Play Date for VS

When I was little we didn’t have “play dates”.  Nothing was ever organized; at some point most days my mother just said “go play outside”.  It seems like every mother and father said the same thing to their kids because there always seems to be kids out and about.  We banded together to play all sorts of games and wander all over.

These days if you want to have fun with the kids in your neighborhood, you have to set up a play date.  Last weekend we had a few folks over to celebrate YA’s graduation from her MBA program.  She wanted the festivities but was extremely opinionated about what she would allow.  For example, no theme plates/napkins/cups, etc.  Luckily I had already ordered the graduation cupcake liners and decorative picks.  She also didn’t want a whole lot of décor but did agree that I could put a chalk message on the sidewalk.

Nobody love using chalk more than the little girls who live next door so I asked their mother if they could come over on Saturday morning to help decorate.  She said “what time” and when I said that around 10 would be good, she put it in her phone.  I had a playdate!

We ended up with parents helping and another little girl from up the street came down to join us as well.  It was my first “gathering” in over a year and even though it was just chalk on the sidewalk, I had a fabulous time.  I’m thinking I should set up more playdates now!

What would you like included in your next play date?

20 thoughts on “Play Date for VS”

  1. Last night we had a play date of sorts at our church vegetable garden, when we we planted seeds in the raised beds. We were joined by adults and children. The children got to apply the “magic sprinkles” (legume innoculant) to the soil for the beans and sugar snap peas. They also helped count all the large pots and containers in what Husband dubbed the “secret shed”. On Saturday we plan to plant the tomatoes, peppers, and dahlias in the pots. I guess that is our next play date.

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    1. I have a Master Gardener planting date on Friday that, it appears, will be threatened by rain. No children are involved, only adults. Then in June I teach this group to compost. WooHoo!

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  2. Rise and Shine, Baboons,

    Does BBC on Sunday at tim’s house count as a play date?

    Wine, snacks, books, Baboons? That all seems like a fun day to me that encompasses some favorite things, including favorite people. The problem with chalk on the sidewalk is that I have to sit on the ground to do that, and right now I cannot get back up. The S-I joint/hip pain is getting somewhat better, but sometimes it is still difficult to get up from low elevations.

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  3. I have a play date this afternoon to practice music on our recorders – we’ve just started doing this since being fully vaccinated. I often do another weekly play date where I bring any kind of handwork – mending, etc. – to a friend’s house, she works on her mosaic stuff. (Long story how this got started, involving the fact that each of our moms died last spring.)

    More things that have been on zoom are, hopefully, evolving into play dates… I can’t wait to hear when our Blue Heron Cafe will re-open, and we can have coffee/lunch play dates there again.

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  4. It’s misting here, but I just saw the around-the-corner neighbor walking with her two little kids, complete with boots and umbrella – through the puddles.. Yesterday they were out watching (from afar) the tree removal across our alley.

    So I went out as they returned past our house, said high and re-learned their names. Sort of a spontaneous play date…

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  5. Most of my play dates are virtual these days, though I see light at the end of the tunnel.

    On Monday I met up with three of the members from my Danish book club for lunch. We were celebrating the 75th birthday of one of the members. She treated the four of us to a wonderful meal and a couple of hours of hygge. We laughed a lot. I hadn’t had a meal in a restaurant since March of 2020, so I wasn’t sure which utensils to use. Solved the problem by ordering fish tacos so I could just use my hands.

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  6. Hey there!

    Today is my mom’s 95th birthday. We’re having a small family picnic on Saturday. Mom is doing pretty good. She’s always had a good attitude about things and though a small stroke in November slowed her down and set her back some, she’s doing pretty good.
    She is ready to be done with masks. And she was inviting pretty much everyone she knew to the picnic. We had to slow her down and limit it to just vaccinated family for now telling her maybe later this summer we could have a bigger party.
    I learned persistence from my mother. She kept calling the head administrator to ask how come ‘Visiting Angels’ could take her down to breakfast, but her own family couldn’t? Yesterday he called to tell her the restrictions have been lifted and she can do whatever she wants. She was happy about that.

    Kelly and I saw two plays last weekend. I have a lunch date set up for next week.
    I just walked the halls of the campus without a mask; first time in a year.
    I also just signed up for a class on COVID SAFETY and COVID Compliance Officer Training for Theater. I don’t know if it’s still relevant… but figured it can’t hurt. And I’ll have the certificate to prove it.

    Party on! Safely!

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  7. Tonight the neighbir children came over as we watered. They smelled the potted lavender and observed the strawberry flowers. The youngest, age 5, remembered the netting we put on the strawberries to keep the birds off. An impromptu play date

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  8. It all depends on the circumstances and what frame of mind I’m in. I’m all for friendly banter if it helps ease tension and promote good will if it doesn’t inconvenience others. I’m in acute pain today, the slightest movement causes pain, so I’m trying to stay as quiet as I can. I have no idea what caused it.


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