On A Roll

Three vignettes from yesterday.

Since I’m still working from home, I had on my “uniform” yesterday of jersey shorts and a tank top.  I threw on a nicer top for a client call and never took it off.  At noon, YA and I drove down to Walgreens to get our drive-thru covid tests (since we’d been to the fair so many times).  When I got into the car, YA looked me over and said “you’re not wearing THAT, are you?”  I replied that since I wasn’t getting out of the car and the Walgreens technician would only see the top 1/3 of me, yes.  YA rolled her eyes.

On the way home (both tests negative, by the way), as I was waiting at an intersection to turn right, a man with his two white/cream golden retrievers was standing on the corner until the “walk” light came on.  The dogs were gorgeous, so I rolled down the window and called to him that his dog were beautiful.  He said thanks; I turned right and drove on.  “MOOOOOMMM” said YA. 

I purchased a thing-a-ma-gig at the fair that makes it easy to put my hair in a bun.  I’ve been playing with it and when I got home I put my hair up, making the bun pretty high on my head.  Then I had a client call.  A bit later YA came into my studio.  “Did you have your hair like that during your call?”  I replied yes and she responded “It was already bad enough that you’re wearing that shirt” and then she proceeded to show me a picture of an anime character (see above) and although she didn’t say it directly, the implication was that I look like Zeniba.

So I’m three for three in embarrassing my child in one day.  Not sure I can best that record without seriously trying.

Tell me what cartoon character you look like?  Or would LIKE to look like?

36 thoughts on “On A Roll”

  1. I don’t care about appearances. The cartoon character I most resemble in other ways would have to be Charlie Brown, a mediocre athlete with serious esteem issues. But that would not be my choice. I’d like to be Pogo Possum, an amiable fellow trying to get along in a world filled with people who keep striking attitudes and making unfounded claims.

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  2. Pre-Lasik surgery, I would have said Velma from Scooby-Doo (not Daphne, never Daphne… and I am fine with that). Her running gag of losing her glasses and not being able to find them was all too real some days. And being the square shaped nerd in the bunch… yeah, that also rang true. I hope I am not aging into one of the villains who inevitably shakes a fist and fusses about “you meddling kids!”

    Maybe I am still a bit like Opus – a character I can empathize with: a flightless waterfowl with short legs, endless optimism, and the occasional need to sit in the dandelions. My nose may be slightly shorter, but only slightly…

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  3. King Frederick from Cinderella. Minus the white mustache but fat around the middle and bald.
    Prince Charming from Cinderella. Trim and beyond handsome.

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    1. I heard the other day that there is yet one more remake of Cinderella – though this most recent one finally gives the prince a back story (and maybe a reason he and Cindy are so taken with each other).

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      1. There’s been a number of remakes. Some of them are live action.
        It’s more like Sleeping Beauty, but the movie ‘Enchanted’ starring Amy Adams is very good.

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      2. I’m sure I will eventually see it although I won’t seek it out. I’ve read the reviews and it looks like we have another remake of an old story but with modern sensibilities. For something like a fairytale I think I can handle it. The last remake of Little Women? Not so much.

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      3. The latest is on Amazon Prime. Daughter wanted to watch it the other day but we don’t have the Prime Video Subscription. Yet. I don’t know anything about it.

        Hey, Rush Fans, there’s a Rush (the band) movie on tonight in select theaters! 2 hours and 45 minutes of Rush Music and interviews! Check your local cinema!

