Let’s Celebrate

Photo credit:  Jennifer Chen

A couple of month ago I had a doughnut ice cream sandwich for breakfast.  It was PJ’s fault – she had announced the day before that it was going to be National Ice Cream for Breakfast Day.  It was a sweet treat that was a bit too sweet even for me and has not been repeated.

Of course the very next day was Groundhog’s Day and just a couple weeks later, I saw some silly bit on the internet that February 17 was Random Acts of Kindness Day.  I decided to do some checking and

    • National Ice Cream for Breakfast Day (first Saturday in February)
    • Seuss Day (also called National Read Across America Day) – March 2
    • Pi Day – March 14
    • Star Wars Day – May 4
    • National Take Your Dog to Work Day – June 22
    • National Hammock Day – July 22
    • National Black Dog Day – October 1
    • Bathtub Party Day – December 5

There is actually a National Day calendar online and from a quick glance, there is something to celebrate every single day of the year, even February 29.  But there are plenty of things left to put on the calendar.  I looked and didn’t see Dust Bunny Appreciation Day nor did I see a National Day of Reading in Bed.  Sorely needed.

Any other days we need to celebrate?

32 thoughts on “Let’s Celebrate”

  1. Well, I suppose we can celebrate the End of Corona Virus Outbreak whenever that occurs. I wonder if they commemorated the end of the 1918 Influenza outbreak?

    I found volunteer spinach plants in our garden, yesterday, along with parsley that had wintered over. The tulips and scillas are up.

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    1. We have many tulips up. I will have to seek other volunteers in the garden now that the rain stopped. How is life out of the loop, oh Minnesota Germy One?

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      1. I am noticing from my studio window that my tulips are starting to come up as well. This means I have to go out over my lunch hour and take up the mesh that is covering the new bulbs.


      2. Well, I haven’t come down with any symptoms of anything since my return. We are sorting and rearranging Husband’s stuff from the rez. It will be 60° here today!

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    1. Agreed, Jacque. There are two stories wrapped up in one here. First, the COVID-19 represents a remarkable failure of national leadership, so leadership is rising up from the states. Second, we are blessed to have these two people (Walz & Malcolm) at the helm right now.


  2. I frequently come up on information that one of these holidays was, like yesterday, or a few days ago, and I think I’ll remember it next year and write a blog post. Hasn’t worked so far.

    My personal favorite, though, I did write about… it was August 8, “National Zucchini Day, known in some circles as Sneak Some Zucchini Onto Your Neighbor’s Porch Day“. That’ll be coming right up…

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      1. We went shopping, but kept our distance and followed protocols for safety. I don’t think we will need to go shopping for the rest of the week.


        1. I’m friends with Christine Lavin on FB. Have never met her in person, though I feel like I know her and her entire family.

          A day or two ago, she asked people to take photos of their freezers. No prettying them up, just a photo of what you saw when you opened the door. She led the way with her own freezer, which was heavily stocked with frozen raspberries and ice cubes.

          What struck me about that whole exercise was that most respondents, fellow artist and fans I surmise, posted photos of tiny freezers with room for only a minimal amount of food. I’ve been there and done that, and somehow had myself believing that so had everyone else. Not true. This can be a time of insights into how a lot of other people live a lot closer to the edge than I realized.

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