Lost and found

Steve’s lost skillet put in mind the losing and finding of things. Husband and I often wonder where our cat has got to inside the house. She never goes outside, and we are always careful about not leaving the doors open, but we both have this irrational fear of her being lost outside when she isn’t immediately visible. All I have to do to get her to come is to roll up a piece of paper into a ball. The minute she hears that crinkle of paper, no matter where she is, she comes running, expecting me to toss it for an exciting game of fetch and chase.

I don’t remember much of this, but when I was about four, I left my security blanket draped on a post on the side of the road on Minnesota’s North Shore. I must have been ready to give it up, as I reportedly shrugged off its loss. Prior to this, my mother could only wash it when I was asleep, because I wouldn’t be parted with it.

These days, the things we lose are most often things that are right in front of us as we look for them. We also have so many accumulated recipes compiled in cook books and ring binders that it is hard to find the exact ones we want at times.

What is your strategy for finding lost objects? What have you lost lately? Did you find it?

34 thoughts on “Lost and found”

  1. My skillet and I are enjoying our fifteen minutes of fame. There’s a movie entitled “He’s on foot so he can’t go far.” That’s pretty much my thinking about the skillet. It’s larger than most things I lose. I’d say it is the size of a roadkill raccoon, a juvenile raccoon somewhat flattened by traffic. As I often have occasion to mention, I live in two rooms, and this particular skillet has never been known to spend time in the bedroom. So I’m liking my chances of finding it. Now, if it were a raccoon, finding it would be easier because it would smell. Alas, this skillet is made of metal, plastic and Teflon, and my nose isn’t good enough these days to pick up on that. I’ll keep y’all informed on the hunt.

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  2. The problem with our cat’s love of paper balls like the one in the header photo is that they can be batted under furniture where she can’t reach them. Then, Husband and I have to retrieve them. Luna will cry and pace until we come to get them for her, and she looks on anxiously while we get down on the floor for them. Sometimes she wants to chase them. Sometimes she wants me to toss them to her so she can whack them in mid air with her paws.

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    1. Luna clearly has you well-trained. And I can say this from the vantage point of a person who has also been well trained by her cat. But I completely understand the feeling that she might have gotten out. I have the same feeling whenever Nimue doesn’t show up in a spot where she normally shows up during my day.

      I’m pretty good at mislaid things. I do the time honored “try to remember the last time I had the item in my hand and then retrace my steps” method. This works most of the time with the exception of the occasions where I have something that I want to put somewhere, and when I put it there I think to myself “ I’ll remember that it’s here”, and then of course I don’t. I had a piece of paper with information on it about six years ago that I it’s putting away and I had the very thought. And I still haven’t found it.

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  3. Man… if it’s 6″ from where it’s supposed to be I won’t be able to find it. Talk about right under my nose.

    Just the other day I forgot to pick up a wrench I was using; left it lay on the back of a machine and drove off. Seems like it should still be in the general vicinity… been out there four times; haven’t found it yet.
    Out in the shop I lost a 3/4″ black socket. It’s gotta be there somewhere, but it’s so small… it could have rolled under something, I may have thrown it out and not realized it. I’ve already bought another and the first one still hasn’t shown up. I keep thinking it will show up in some obscure place.
    Wishful thinking.

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  4. There was a Sunday Peanuts cartoon where Linus was trying to sell these crumpled paper balls door to door … : )

    If I haven’t found lost item by bedtime, I ask my higher self to let me remember it upon waking in the morning. Works about half the time. Or just sitting down for a few minutes and, as VS said, try to remember the last time I had it, maybe even visualize that.

    Whenever I change locations of things, I really should write it down in a little notebook at this point – I think I’ll remember the new place because it’s so much more ______ (handy, logical…) than the old, but if it’s been a while since the move… not so much.

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  5. Masks are pretty easy to lose these days. I thought I’d lost one a week or so ago, looked in all my jackets, both cars, couldn’t find it. Then I found it yesterday in the jacket I wear the most this time of year. Go figure.

    Like Wes, sometimes I think I’ve lost my mind. But mostly, it just wanders way more than it used to and further afield than normal too.

    Trains of thought are big in the loss column as I get older too. I worry more and more about going completely blank when I’m giving a talk or Zoom presentation at a book festival or online event. So far, no major forgets but a few panicky moments.

    Chris in Owatonna

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      1. I’ve discovered the perfect mask wearing solution. I keep a store bought cloth one permanently in the car. I simply slip one of the elastic bands that go around the ears over the gear shift thingy, so I always know
        where it is. Under that mask I wear a fresh disposable mask that I put in my pocket when I leave the house. Surprisingly, double masking is more comfortable, and it doesn’t make my glasses fog up.


  6. Oh, and what’s lost… I know there’s a favorite earring somewhere in the house, lost early in Covid time when I wasn’t going anywhere. I regularly misplace. papers like lists, and if I decide to skip taking my purse and just take keys and wallet, I’ll put the keys in a pocket and forget to put them back till the next time I try starting the car… have to rummage through all jacket pockets. You’d think one would learn after a couple of these.

