Hateful Twizzler Boxes

Husband continues to volunteer every Thursday at our local food pantry. He helps distribute meat, and then cuts up the boxes that all the food comes in preparatory to taking it to the city cardboard recycling bins.

Husband is the only male volunteer on Thursday who drives a pickup. They depend on him to help cut up the boxes and take them to the city cardboard recycling bins in his truck. They often get large boxes of Twizzlers from Walmart and the local grocery stores. He says the Twizzler boxes are really hard to cut up due to their shape, construction, and design. They are about the size of shoe boxes. The volunteers hate to deal with them. I find this fascinating.

What is your favorite candy? What have people depended on you for in your family or at work. Ever driven a truck? What do you recycle?

47 thoughts on “Hateful Twizzler Boxes”

  1. Snickers bar

    My wife depended on me to feed her dinner for about 40 of our 43 married years so far. She started cooking occasionally a few years ago and is getting pretty good. I manage the money, plan the vacations. and many other things. Other than that, no one depends on me for much. Not that I’m unreliable, it’s just that I don’t have a real job (author) or any particular family or volunteer responsibilities.

    Borrowed the neighbor’s truck many years ago to haul a sofa to the Faribault prison so the inmates could reupholster it.

    I recycle everything the county allows us to recycle plus old electronics, fluorescent light bulbs, etc.

    Chris in Owatonna

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    1. I got yesterday’s in two, but didn’t fare so well today. COULD have gotten it in two, but there were just too many viable choices. This is how I did: Wordle 249 5/6*



        1. It is, but not all that unusual for me when my first guess is way off. In your case, I’m guessing that you had the first letter right in your first guess?


        2. I’m a little hesitant to admit this but I have now added Quordle to my morning routine. And it was amazing to me yesterday out of all of the five letter words in English, the first word of Quordle was also Wordle‘s word. Boy you have to say that slowly don’t you?


  2. Twizzlers are the red licorice sticks, right? HOW MANY OF THOSE can they go through??

    My mom got so she depended on me to help her organize and downsize, even before she moved from her own apartment to senior living et al. I would be home for a visit and find a drawer crammed with newspaper articles, Ann Landers or Dear Abby clippings, etc. and I just couldn’t let it be…

    Favorite candy depends on the day – today I’d say a Snickers bar.

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  3. Lots of questions today! I like filled chocolates, so dark chocolate truffles on the high end and Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups on the low end. I have never driven a truck, but I have driven a small moving van. Before I gave up driving, people depended on me for that–my mom, who had never learned to drive, then my dad after his strokes, and then my roommate, who also has never driven. We live in Minneapolis and recycle everything that’s allowed in the bins. I have taken old computers to recycling in the past, and need to do it again soon. Hennepin Co. recycling is too far away and not very accessible by public transportation, so we’ll have to find a trustworthy place closer to home.

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      1. Yes, or at least that was a major part of it. My beloved Civic, Kuro, died, and I didn’t want to try to replace her, nor did I want to take on the cost, worry, and responsibility of another car. But environmental reasons were foremost.

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  4. I’ve had several pickup trucks, all of them smallish and basic, just big enough for a sheet of plywood or a yard of compost. My last one was totaled when an 80-year-old woman coming the other way made a sudden left turn right in front of me. I opted then to get a vehicle with more passenger space. A two-wheel-drive pickup is not a good winter vehicle anyway.

    If I had wanted to replace my totaled pickup with another comparable one but newer, I would have had difficulty finding one because the manufacturers have been making all their trucks bigger and shockingly expensive. I presume that’s to appeal to those customers who see a big truck as a way to bolster their masculinity. None of those oversized trucks I see are ever hauling anything.

    I have no need or desire for an overpriced cartoonish truck.

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  5. I have never driven pick-up truck, but I have driven three U-Haul moving trucks. The first time, towing a 63 VW bug; quite the adventure.

    We recycle everything possible. I’m currently hanging on to an electronic toothbrush that has bit the dust. Waiting for the opportunity to recycle it without a major hassle. Linda, any ideas?

    Oh, Happy Birthday, tim. Hope you manage to squeeze in a celebration of some sort.

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  6. Morning!
    Reeses for me, preferably cold, right out of the fridge. And chocolate chip cookies. Or chocolate covered peanuts / Mr Goodbar’s.

    We recycle everything; we don’t have garbage service so we have to take it into the county recycling center, which, in my opinion, is a PITA! There’s only one lane, someone is ALWAYS there with a bag sorting out one thing at a time. I get grumpy just talking about it!
    And I’ve talked before about the people that dump their stuff in the township ditches and we end up picking it up anyway.

    I learned to drive a stick shift in a 1967 Chevy C30 pick up. Following dad around the oats fields when he was combining. We’ve always had a truck of some sort. And we haul a lot of stuff so it’s always 3/4 ton. Dad would never buy a 4×4 saying it only got you stuck deeper. But my thought was, if you’re careful, it gets you OUT of being stuck. I have been buying 4×4’s and I won’t go back.
    My last truck was a 99 Dodge, (i purchased in 2001). It was wearing out and I had been truck shopping; finally found a 2014 Ford F350 Diesel crew cab, 8′ box, in summer of 2019. It’s a really nice truck! And I’m sure lucky I got it then and wasn’t trying to find one now. Yes trucks are rediculously expensive in the first place.

