Nothing on a Stick

Well, we did it.  We found a fair food truck that had three of our favorite things and that wasn’t too far!  It was up in the Costco parking lot in north Minneapolis, so if you don’t count my having to backtrack because it turns out the 46th street ramp onto 35W is closed, it only took about 15 minutes to get up there.

We shared an order of cheese curds, an order of French fries and a bag of mini donuts (although I probably had more than half… YA likes them but not as much as the other things).  We sat in the car to eat and watched other folks wander up to the truck for their orders.

It was quite pleasant except for the fact that seven hours later I was still not interested in food – still not hungry.  If a half order of three items filled me up that much, how in heavens’ name do people eat so much at the fair?  I never get cheese curds or French fries on my solo fair days since I don’t have anyone to share it with, but even so, if you add up what I do consume on my own, it’s quite a bit.  I expect that the increased exercise from walking all over the fair is what keeps me from getting too full.  Since my only exercise yesterday consisted of the stationary bike for 30 minutes and the dog walk for just 20 minutes, my fair food kept me full all day.  Guess that means that without the whole state fair experience, I should probably stay away from too many food trucks this summer!

How are you getting your exercise in this summer?

22 thoughts on “Nothing on a Stick”

  1. My office move is providing lots of exercise. Husband is hauling heavy boxes of food at the food pantry. Gardening is also strenuous. Who needs a gym when you can move furniture?

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    1. I weeded last weekend in the vegetable patch, which was reaching “Out-of-Control” status. I don’t like losing the veggies in the weeds.

      We are getting LOTS of tomatoes. At first they were quite small, but now are the usual size. Peppers are beautiful, as well, especially the Anaheims. Kohlrabi are about half gone, carrots are coming on, and flowers are blooming. The butterflies, bees, wasps, and birds are hanging out with me when I work. Love it.

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  2. I have been getting in a lot of long walks around my neighborhood. Also have been going to Lilydale Regional Park to work on a small garlic mustard control project. Since it’s going to be a warm one today, I’ll have to get my walk in early.

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  3. My t’ai chi class has been on Zoom twice a week since end of March, and we both do another local exercise class through our senior center a couple of times a week. At first we even danced around the house a couple of times, but that faded away.

    At beginning of pandemic we were pretty good about getting out for a daily walk, even started driving to places like the Wildlife Refuge across the river near Trempealeau, etc. When it got warmer, Husband started biking around Lake Winona on some days. Then the heat wave hit, and it seems like we lost our rhythm – need to get back to more walking.

    We biked out to the West end yesterday for a scheduled outdoor visit (with many protocols followed) with our friend W. Felt good – maybe 7 mile round trip. I love how FLAT Winona is in the main part of town.

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  4. Our cats exercise in the morning, racing up and down the hallway, leaping up and down from the bay window, and are then exhausted and sleep the rest of the day. They tell me that is all the exercise they need, because the harder we work, the more tired they become, since they exercise vicariously with us.

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      1. I agree with you Linda. I’ve always thought it’s completely unfair that Renee and Chris have somehow managed to get 32 hours a day while the rest of us only get 24.

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  5. Moving the warehouse provides me with some exercise my worker guy yesterday was commenting that he had 8000 steps in by 3 o’clock in the afternoon I don’t know if that’s a lot or not but that’s what he had my job is more climbing up and down the ladder and lifting stuff off the shelves and doing quite a bit of physical lifting legwork etc. but it doesn’t feel like a real work out it’s just physical movement

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    1. People usually have a goal of 10000 steps per day, so 8,000 by 3pm is almost there. I hope you are in air conditioning today.


  6. Exercise has never been a problem for me. I incorporated it into my lifestyle decades ago and can’t imagine not moving and using muscles for more than the occasional day off.

