The Little Bridge

Yesterday Guinevere and I turned right where we normally turn left.  It was just a half a block later that I noticed a path peeking out between the trees with stairs heading down toward Minnehaha Creek.  I was pretty sure where the path would lead so we took the path.  After just a bit, I could see the bottom of the steps; there was a rainbow-painted bridge across the creek that I had never realized was there.  The steps were completed embowered (I love that word) by a little forest of trees and the creek gurgles nicely as you walk over the bridge.

For several years I avoided using rainbows.  It’s hard when something becomes a symbol for a movement; you’ve never sure how your use of that symbol will be interpreted.  And not just rainbows but the symbol of the rainbow bridge!  But I’ve found that I’m craving rainbows the last couple of months – for me, they give me hope and bring me beauty.  I’ve made lots of rainbow-themed cards over the summer and added some rainbow stamps and dies to my collection.

So I was very happy to see the little rainbow bridge.  I think that Guinevere and I will visit the path and the bridge often in the future!

If you had a symbol for your life, what would you choose?

24 thoughts on “The Little Bridge”

    1. I love that, too, tim. I used to worry that, pressed by rising costs, CBS might let go of the person who creates those wonderful sun faces. Then the show ran a feature that explained everything. There is no staff artist creating sun faces for the show. They are free, sent to CBS by people all over the country, or actually all over the world. The great variety of appearance reflects the fact they are designed by people of all sorts, each responding creatively to their sense of the beauty of the sun and new beginnings.

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  1. Too late for Rise and Shine, Baboons,

    I could not think of anything for awhile, then I noticed the bouquet of sunflowers on my table right next to me. That is my choice—sunflower(s), individually or in a bouquet. I love them, and I always plant a row a the back of the garden. This year’s “Big Mama”, the tallest one, is 11’6” and it has bloomed its big heart out. Sunflowers have a beautiful flower, a tasty, useful seed full of healthy fat, and they are messy. The pollen falls everywhere, dusting the surfaces nearby. And they follow the sun. All these things appeal to me.

    So that is my symbol.

    VS, I love your rainbow bridge—it is beautful.

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      1. Just finished filling jars, which are now processing.

        2 batches of raspberry jelly, one with jalapeños, 5 Qt. And 9 pints of tomato soup. I am so done for the day, but feeling supremely satisfied.

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  2. I think a hand trowel would be my symbol right now. I am so relieved that we are starting garden cleanup. The chard turned out to be cold hardy. I cut it really short when I harvested it on Monday, and now it is starting new leaves already. If we have the warm weather that NWS is predicting for the rest of the month, we shall have another large crop of it. The peppers that didn’t get covered survived the freeze, and I think they shall ripen. The pole beans are fattening up in their pods. This will be their last week. After everything is harvested and the garden finally cleaned up and readied for winter, my symbol will be a down pillow.

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  3. I think the Bumblebee… connotes business, the useful kind. Most people welcome them now, and I’ve learned to not fear them – they’re busy and don’t give a darn about me unless I’m harming them.

    We saw a beautiful rainbow on Sept. Full Moon at our usual watching spot. It had rained, and we realized once we got there that sunset half of the sky was pretty clear, but the moonrise half was completely overcast. The rainbow was almost completely visible, just some wisps of clouds, and sort of bisected the sky.

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  4. I like the turtle as a symbol. Turtles are supposed to represent longevity and good health. They are also thought to be wise, but that could be just because wisdom is often ascribed to beings of advanced age, whether they are worthy of it or not.

    I read somewhere that every Japanese garden should have a turtle figure, and that it should face west.

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  5. My symbol would be the yin and yang. It represents to me the balance that I seek. It sounds simple, but actually achieving and maintaining that balance is difficult for me, and it often eludes me. It’s a work in progress, and will probably remain so till the day I die.

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  6. ?
    Who are my neighbors?
    My place here in Franklin, OH has 12 units above the DMV. For two years it has been me and the tenants to my left and right. Within a weeks time, there are four more units occupied. Bonnie is one. Eric is another. Names will not be enough. Damn I am nosy!

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  7. I love that rainbow bridge – happened upon it a couple years ago. It’s such a pleasant surprise tucked back from the world where it is.

    Not sure what my symbol might be. Perhaps the ever loyal, stubborn, and short-legged basset hound. Sturdy, reliable, easy going… slightly jowly…

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