Jumping In

Al the discussion about gardening on Mars and The Martian by Andy Weir made me think.  If I were sure I could get back, would I want to try Mars?  And better yet, if I could beam to Mars and back, instead of spending more than a year on a spaceship each way, would I want to try Mars?  I might, since my biggest issue is the travel part.  And the getting home part.

By now, of course, I’m pretty far down Fantasy Road and I found myself thinking about whether I would want to change places with any other movie character, or tv character or character in a book. 

Again, part of my decision is based on the absolutely certainy that I am not putting my life in danger and I would be able to get back home.  Kinda like the holodeck in Star Trek where you just say “computer, end program” and the door to the ship’s hallways opens right up.

That being said, I can think of LOTS of characters I’d like to be for a week or so.  Scarlett O’Hara from Gone w/ the Wind, Scout from To Kill a Mockingbird, Ren-Marie from any of the Three Pines mysteries, Frodo from Lord of the Rings, Lawrence from any of the Temeraire stories (except Australia – that one stunk)…. I could go on and on.  Of course there are a lot of stories I prefer from a reading distance – pretty much anything during WWII and Vietnam, anything where the character is scared/threatened/blackmailed through the book or movie. Anything that is too gory or gruesome.  And if it’s a book I really didn’t like then I definitely don’t need to swap with those characters ever.

So what about you?  Any character you’d like to be for a week?

37 thoughts on “Jumping In”

  1. When I was a kid, I always wished I could be Bronson from the TV show “Then Came Bronson.” (NOT Charles Bronson–don’t know what the character’s first name was.)

    Bronson rode around the country on a cool motorcycle and stopped along the way to get into trouble/help someone in a jam/have a romance with a woman. (If I recall). Then he’d just hop on his bike, pick a direction, and ride. Seemed like such a romantic lifestyle to a 14-yr-old.

    Today, I’d like to be Jack Reacher (Lee Child’s iconic hero) for a week. Similar to Bronson, but even more of a minimalist. And Reacher’s more of my alter ego too.

    He has no reservations about killing bad guys or even idiots who get in his way. I have trouble killing flies.

    He carries a toothbrush, cash, ID, and an ATM card. I need my things.

    He loves ’em and leaves ’em. I’m a one-woman man (literally!)

    He has no hobbies other than helping underdogs. I have golf, music, BWCA canoeing, writing, skating, skiing, working out.

    He’s a badass, supremely confident man who speaks his mind and often intentionally provokes people. I’m a consummate diplomat–don’t step on anyone’s toes and leave me out of your arguments and confrontations.

    He’s a babe magnet because he’s a bad boy. My magnet discharged years ago and I’m more of a choir boy.

    A week of being Reacher is about all I could take. Just let me right one wrong, help one underdog get justice, and beat up six thugs in ten seconds with only my fists and my fighter’s mentality, and I’d be satisfied.

    Chris in Owatonna

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    1. With Jack, You’ve just described a lot of my nighttime dreams; don’t know why but, but I’m often fighting my way out of some situation. Great aspirations I guess.

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    2. Michael Parks was the motorcycle rider and it was kind of a easy Rider takeoff I enjoyed that show also I think it only rained for one or two seasons because the plots and the acting or so blasé

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  2. Rise and Shine, Baboons,

    This question requires more thought than I can manage at 8 am. I may need all day. Right now I just might want to be Rin Tin Tin. Good treats, lots of brushing.

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  3. I want to be my grandfather in the 1930’s. Or my Dad in the 50’s.
    Or let’s go back and try a day (or an hour) in each generation. Wouldn’t that be interesting??

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  4. The character that keeps popping into my mind is Pippi Longstocking. Super strong, unpredictable, smart and playful, she was one of my childhood heroes. It didn’t hurt that she had freckles and red hair that I could identify with, and which were the cause of much childhood teasing and bullying.

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  5. Any character who is healthy and calm would do. Nobody under stress. But of course such a character would make for lousy reading. Give me a dull life. Cannot name anyone.
    Right at the moment I am a lot like Ove without wanting to be.
    Two months ago I got a bad MRI result. First opening to see specialist was today. Perhaps your remember I was making jokes about wanting this appointment to be at 11:11 today 11/11. It WAS at 2:30. I have been calm and collected all day. Then they just called and said he is running late. I am to come in at 3:30 and they will try to get me in. Otherwise they will have to reschedule. I suppose in January.

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    1. & BTW 1) we thought we had Sandy’s Medicare support worked out, but we don’t. I am supposed to pay $5600 for October. B. E. county says not to.
      &BTW Mr. Tuxedo is quite sick with breakthrough COVID.


      1. Oh no, Clyde, so sorry to hear all of this bad news. Hopefully you’ll get in this afternoon, and Mr. Tuxedo will be alright. Hang in there, I have confidence you’ll get the financial situation worked out, somehow. ❤


      2. I’m so sorry Clyde. Things are dark for you now. Here’s hoping Mr. Tuxedo recovers quickly. Since he has been vaccinated I expect he will get better. My health is surely worse than his, and I’ve returned from two Covid hospitalizations. Good luck to you and those you love.

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      3. Mr. Tuxedo is slowly better. His other grandfather had the booster shot and had a bad reaction. He is 84 with heart issues. He was very weak and struggling to breath. Could not eat. After two days he just suddenly got over it.
        I have been in bed in the dark for 4 hours trying to recover, more from way I was treated than news I received, which was very mixed. More tests coming of course. Need to quit whining about it.

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        1. Got there at 3:15. Got in at 4:30 then waited 45 minutes in room. In extreme pain from all that time in chairs that hurt my neck and shoulders. I think they took me out of my time slot for him to catch up. He and his nurse were both in a rush by then. I see by my online report she enterred all my vitals different than what she said. She enterred my weight 20 lbs. too high so what I told dr. about my weight loss issues would have made no sense. He is going to decide what to do then nurse will call me, goody, another communication through another party.


        2. Don’t want to make light of this, Clyde, but I had to chuckle. I’m always heavier at the doctor’s office, too. Not only that, I’m shorter.


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