Feisty Test?

You know me – a good coupon can draw me in any time.  This time it was Feisty Cherry Diet Coke.  I like chilis, I like cherries, I like Diet Coke.  Heck I will even admit to liking Cherry Diet Coke.  And I like hot in my food.  But turns out that chili, cherry and coke together do not light my fuse!  Guess I’m just not feisty enough?

What contradictions do you have in your life?
(And what do I do with the remaining 11 cans?)

37 thoughts on “Feisty Test?”

  1. Rise and Shine Baboons,

    Contradiction: How can I find so much to do in a time that so much is unavailable? I have been so busy during the COVID period. As we near the end of garden season, I feel some concern about that as we go inside again. Now what?

    Cans: You bought a dozen? Donate the rest to a food shelf, I guess.

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  2. I love it when I get out in the garden, but I simply forget to do it! I was just outside scoping out the flowers in front, and I’m appalled by how many prominent weeds were overshadowing the sedum – it only took me 10 minutes to clean it up, but it’s just not on my radar most of the time, and probably one of the things I need to put down on my calendar.

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  3. Good Afternoon-
    I’ve heard of using coke for engine cleaner or for battery terminals, just never tried it.
    Back in my youth as a janitor at the theater, One day I decided to clean up underneath the pop dispenser in the lobby. One of those stands with just 4 handles. And the bottom of that cabinet was about 1/2″ thick gooey paste. years of coke and pop dripping in there. That pretty much put me off pop, especially Coca-cola.

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    1. Thanks, Renee. My erstwife has quite a bit of family living in Oregon, mostly around Medford and Eugene. I just checked up on them, and everybody is safe, although they sound a bit spooked. The air quality sucks out there.

      As for Molly, she is too distracted to obsess over fires in Oregon. She is doing contact tracing on college kids with COVID. The work is difficult and not always welcomed by the students she has to interview.

      On a more positive note, she was just here . . . the first time she’s been in my apartment since early March. She fixed a radio and my computer, both of which were mute and beyond my ability to set them right. All better now.

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        1. There is so little room for error when safeguarding old people against the virus. You have heard about terrible outcomes when the virus got in nursing homes in other states. One infected person can infect a dozen or two residents, who then die. Nobody has been allowed to set foot in this senior complex for more than half a year, nobody but staff, that is. But old people can become miserable when cut off from social contact. It is a difficult thing to find the right balance.

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  4. this tune has been in my repertoire for years

    i used to be a cream of mushroom minnesotan, my mom wonders where this cooking thing came up

    my first wife taught me all you have to do to cook is read a recipe.
    check out spinach roulade sometime (to die for)

    i was raised on mild spice but found tobacco and enjoyed it until i went to atlanta at age 30 and discovered in their grocery stores they had 12 feet of hot sauce and i tried 6 or so and was on my way
    the vietnamese siracha sauce (with the red and green rooster) became my go to but i have other favorites too
    the siracha guy had people recommend he change the name because you can’t trademark a town or region and others have copied for uninformed buyers
    he was told it is too hot for american and been coached to make a less potent version. he says poppycock and if you want it less powerful use less. he insists on his pepper being processed the day they are harvested to gain maximum flavor. no advertising all word of mouth
    i get evil eyes from family members because frequent taste testing provides hot tongue and belly
    heat wine smoked paprika are primary go tos for potato’s beans veggies and i on occasion misguesstimate my heat input

    i also love cream sauces like a bernaise or alfredo but my cream reaction kicks my but and i need to experiment more with soy and almond milks

    i used to be accused of living a contrary life when i was to be a vegetarian wjovalo smoked 3 packs of marlboro’s a day and drank like a fish

    reminds me of keith richards fond memories of heroine.
    just because it’s not good for you doesn’t mean it’s not really good

    looking forward to next ketamine opportunity. i really liked that…

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  5. Mom’s Mala is my go to chili sauce. Oh so tasty, and versatile. We use it in everything from soup, to steamed dumplings, to dipping sauce for spring rolls, incorporated into scrambled eggs and stir fries, I’m not kidding, this stuff is seriously addictive.


    1. Another local favorite is the hot sauces from Isabel Street Heat. I’ve tried them all, and they’re good. And it feels good to support a local mom and pop operation.

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