I will admit that while I was on furlough, I spent way too much time surfing on my phone (wow… talk about a phrase that would have made no sense 20 years ago!)   Lots of stamping sites, Vlogbrothers and Mark Rober YouTubes, too many dance compilations to the song Uptown Funk and of course The Trail.  This led to what I consider massive numbers of wasted hours as well as monies spent that could have gone to better purposes.

One of these purchases happened two weeks ago, after I knew I would be heading back into Corporate America part time.  It’s a Conference Call Bingo mousepad.  If you’ve spent any time on zoom or other online calls the past year, you’ll probably recognize some of the squares:  “Can everyone see my screen?”  “Can you repeat that?”  “I have to jump on another call.”  I laughed out loud when I saw it online.  It arrived over the weekend and I’ve had several chances to use it already.  I’ve been using paperclips as “the dauber”.   No bingo yet, but I’ve come pretty close a couple of times.

When was the last time you played Bingo?

29 thoughts on “Bingo!”

  1. When I became a freelancer working at home, I feared two possible character developments that would mark my total ruin. I feared beginning to drink during the work day (“Hey, it’s Happy Hour somewhere!”) and I feared I might start watching TV soap operas. Neither happened.

    Now I dread two possible developments as I wobble down the descending path from senior citizen to pathetic geezer. I’m afraid I will start using a walker and I fear I’ll join the gang in this building that plays bingo. So far, we’re good. Neither has happened.

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  2. Bingo was pretty big out here a few years ago. There were special bingo parlors that gave their proceeds to charities after handing out prizes. The bingo parlors and other charitable gambling establishments folded after the State banned indoor smoking.

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  3. Rise and Shine Baboons,

    I always thought Bingo is fun, but given my LEarning Disabilty issues with visual detail, I am limited to one card. Years ago I wanted to understand the fuss about it, so I went out to play. People with 6-12 cards in front of them were finding numbers and marking them off while I struggles to find one at a time.

    I think a lot of the BINGO cards out there for various activities are so cleaver.

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    1. This is a flashback for me. Toddler loved Barney. I can’t even begin to think how many times we saw them all including this bit.


  4. Not a big bingo player. Last time was maybe 10 years ago at the Steele County Free Fair. My wife talked me into playing a game or two with her. Why, I have no idea. She’s not much of a game-player at all. But I think it was for a church or some other charity so we spent $5 on cards and wasted 30 minutes. :-l

    Of course, I waste hundreds of hours on the golf course every year, so . . . go figure.

    Meanwhile, we’re expecting some cotton-fluff snow tonight that will be as dry as the Sahara Desert). Pretty rare to see snow falling in below 0 temps.

    Chris in Owatonna

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  5. I’m wondering if this week there will be a new square on some of these online bingo cards that says “accidentally turned myself into a cat head”

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      1. An attorney in Texas was in court remotely, and his kids had put a cat face on the screen that he couldn’t remove, so he appeared in court like that, as though a kitten was cross examining.

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        1. Which goes to remind me, not everyone has multiple computers in their houses. I routinely use 4 different computers. With 2 other computers that I use randomly. Plus the phone. And sometimes 2 different iPads.
          But we only have 1 TV.
          Not bragging, just sayin’…

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  6. I played Bingo alongside my mom at her residence a couple of years ago – it’s rare that you could get her to do that, but I came to visit and there she was…

    I mentioned Alphabet and Number Bingo from the kindergarten room, which was really popular with the kids, with the side effect of their learning # and letter recognition. I remember we had a game (regular bingo) when I was a kid…

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  7. I don’t know the last time I played bingo. I never went to the Bingo halls or anything and it must have been a kids school thing or something my last time. I guess it didn’t make a very big impression because I don’t remember it.
    I remember the song about the dog “ and bingo was his name-o. B- I- N-G- O” ect ect. The rhythm of that always appealed to me.

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  8. I have played Bingo perhaps six or seven times in my life, but had no luck at all. Never won a damn thing, so I quit. Unlike fishing, which can be perfectly enjoyable even if you don’t catch anything, Bingo is a drag if you never win.

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