For Sale?

I’m not sure what motivated me but last night I clicked on  I know, I know… what was I thinking?  It went against my ostrich imitation of the last couple of months (head in the sand), but something drove me to it.

But amid all the bad news, there was an interesting bit.  Apparently when asked a direct question about whether the U.S. is still interested in buying Greenland (despite it definitely NOT being on the market), a straight answer was not to be had from the Secretary of State.  Here’s a link to the story, which is kinda funny:

I don’t really have much to say about this (since it is so beyond absurd that “absurd” isn’t a good enough word) except that I think I might prefer for us to get a tropical island instead.

What do you think?  If we have to buy an island, which one to you think we should put in our shopping cart?  

20 thoughts on “For Sale?”

  1. Fantasy Island, of course. It has minor celebrities, a life lesson, and it can even be Greenland for a week, if that’s your fantasy.

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  2. There was a spot on CBS Sunday Morning (maybe more than one) about a little known warm-weather island that would be a perfect quiet getaway, and I’d want that one, but I can’t conjure up any details. Unfortunately, after getting that kind of publicity, it won’t be nearly as quiet, and perhaps overrun with tourists like all the others…

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  3. I’d go for Mallorca. I was there on a two week vacation when I was twenty. Back then it was a cheap vacation destination for many Scandinavians longing for sun. It was heavenly. I’d go back in heartbeat if we could get rid of all of the tourists.

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    1. Now that I think about it, the flight to Mallorca resembled the flight many years later from here to Jamaica: full of people going on a cheap vacation, preparing en route for the complete debauch they intended their vacation to be by getting drunk, and changing into their shorts and flip flops in the bathroom halfway there. The flight, back then, was not a jet, and running into a storm halfway there, I thought we were all going to die. I attributed the people puking into paper bags all around me to simply being scared and sick. Once there, it was evident that a vacation in a warm, sunny place with gorgeous beaches was merely the framework for behavior these people would never have dared to exhibit at home. It’s not a comfortable feeling being in a foreign country surrounded by countrymen who give your country a bad name.

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  4. How about Rhode Island? We could put it in the shopping cart. 45 probably doesn’t know it’s already part of the U.S., since it has only 4 electoral votes and is not considered a swing state. If he were to be distracted by attempting a deal for Rhode Island, maybe he would stop ordering federal troops around and teargassing protesters for a few weeks. We could use a break.

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