    Well, and I already wrote about finding that camera.

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  7. I used to be proud–perhaps the word should be “smug”–about not losing stuff. My mantra was to never put something down in a place it has never been before. That really limits the number of places you have to check out when it is lost. So if it seems convenient to put an oven mitt on top of your refrigerator, that’s cool if you’ve done it before but verboten if you haven’t.

    All of that was thrown in a cocked hat when I began moving. (St Paul to Portland, Portland to Port Huron, Port Huron back to St Paul.) Four homes in six years. Each home different. Now if I want to put away a key that fits some lock I don’t remember, I can’t put it where such things go because the right place for anonymous keys is the kitchen drawer of a home that was bulldozed years ago, and there is no similar place where I now live. Habit used to be the patron saint for keeping stuff findable, but now it is just a weird memory of something I had and lost.

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  8. i have the good fortune of not being overtaken by the thing i’ve lost. i find if i just sit there a minute i will forget what i was missing

    if you wait the need to remember will pass

    i have the added cushion now of having moved all my stuff into mini storage units and trailers that need to be addressed sometime in the future

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  9. Do we all have the bunch of keys we don’t know what they go to any more but don’t want to throw out??
    I know I have some at home. I did finally take it out to the shop just last fall and put it in my scrap metal barrel. Actually, they’re still sitting on the bench because I just haven’t made the trip from bench to barrel. I don’t think I’ll actually need one… just lazy.
    When I started at the college there was whole big pile of theater keys that were unidentified. We did go around and try every file cabinet and door or cabinet lock and found a few that worked… I think we did finally throw the rest and I’ve been real good at labeling keys every since.

    The official college key keeper; I used to be Wanda. She was a member of the Sisters of Saint Francis, (a nun) which I thought was perfect for a key keeper. Turned out after she left, her record keeping wasn’t quite perfect. But of course, twenty years ago, you could just go ask for a key and she’d give you one. I know of a few master keys out in the world.
    Then another person took over on keys and he was overly anal about them. But also overwhelmed and it took a while to get a key. And he still lost a few now and then. Many doors are going electronic now. I’ve had a key card for a few year. At first I said I only needed to get into a couple particular doors. But it seems like it works on just about all the doors except the mail room or other more secure areas.

    My daily key ring I carry; just yesterday I realized I still have a truck key on there from the truck I got rid of two years ago… I should take that off.

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    1. We do have that bunch of keys, but mine are in a baggie, not on a ring. Either way, they do not seem to belong to anything, but I am afraid to toss them, just in case….

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      1. The keys I was afraid to throw out have been replaced by electronic power chords, chords that charge a phone, a camera, an e-reader or to link two objects together. I’ve got a pile of chords and transformers and such that I know are important, but, man, they have no labels and I don’t know what appliance they fit.

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  10. Well, during this week of struggling to adjust to life back in the office, I am just trying to find stuff that walked off while I was away. Most of the stuff I have now found in my friend’s office 20 feet down the hall. So far I found my gizmo that attaches my computer to the hard DSL line, my afghan, my desk chair, my lumbar roll and my coffee cup. If my mind was only just as easy to locate.

    At home I have found lots of stuff as I sort through my kitchen belongings, as well as some other things. I have a big pile for donation and sale, so that stuff will make its way out the door.

    I am surprised no one has brought up the St. Anthony prayer. About 20 years ago a co-worker, who was quite a devout Catholic, would pray to saints. When she wanted to sell her house she buried a St. Joseph upside down in her front yard. St. Jude she would pray to for “lost causes,” and when she lost something she prayed to St. Anthony, as follows:

    St. Anthony, St. Anthony
    won’t you please look around;
    ____is lost
    And needs to be found.

    I’ve tried it several times and it usually works.

    Otherwise, I use Sherrilee’s method.

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    1. My friend, Tia, also buried St. Joseph upside down in her yard when she wanted to sell her house in Chicago, and regularly uses the assistance of various saints to find lost items or souls. Her parents were both Polish immigrants, and Tia, along with being a devout Catholic, is extremely superstitious. She believes in all kinds of weird stuff, as did her mother, who lived to be 102 years old.

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        1. I dated a Catholic woman who believed in prayer. I later was relieved that I did nothing to make her angry at me, for her prayers were potent. She had a daughter who was a distracted driver. She prayed that the daughter would have car accidents to teach her a lesson, and she did: four times in one summer. Alas, having accidents proved to not be educational.


  11. AS I posted on my Facebook page this week…I recently bought a robot to wash my floors. I set the “Roby the Robot” to work then went outside to feed my animals which takes about an hour. When I came back in the robot was gone. Now I don’t have a very big house and rooms are pretty open. I looked off and on for hours…then found it wedged between the toilet and the wall. Guess “Roby” doesn’t like to be left alone.

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    1. We have Rosie the vacuum… she gets lost too sometimes. I have to use the app to find her when the battery goes dead. Usually she’s under someone’s bed.

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  12. I have maybe seven or eight pairs of reading glasses that I can’t locate. Someday I’ll do a really good housecleaning and organize everything, and all the reading glasses will resurface.

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