Cool Clear Water

Nimue has always been fascinated by trickling water; I understand from other kitty owners that this is something she has in common with other cats.  Up until her surgery last week, I never let her drink from the faucet like this, but between the cone of shame and her banishment to the dog kennel, I was feeling sorry for her yesterday morning.  I know this is probably a bad precedent to set and she’ll want to drink from the faucet forever!

Why do kitties like to drink from the faucet?  All ideas (silly or not) entertained!

27 thoughts on “Cool Clear Water”

  1. In the wild, cats get water by standing in the rain with their mouths open but domestic cats don’t get the opportunity to stand out in the rain as often as they would like and not as often as they would need to if they want to stay hydrated. You could let them run through the sprinkler—cats love that—but that’s not always practical. A dribbling faucet is a meager compromise but nostalgic for cats nevertheless.

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    1. Some indulgent cat owners will run a cold shower for their cats, but once you start that the cats will want to stay in there for hours. A dribbling faucet is the more conservative alternative.

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    2. Cat’s with upturned faces, their mouths open to accept water? You’re pulling our legs again, aren’t you Bill! We never had a cat that would run through a sprinkler, although one did like to chase the dogs with a garden hose, trying to soak ’em. That cat licked water from the bathroom lavatory faucet, which was pretty smart, but he never learned how to turn the water on. He only drank from the faucet, never the toilet, which put him a few notches above the dogs.

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      1. I instinctively know a lot about cats. The cat experts are all amazed at how much I know. They all say, “Where do you get your information? Even we, the cat experts, don’t know the things about cats that you do!”

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    1. Nimue is not a daily helper where the bed is concerned, but on Saturdays which is my change-the-linen day, she’s all about being on the bed while I’m trying to put the new sheets on.

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  2. I poached a whole chicken last night as the first step to making Bremer Huhnersuppe. Our tortie was banished to the basement for snagging chunks of chicken from the container as I fast as I cleaned the meat from the bones. Naughty cat!

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  3. Precipitation being unpredictable and irregular, raincats ( the so-called experts didn’t even know they were called raincats) tend to have kidney problems from not drinking enough. You always find the healthiest and most orderly communities of wild cats living behind waterfalls.

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  4. My sister’s big brown tabby boy would drink from the bathroom sink faucet or the bathtub faucet all day if allowed. But he has been banished from that since it always make him puke. The two girl cats could care less about drinking from a faucet – thought they might play with a dribble of water.

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