Where in the World is VS?

William and Kate say the kids are out of control.  Kurt and Goldie are fighting in public and have called off the wedding.  Mutant wasps have arrived in the country via Washington – the same as Covid-19.  Hillary has just six months to live.  Ted Cruz’s father linked to JFK assassination.

Where was I?

41 thoughts on “Where in the World is VS?”

  1. The cashier in our line was very slow and methodical. The shopper two carts ahead of us had done a massive shopping and the cashier was being very thoughtful about not squishing any of his stuff so every three or four items, he was rearranging things as they went onto the conveyor belt. And then of course in between every shopper he cleaned both conveyor belts ,,,the one coming toward him and the one going away from him down to the bagging area… very thoroughly.

    It was actually kind of endearing, although it did mean I was looking at those tabloid headlines way too long. Who would actually pay money for one of these things? Obviously people do because these rags are still in business, But it is a mystery to me.

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    1. I was actually joking. Some of those headlines sounded as if they were from years ago. You mean Kurt and Goldie aren’t actually married?

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      1. I have no idea if Goldie and Kurt are married but it was on the front page. All of those headlines were from yesterday’s tabloids, except for the JFK assassination one which I actually remember from at least a couple of years ago.


  2. Rise and Shine Baboons,

    I love “Where in the World” with VS. I never would have guessed this one—I was thinking that it was a rerun from years ago, until I read some posts.

    I am wondering where in the world to go this summer. I can’t imagine that travel outside my car is advisable. I am thinking “Up Nort” somewhere in an isolated spot. Anyone know of a COVID free rental somewhere? I can take my mask and my bleach wipes with me in the car. I am already restless to go somewhere/do something. Usually this weekend I go to Iowa to decorate graves and visit my mother. The cemetery is open, but Mom’s Memory Care Unit is not, so home I stay.

    I just mistakenly posted this on yesterday’s blog after reading the nighttime posts. I see everyone else got their stimulus money. We are still frozen out and there is no way to do anything about it since no one answers the phone and the website says our figures are wrong. Sigh.


    1. I don’t suppose the I RS office out by the megamall is open. Maybe in a month or two there will be some limited access.


    2. Jacque, consider Bayfield County for a nature getaway. It’s just four hours away. Low crowds. Beautiful country. Big Top Chautauqua. Hikes along the cliff overlooking Superior. Some interesting dining choices in or near Bayfield. Of course, I don’t know how much will be open this summer.


        1. I don’t know, BiR, but it would be silly to close something like that. Those boats are open to the fresh breezes that almost always play over the big lake. Classic example of a safe place to be, a place where the virus won’t getcha.

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        2. True, to some extent. But, it would also give lots of “outsiders” access to the tiny island, and that may not desirable from the point of view of the people who live there.

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        3. I was thinking, not of the ferry, but of the tour boats that roam around the peninsula day and night.

          As for the island ferry, it has an enclosed and an open area.

          Tourist destination areas face a dilemma. Their economies depend on tourism, and yet when people come into these lightly populated areas there is a risk of introducing the virus. Right now there is publicity about this because so many tourist areas on the Atlantic coast have to make a year’s profit in a few summer weeks.

          There is no simple answer to this issue. Many parts of our economy–sports, the state fair, museums, theaters, restaurants–were built on the assumption that more people means more profit. Now we have to question that, but it isn’t clear what the alternatives are.

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  3. Me too. Thought it was in the past.
    Yesterday’s Cub delivery was missing 4 items. It is said grocery shopping is pretty safe if you and others observe the rules. And early is best. So I went at 6. When ‘I got to check out I forgot thinks, like show Cub card, watch pay screen and what button to push when things happen, etc. First time there in, what, 9-10 weeks, I guess. Then their computer made two errors on my bill. It is complicated to fix such things now, for what reason I do not know, but I understand anyway.
    Conspiracy theory: NASA brought this bug back from the moon. Even though we did not land on the moon.
    Conspiracy theory: the banks will soon start charging you to have a savings account, even though the money is earning high interest in Sweden.
    Conspiracy theory: Trumpians are half-blood and eighth-brained inbred bastard children of Rupert Murdoch.

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    1. Conspiracy theory: Covid-19 comes from some sort of asian mollusk, which is why it shows up on the coast first. That’s also why the CDC advises seashell distancing.

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        1. If you know Susie like I know Susie, you can be sure she’s found a better gig than selling seashells by the seashore.

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  4. Hmm. Chris and Renee planted 17 pepper plants last night, a mixture of Spanish Giants. Chimayo chilis, and Ajvarski sweet red peppers. Why? There are only two people in their home. What are they preparing for? Why so many foreign varieties? Why the Ajvarskis, a Balkan pepper? Could this suggest that they are foreign agents preparing for an invasion by Serbia and Montenegro, or perhaps Bugaria?!

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    1. Well, I truly believe that your entire garden is a conspiracy, meant to supply food and greenery to Lord knows who. It is probably a Lutheran conspiracy to infuse peppers into the diets of Scandinavian and Middle European descendants. After all, what ScandaHoovian will admit to liking spicy food?

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  5. I only planned to plant 12 peppers, but we had 5 leftover plants, and they were so pretty and had worked so hard for me under the grown lights that we found some random spaces in the flower beds and we just plugged them in. All excess produce will go to the food pantry.

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  6. OT – Need a new background for you Zoom call or other video conferencing app? The BBC have offered up a free archive of high-res pics of empty sets from some of their classic shows. They include Vyvyan, Rick, Neil and Mike’s well-kept home in The Young Ones, a few different eras of Doctor Who’s TARDIS, a few different eras of Top of The Tops, plus Fawlty Towers, Blackadder, AbFab, a big collection of Eastenders sets, The League of Gentlemen, and more.

    Check out the full archive over at the BBC.

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