Brave New World

YA: I’m going to Costco.  Do you want anything?

VS: Can you get me a box of my sausages?  (Vegetarian – good price at Costco)

YA: (rolling eyes, clearly hoping I hadn’t wanted anything).

VS: Wait, I’ve got a $20 you can take.

YA: Can’t you just Venmo me?  (Online money transfer app)

VS: But I’ve got the cash right here.

YA:  I don’t want cash.

VS:  What?  (You have to imagine the incredulous tone of voice here.)

YA: It’s too much trouble.


What has surprised you this week?

20 thoughts on “Brave New World”

  1. what good vegetarian sausages do they have at costco?
    i go to target since morningstar farm sausages disappeared from costco
    i do like the black bean burgers at costco and have to go to trader joe’s for italian sausages veggie brats.


  2. I was surprised by the panic from Daughter as she was a nervous wreck after bringing home a new kitten. She was a weepy mess all day Tuesday worrying she wouldn’t be able to integrate the two cats. We figured out it was a delayed response to the stress from the virus isolation and the protests.. She got some sleep and ate, and yesterday she was much better. She acknowledged the cats were doing much better than she was.

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  3. my money stuff just got a twist this week

    my ebay situation has always been a clumsy process with paypal in the middle and money owed and touched by paypal on every step. ebay used to own paypal and they sold them about 10 years ago and have been acting like they aren’t fond of each other ever since. finger pointing and denying problems
    this week ebay announced they have a new mandatory payment deal where they cut paypal out of the deal.
    surprise surprise
    sell your paypal stock
    elon musk sold it to ebay years ago
    ebay sold it off now will be trying to outdo them
    apple pay and venmo
    hands free payments with corona virus will be a thing
    the surprising thing is how surprising things don’t surprise us anymore

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        1. That was my immediate response as well, but it would have been so typical of me to Respond that way, I eschewed it.

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  4. VS, I read the transcript of your discussion with YA and immediately thought, “God, but I’m getting old!”

    Surprises this week? Might seem trifling considering the world’s problems right now, but I’m surprised that my golf scores have been as good as usual, and consistent, despite having hit practice balls only once this season. It’s only important because if it continues, I’ll be saving a couple of hours per week that can be better spent on more profitable activities. (like writing?) 😉

    I’m also a bit surprised that the recent protests seem to have gained some traction and may result in some meaningful changes in law enforcement policy and public attitudes. But it’s still early. I remember being equally as hopeful after the Parkland(?) school shooting a year or two ago but then seeing that effort fade away. At least that’s my perception. Maybe that gun control movement is still going strong and it’s just not “newsworthy” anymore.

    Chris in Owatonna

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    1. Good points, Chris. My guess about why the gun control issue feels like old news is that we are in a surprising lull between incidents. I don’t know why. But your comparison of shootings and police mistreatment of minorities seems exactly right. With both types of incident, people are horrified and determined that “this” will never happen again. And then it does.

      I join you in cautious hopes that this latest police misconduct issue will actually provoke meaningful reform.

      Meanwhile, congrats on good golf scores. Good for you.

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  5. I’ve been totally blown away by several things this week.
    – the number of responses (92 and counting) when I posted news of my mom’s passing on FB.
    – the food gifts and flowers people have already brought over or sent
    – how well my sister and I got along
    – how much there is to do!

    Back with more later, no doubt……

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    1. sorry barb . i missed it.
      what a hard time to have your mom pass. im glad you have your sister and your facebook friends to be there with you .
      im glad you got to be with her and help her find a way that was as good as it could be for the final years. its not easy but you made it sound like it was pretty effortless.


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