Breakfast Naan

Even though I have a strict rule about cookbooks (if I buy one, I have to get rid of one), it doesn’t stop me from checking them out from the library.  I love reading through cookbooks, seeing what different chefs/authors do, with new or old ingredients and techniques.  It’s been a while since a cookbook has been tempting enough for me to want my own copy, but I usually find one or two recipes that I like.

I found a Naan Breakfast Pizza recipe recently that I thought would be fun to adapt to my kitchen.  It turned out great.  Here is how I made my version:

(this is for one, but you can certainly make more at one time)

½ naan bread (I’m only socializing w/ the dog these days so I used garlic naan)
1 tablespoon ricotta cheese
1 egg
2 strips vegetarian bacon
2 tablespoons grated gruyere cheese
1 scallion, chopped
4-5 grape tomatoes (or any other kind of tomato you like, or have on hand), chopped
Salt & pepper to taste

  • Grease a pan (or spray it).
  • Spread the ricotta over the naan, making a slight “well” in the middle
  • Crack the egg into the “well”
  • Arrange the bacon around the egg
  • Sprinkle the gruyere, scallion and tomatoes over the naan
  • Salt & pepper to taste
  • Stick in a 400 F oven for about 10 minutes – until the egg is the way you like it.
  • Enjoy!

Have you tried anything new lately?

18 thoughts on “Breakfast Naan”

  1. Funny you should ask that. Last night, having gotten our first locally-grown tomatoes at the farmer’s market, I decided to try a Lynn Rosetto Kasper recipe we had clipped a couple of years ago—Summer Tomato Pudding. It’s a kind of bread pudding with lots of tomatoes and fresh basil and a cheesy custard throughout. The recipe is three pages long and written in a narrative style that makes it harder to follow at a glance. I had skimmed through to make sure I had all the ingredients I needed but hadn’t read it carefully. Usually when I try a recipe for the first time I try to follow it closely and then based on my experiences I tweak it. The thing I didn’t pick up on, and wasn’t elucidated until the very end of the narrative, was that when you add up the prep time, the resting times, and the baking times, it takes three or more hours to complete this dish. It was good, but we didn’t eat until after 7:30.

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  2. We are trying to eat frozen leftovers to make room for this year’s garden produce, so not much new dishes being prepared. Chard and peas are coming now. The pole beans are covered in flowers. The tomatoes are setting lots of fruit. We will need freezer space..Husband is trying new rye bread recipes, though.

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  3. I tried a new route to my new workplace yesterday. I am now about 10 minutes from work instead of 4 minutes from the old place. There are three ways to get to the new building. One takes me on the interstate, and is boring, and one requires me to make several unprotected left turns, which is a problem in heavier traffic, so I found a back route with only one traffic light and a couple of 4 way stops. I get to see flower beds that I normally don’t see, and there isn’t much traffic, not that there ever is much traffic here. It is all relative, I guess.

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    1. I’ve been trying to switch up my dog walking route these days. I discovered that I was doing one of two routes over and over again and seriously, why is that necessary? Of course one time last week I had to take out my phone and GPS myself so I could figure out how to get back home. Tangletown is a bear.

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      1. Oh, no. The built-in furniture is being installed. I can’t unpack anything until it is installed. We have no internet or phones. It is still a work in progress.

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  4. This looks so good, VS – I will pick up some naan and try that.

    The other day I did blend up a (chilled) Cantaloupe Mint Soup, and that was wonderful, included yogurt, ginger, a little honey, some white wine or buttermilk. It’s lovely in hot weather… easy – email me if you want recipe.

    The first couple of months of isolation I tried several new things, not all of them wonderful.Will be back later with more..

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  5. Our local Flatbread Company sells what they call a jazz bread or pizza bread. It’s a thicker version of their flatbread, designed to hold up better once loaded up with tomato sauce or whatever you like on your pizza. It makes excellent pizza, as does a good flour tortilla. Luckily, I have easy access to both right her in my neighborhood.

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  6. It is a joy these days to do anything “new”, in the sense of out of the ordinary. We just went to the first Winona band concert – socially distanced of course… some people stayed in their cars, or brought own chairs/blankets – only half the bench seating was available… You know things are strange when you’re excited about a municipal band concert.

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  7. I haven’t been very imaginative with my own dinner lately, but I have been buying live mealworms for the house wrens in my back yard. They should have little ones hatching soon.

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