    I’m the money person; I manage moms finances as well as my budget at the theater, and our farm and home. Mom also asks me to set the time on her talking watch and fix random things. Mostly it’s a matter of pushing buttons until something works. People are afraid to push buttons. My philosophy is just don’t hit ‘Delete’ and usually that works.

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  7. If I’ve ever driven anything bigger than the VW van, it was just for a short run… there’s a vague memory of driving a pick-up. Husband always drove the U-haul so we wouldn’t have to pay the extra-driver for insurance.

    I want to add Milk Duds to my favorite candy list – Husband bought a box a while back that have been sitting on the pantry shelves, and I keep trying not to eat them all.

    On the higher end of the caramel/chocolate theme, Turtles! And Russell Stover used to make a round chocolate “Cashew Patty” that was sold in drug store when I was in high school… I think you can still find them at the R.S. outlet in Owatonna (is that right, Chris?) – which was in my I-35 path all those years I was driving down to my folks in Iowa.


  8. I think if money were no object I’d order a bunch of boxes of Enstrom’s toffee. It is wonderful stuff. Godiva key lime truffles are also sublime. At a vending machine I usually go for the peanut M&M’s.


  9. favorite is life savers butter rum
    family and work depend on me for everything and nothing at the same time
    i can do it
    it’s just when

    my full size pickup sits in the driveway waiting for work detail
    i have driven a box trick 26’ long for work and moves
    i applied for 18 wheeler job but had a dei that shows up and i’m thinking 1 more year will be invilved although i’m not sure if that’s an ongoing life for me but a couple of months would be a kick
    i have a box cutting invention in my invention pile waiting for me to get to it because it’s a huge issue for food and retail and an easy response that would allow me to get everyone to say yes at once

    maybe i’ll nice that one up a couple notches

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  10. i’m thinking chris knows that twirler boxes need to be unwrapped at the glue joint rather than crushed
    the way they’re folded make the strong and uncrushable
    a box cutter on the 4 corners is the easy answer but care is needed
    i recycle all waste pls oil compost and batteries computers and electrinics
    i was thinking today that the news made a point of saying how yucky a used scotch rite kitchen sponge was and i got to thinking about all the people who throw them out and use a new one from the 24 pack they buy to last like toilet paper
    i think companies who make slow to decompose or environmentally irresponsible products shoul be charged a fee and a break should be allowed for companies who offer planet friendly options to help make it more affordable

    ask exon to pay for solar and wind options out of their fee…
    i’ll bet scotchbrite could easily make an environmentally friendly sponge etc if it was rewarded and incentivized
    create a green mfg list and a incorrect list for people to choose from

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  11. I rented a 20’ U-haul truck when I moved from Waterville to Northfield. It was interesting and maybe a little insane. The U-haul place was in Northfield, so I drove from Waterville to Northfield, left my car at the U-haul place, and drove back to Waterville. It was going well on my way back to Waterville and I got a little over confident. I needed to back the truck in the driveway, so I swung around in the street and began backing in using the mirrors. I was waiting for the right front tire to clear the curb because I knew that I was a little to the right of the driveway. With my focus on the right front tire, I guess I kind of forgot that my driveway was only about 15 feet long and I was driving a 20-foot truck. SMASH! The top right corner of the box on the truck hit the gutter and soffit of my garage – the day before closing. I shoved the truck into park, and being used to stepping out of a Honda Civic, I stepped out of the truck – and fell to the driveway, scraping hands and knees (much to the amusement of my brother). I looked at the damage I had done and nearly cried. A 3-foot section of the gutter and soffit was totaled. It was a Sunday at about 4:30 p.m. I have a very kind, talented friend who was with me and we went to Faribault and quickly bought the parts we needed just before the lumber yard closed. Gary climbed up and repaired the damaged area so well that you wouldn’t be able to tell it was damaged. We all then loaded up the truck and didn’t get done until late.

    I ended up keeping that truck for an entire week. I went to closing the next day as scheduled. I was shown into a room with the buyers present. I was given the usual stack of documents and began signing my way through them. Suddenly the buyers’ realtor came in and said they had no mortgage yet so closing could not proceed until their financing went through. With all my furniture loaded in the truck and the house cleaned, I didn’t want to go back in. My dear friend Pam, of course, was delighted to let me live with her for the next week with a U-haul truck parked in the alley behind her house.

    I’ve owned two small pick-up trucks. One was a 2-wheel drive Nissan, the other was a 4-wheel drive Toyota Tacoma. I always needed a truck when I owned a large home in Waterville. I was always hauling things or camping in my pick-up. That 2-wheel drive Nissan was worthless in the winter though.

    I like cold Reese’s Peanut Butter cups and good quality chocolates. I think my favorite are Wilbur buds.

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  12. Cadbury creme egg. Of course I have to say that if these eggs were available all year long, I don’t know if they would be my favorite. That might have to go to almond joy. Love love love coconut.


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