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  4. I suppose I embarrassed Isaac yesterday.He started at colegio, what we call secondary school in England. For age 11 in England, age 12 here. It was just the new kids yesterday, go in for a couple of hours and learn the ropes, get assigned to classrooms, etc. He had to get the bus at eleven, along with most of his “quinta” (pronounced “keenta”), his previous classmates. Jane and I have quinta in the village, people born the same year as us. Whether we really are quinta, or whether we’re supposed to have been to school with them, I don’t know.
    Anyway, he said I didn’t need to come to the bus stop. I said, “You know how it’ll be. Parents and grandparents, hugging and kissing and wishing fond farewells. He said,” it won’t be like that, don’t come.”
    But you know, anything could happen to that fool. We needed to see him get on the bus, not come trailing in, in half an hour, saying he missed the bus and it wasn’t his fault.
    So I walked on over. I was the only adult within sight. Luckily, the whole quinta pretended I wasn’t there. Isaac mucked in with the gang, outwardly unconcerned. Carles arrived last, fully masked up, and walked right past me! I mean, you telling me he didn’t see me? Oh no, he saw me all right. Luckily I don’t feel the need to speak to him anyway. I mean, I don’t need HIM. This is the same Carles that waved to me from two hundred yards away, I was still Mr Cool then, that helped with the cabana. It looked good to be in with me then. But not now, evidently. Showing up at the bus stop! I won’t do THAT again.
    By the way, Isaac missed the bus coming home. It wasn’t his fault.

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      1. One of my little neighbors started first grade this week. At the end of the first day I saw her over the fence and she exclaimed that she had a wonderful time and she wanted to go to school again tomorrow. I was thinking to myself good thing!

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  5. Oh, I suppose personality-wise I can be like Lucy from Peanuts. I can be pretty crabby and opinionated if I don’t watch myself. Husband can be a lot like Eeyore.

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  6. Looked up Gasoline Alley. My heavens, it is still running, since 1918. Skeezix is now in his 80s. First strip to age characters, if a bit slower than the non cartoon world.
    If Opus turned into a pessimist, I would be rather like him. Milo Bloom, what he became after a couple years, might be as close to a doppelgänger as I get.

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  7. I never thought about which cartoon character I’m like… I always enjoyed Dennis the Menace as a kid; but he’s not exactly the best role model.

    Opus – now he’s a good choice!

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  8. Can’t say that I have ever thought of myself as a cartoon character, but why not? The character that jumped immediately to my mind is Maxine. Cranky, opinionated and with a keen sense of the ridiculous, plus she’s got an undeniable sense of style and a small dog. Yep, Maxine it is. Not everyone’s cup of tea, and she doesn’t give a damn.

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  9. Daughter is always exasperated with her father for his morose expression in photos. “Why does Dad always look like he is being waterboarded when he gets his picture taken, Mom?”

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    1. Do you tell her, “why don’t you ask your dad?” I have a friend who is relentlessly upbeat and cheerful; life is good is her motto. Her husband always looks like he’s bored to tears, possibly in a vain attempt at some sort of reasonable balance. Their three adult children all march to a different drummer.

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      1. Could have been due to Steve working his Photoshop magic. I know he’s turned my teeth as shade of white they haven’t seen in years.


  10. We always took it as a challenge to embarrass our son. Walking through Target and speaking loudly, “Hey, did you need new underwear?”
    “You’re my favorite Big Boy!” was our favorite. He’ll use it back to us now when he’s feeling especially sarcastic. And when he calls me “Father” I know he’s rolling his eyes.

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    1. I cannot stop Isaac from calling me “Father.” At twelve, I knew he couldn’t call me “Daddy” much longer, much as I would have liked him to. He plays games with English friends online, and he needs his street cred. He started saying “Father” as a joke, and now refuses to call me”Dad.” Both Father and Papa, he pronounces posh English style, Fahther, and PapAA, and that’s without him realising what an inverted snob I am. If he knew that, the sky would be the limit.

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    1. My erstwife worked for a company that published works by Lynn Johnston, who wrote that series. Lynn was thoughtful and funny, much like Ellie. I was able to correspond with her. In real life, Lynn was married to a dentist who flew from lake to lake in lightly developed areas of Canada. Lynn was as far from egotistical as her character Ellie was. She was fascinated by the cartoons by early artists and respected their work.

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