    I get what I believe is the perfect aerobic-leg muscles workout when I golf at my course 3-4 times per week. It’s a hilly course along the Straight River and alternates mostly up and down holes with a few flat holes. It turns into HIT (high-intensity training) because I’ll walk up a steep hill for a minute or two, catch my breath, hit the shot, perhaps tackle another steep hill on that hole, pause, hit a shot, walk. Then the flat holes give me 10-15 minutes of respite before the next uphill/downhill hole or two. Great for the glutes and calves.

    I’ve been riding my bike much more than normal this year because of COVID-19. Got too tired of walking outside when it was too cold to bike. Fitness center where I go to use weights, an elliptical trainer, or rowing machine is closed (of course) so biking has filled the void somewhat. I do some light weights at home a few times a week to keep muscle tone and flexibility.

    But walking is great in spring and fall because I can walk to my two favorite coffee shops in which to write in 30-45 minutes.

    Winter is all about skiing and ice skating as much as possible, although I was only able to skate a few times because of a late freeze on the ponds and crappy ice most of the short season. When skating is so dangerous that I worry about catching a blade, falling, and breaking or spraining something, it’s not worth it.

    A day without exercise is like a day without sunshine . . . except when I’ve golfed AND mowed the lawn the previous day(like yesterday). Then I take it easy–especially on a day like today. But, I will be trying standup paddleboarding today for the first time with my Little Brother, Ethan. Should be interesting. 🙂

    Chris in Owatonna

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  7. Morning-
    I’ve been building an overhang on the machine shed. Getting some exercise doing that. But I cheated and rented a 45′ articulate boom lift. Made it easy. “Work Smarter not Harder”.
    And I think to myself, how would I have done this 20 years ago?
    Too many ladders, loader bucket, hay rack w/ some 2×10’s across the top.
    This is much easier.
    Kelly takes a walk every evening, she’s been pulling weeds, and this week scrubbing the deck.
    And daughter takes a walk and dances in her room. She’s getting more exercise this summer than she gets at her programs.

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  8. The majority of my exercising has been taking walks around my neighborhood – I have several different routes that range from 2 to nearly 5 miles. One of my cousins lives a block from Lakewood Cemetery so we have walked there several times. I have also taken walks with friends around a few of the local lakes and Central Park in Roseville. I own a few exercise videos and light weights, which I have done a few times but can’t get motivated enough to do them on a regular basis. Living in a condo, my personal gardening is limited to my deck. But when weather permits (not too hot/humid/rainy), I have done yard work/gardening for both my sister and one of my nieces. In a normal summer, I would be walking 9 holes of golf or out in my kayak. So far have not done either but kayaking chances are coming up soon.

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    1. I have a new appreciation of cemeteries. I’ve been to Roselawn, Forest Lawn, and Elmhurst in St. Paul, and Resurrection in Mendota Heights this year. I have relatives at each.

      Forest Lawn is where my paternal grandparents and my godparents are buried. That always brings this to mind…

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  9. Good Afternoon all–it is way too late for Rise and Shine, Baboons,

    I had another attack of gall bladder pain this week after my earlier “wait and see” non-diagnosis of gallstones. This morning I was up at 5:30am and out the door for a nuclear scan. I was diagnosed with “cholecystic gallbladder” and removal is recommended. So far my research has explained to me that my gallbladder does not work properly, leaving it open to inflammation, pain, and infection, so I need to make it go away. My mother had the same thing 15 years ago. So this has co-opted my participation on the Trail.

    re: exercise. I have returned to my community center gym which is operating at about 25% capacity and is squeaky clean. The number of users is low, so it feels quite non-threatening, COVID-wise. I also wear a mask every minute there, although most people do not. I needed to finish the strengthening of my right knee, which goes on for about 9 months after the surgery. Mine was cut short at about 5 months. So now I am hitting a treadmill, a seated cross trainer (developed just for knee rehab) and doing my strength training. Before the gym opened, we were walking around a local lake daily, or in the neighborhood, or at the dog park. I still go to the dog park at least once or twice each week. I have been thinking of trying my bicycle, too.

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