If It’s Tuesday….

I had to remind myself repeatedly yesterday that it was Tuesday.

  • Slept in – a Saturday/Sunday thing.
  • Took a nice walk with Guinevere – a Saturday/Sunday thing.
  • Leisurely breakfast on the sofa while watching Martha Stewart – a never happens thing.
  • Mid-morning trip to Bachman’s – definitely a Saturday/Sunday thing
  • Two hours of gardening with YA – yep, Saturday/Sunday
  • Grilled a late lunch with YA (Tofurky brats and corn) – wanna guess?
  • Had a fire in the fire pit… with s’mores – need I say more?

I realize it’s only the first week of my furlough, but I’m wondering how long every day will seem like a weekend day?  And when will I get used to it?

Do you have specific days for specific tasks?

28 thoughts on “If It’s Tuesday….”

  1. I do psychological evaluations on Tuesdays and Thursdays, and I have certain meetings on designated days of the week. Husband sees clients on Monday, has a meeting with the garden Girlscout at the church on Tuesday, and does his shift at the food pantry on Thursday.

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      1. I get an email every other week that reminds me that it’s recycling so somehow we don’t have to much trouble with the trash out on time. However I’m still adjusting to having my milkman delivery on Tuesdays after 2+ decades of it being on Friday. I actually marked it on my calendar to make sure I didn’t forget


  2. I do the sleep-in thing on weekends when it’s not golf season. And Monday and Friday are habitually spaghetti for dinner nights. Other than that, it’s garbage collection on Wednesday and recycling every other Thursday. There’s also a checklist of things I do on the first of every month.

    My wife’s been retired for more than 4 years and she’s to the point where she often forgets what day it is (not really a dementia issue, more of an “every day’s a holiday” thing) other than remembering that NCIS night is Tuesday. 🙂

    Chris in Owatonna

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  3. We have a regular exercise session via Zoom, which we just finished (happens 3 times a week but we just do Wednesday because it’s a 7:30 a.m. – what were they thinking)?

    Monday eve is zoom folk dance if I remember, and yes, putting trash out after that. Tues. and Friday mornings are zoom t’ai chi.. Stream CBS Sunday morning on Tuesday eve…

    Here’s part of something I copied from FB that helps me organize my time some day:
    – Clean one thing/space
    – Tend something growing/living
    Be mindfully present to:
    – a sound or song
    – a sensory feeling
    – something you see
    – a spiritual practice
    – Reach out to a human outside your home
    – Do one thing to get your heart rate up
    – Do one thing you’ll be glad later that you did
    – Do one thing just because you want to
    – Ge in at least one good laugh

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  4. Morning-

    I don’t have too many daily requirements in my regular life.
    Townboard meetings are the third Wednesday of the month. There are some college meetings on the second Tuesday.
    But other than that… whenever I get to things.

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  5. I don’t really have specific days for specific tasks, but Tuesday and Thursday mornings from 8:30 – 9:30 are the two times Aldi has reserved for “old-codger-only” shopping, so I make it a point to go either of those times.

    Also, Tuesday is trash, recycling, and garden waste pick-up, so we make an effort to utilize these resources to the max by Monday evening, and make sure the three containers are set out for emptying.

    I have never really understood this business of special days for special foods, except possibly Sunday morning brunch, so I cook whatever I’m in the mood for, have the ingredients for, or the energy to cook – or some combination of the three. Tonight’s repast will be the remainder of last night’s nettle soup, this time serve chilled with a dollop of sour cream. In addition, my friend, Melissa, will be delivering a couple of chicken, leek and potato pot pies this afternoon. All I need to do is pop them in the oven, and voila, dinner is done. Ordering food from Melissa does two things: It frees me from cooking one day a week, while also supporting a small business that’s hanging on for dear life. Melissa and her husband run a “wedding farm” in western Wisconsin, and needless to say, they have no weddings booked for this season, so far.

    All of that said, I have no trouble figuring out what day it is, and now that liquor stores are allowed to be open on Sundays, I don’t really have to.

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    1. I’ve been sort of surprised that I can get by easily only going to the grocery once every two weeks. It means that often what I cook is determined by what needs to be used before it gets too old, but compared to my old habit of popping down to the store several times a week for an item or two, this seems much more efficient and in no way deprived.

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      1. I agree, Bill. I’ll typically go on, say, Tuesday, and then not need to go again until the following Thursday. My car, though it gets poor gas mileage, is good for a month on one tank full.

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        1. It’s funny you should mention the gas. I just went and filled up my car last week for the first time since March 1. And I had $.40 off from Cub so I was able to fill up my car for $11.60

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        2. Just realized when I gassed up my car today ($20.00!), that I hadn’t put gas in it since March 26th.


        3. Actually that’s a typo. It should read March 16th, the day before my last eye surgery. Otherwise I would not have had any idea of when I last filled the tank, I do not normally keep track of that sort of minutiae.


  6. Before the virus came along to restructure everything, every day was the same for me except days where I linked plans with my family. Now I live in “house arrest” status, having no regular contacts with others. While my daughter pretends we have a schedule for her to shop for groceries for me, she changes it so often that there truly is no schedule.

    My former wife has begun phoning me from Belgium each Sunday, so now I have a set point in the week again. For the most part, my life is organized by the schedules of TV shows, a fact that embarrasses me so much I often lie about it.

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    1. Ha! I make no bones about the TV thing. I watch Jeopardy! from 4:30 to 5:00, Monday through Friday, and people who know me know not to call me during that time.


        1. No worries about the TV schedule as far as I’m concerned. I know every time (and channel) that Perry Mason is on!


        2. Since everything we watch is streamed, we don’t hew to a schedule. Also nothing we watch is strictly current or topical, but I have no problem with that.

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  7. Trash and recycling are picked up on Wednesdays but I have to remember that recycling is picked up only every other week. Pre-pandemic, my life was regulated by choir rehearsals (for school, church, and a private childrens choir) and performances so it was easy to remember what day is was. Not so much anymore. My one prescription med is taken only once a week on Saturday mornings. I even forgot that this past weekend.

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  8. OT: If you’re on Facebook with our Anna (Anna-Marie…), check out her little walk “journal” – she writes down her experience from her daily dog-walk, incorporates sights and sounds she encounters… it’s lovely.

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  9. Since I go to work every morning Monday-Friday, husband gets up at 6:15 every morning to make coffee that is ready for me when I get up at 6:30. I try to get up to make the coffee on Saturday and Sunday

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