menu:  Crack, Banoffee, Blueberry,  Dutch Apple, Red Velvet Whoopie, Reese’s, Pecan Dream, Shaker Lemon, Vanilla Crumb, Skillet Berry Cobbler and Pear Croustade.

Have I made you hungry or just tired?

38 thoughts on “3.14159265…..”

  1. it’s impressive what organization can do. i am watering at the mouth and i don’t have a sweet tooth
    the pear thing sounds good to me
    cobbler is a favorite, i have 2 kids whose birthday is pi day so i have long celebrated our day but we do it at home with pizza. i will be coming by the vs celebration late and hoping to get a taste of a pi or two
    thanks vs you are a model of to do lists

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    1. I have to admit that I learned list making from Nonny. I have very clear memories of her scribbling to do lists on the back of envelopes and pieces of scrap paper throughout my childhood.


    1. The banoffee is as close as we are getting to banana cream this year. It’s a graham cracker crust with dulce de leche, bananas and whipped cream. YA requested this one.


  2. I don’t see when you scheduled the elves…
    I do see how you’ve made things as easy as possible – it’s efficient to bake the crusts at the same time, etc., kind of like an assembly line. : )

    Actually, you’ve made me hungry, and I’m going to see if I can find a recipe for that Pear Croustade to try some time – probably soon as I’m going to be spending more time at home… (I can’t tell you how sorry I am that I won’t make it Saturday.)

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  3. Rise and Shine Baboons,

    We won’t be back in time to attend Pi-Day, much to my chagrin. I am both hungry and tired with all the news.

    OT–We are heading home early, probably starting out on Sunday. We have to close our condo down here and say good-bye to family here, then off we go. It appears MN is far better prepared for the upcoming virus issues than AZ is–plus it does not have the huge pockets of elderly, vulnerable people all in one place that AZ does. I will be so glad to return to MN.

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  4. No pie, but we are making duck soup with mushrooms and pearl barley. I am not a great fan of duck. We have two in the freezer (Husband was going to grill them), and I think this is the best option. It has 4 cups of double bock beer in it. I don’t really like beer, either. We shall see how it turns ou th

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  5. Hey all of you local baboons. I’m going to do this officially on Evite in a minute but I’m trying to hit as many platforms as possible so everybody knows the news. I am going to postpone Pi Day until the world is in a better place. And hopefully warmer as well. Sorry it’s short notice but stuff has really been coming to a head the last 48. See you on the trail.

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      1. Yea… Sad but smart. In the last hour I’ve been thinking about the ingredients and really I don’t think anything will go to waste. Flour, sugar, nuts, butter, cream cheese …those are all fine. Blueberries I can freeze but I’m thinking that something made with apples and something with pears is going to be in YAs and my immediate future.

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  6. Oh dear! Daughter in Tacoma is working from home today with a cough. She just started a new job, and thank the Lord I could put her on my health insurance until her work insurance starts in May. Her work will allow her to see clients via Telehealth.

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    1. I went to the grocery store this morning. There was an old, toothless guy with his cart piled high, Standing in line to check out, yelling, “after this virus disappears, then what will they do to scare us to death?” Then he started singing, “When Irish Eyes Are Shining.” Very surreal. This behavior did, however, create a great deal of social distance.

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  7. OT – Here’s a link to a website created by a 17 year old kid from Washington state, that tracks official Covid-19 cases all over the world. It’s update every few minutes. He was interviewed on Fresh Air by Terri Gross, a pretty impressive – if somewhat nerdy – young man.

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    1. Well here’s the good news. When we do have Pi Day it will be the same list of pies because I’ve done all The work for this list. So don’t worry, banoffee will be there.

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  8. can we give renee enough notice to make and ship a betty crocker banana cream? there must be a way to do that. pony express carried letters, who can carry cream pies?

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