On the Loose

Last week as YA and I were coming home from the office and pulling up the driveway, we had to stop suddenly as a mallard duck was sitting right in there in all his glory.  He moved into the front yard and was still there a few minutes when YA went out the front to take photos.  At that point the duck headed south to our neighbor’s yard where a couple of his buddies were also hanging out.  I searched my memory and couldn’t remember ducks in our yard.  The occasional turkey but never ducks.

About a half an hour later, Guinevere went completely bonkers; I looked out the window and saw one of the ducks on my neighbor roof!  He didn’t stay long but long enough for YA to get a picture and to comment “the ducks are on the loose.”

Doesn’t seem like much to comment on but the phrase “on the loose” always makes me think about Hot Frogs on the Loose by Fred Small. 

I don’t know if this is my favorite LGMS song, but it’s up there.  It didn’t make the list on the Keepers by Request (which you can still find if you want… if you search for Keepers by Request on the Radio Heartland website, it comes right up) but if you want to hear about hot frogs, you can find it on YouTube easily enough. 

Let’s have a music day – tell me one (or more) of your favorite LGMS tunes!

74 thoughts on “On the Loose”

  1. Sensitive New Age Guys.
    (My 8 years old daughter got it. The 6 years old son didn’t.)
    Your State’s Name Here.
    (Laugh out loud funny for all of us)

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  2. I don’t remember many LGMS songs specifically and I don’t tend to have “favorites” of much of anything, but I used to listen to the show in the car on my way to work and I still remember where I was in my morning drive.

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  3. Growing up on the prairie, I never saw wood ducks. When I was in Howard Lake earlier this month, I looked out my friend’s livingroom window and was astonished to see a duck sitting on a tree branch. I guess it was a wood duck on the loose!

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  4. Favorite LGMS song: I am Rich by Neal and Leandra.

    Nothing but a bunny in our courtyard garden downtown Mpls, who has not figured out how to hop up into our waist high raised beds. In our old place we had turkeys who were not scared away by a pair of fake coyotes (used on golf courses I guess) that our neighbor moved around every couple of days. It actually seemed to keep them off our decks for several weeks but they figured out that these lazy figures never charged to they ignore them now.

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  5. This song was only performed once on the LGMS because it was performed by the late, great Peter Ostrushko. “You Are My Sunshine.” Can’t find it on Youtube or elsewhere. 😦

    Rarely have I ever cried so hard listening to music as I did that morning at the Fitz. Holy cow.

    Chris in Owatonna

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  6. I had so many favorites from TLGMS. How to choose one? There were so many funny songs, so many love songs, and sweet songs, and just plain beautiful songs. The first time I ever heard Mary Black sing was there. And Bill Staines, Greg Brown, Iris Dement, Nancy Griffith, Eliza Gilkyson, and many, many more. I learned music from all kind of “new” folk musicians just because of listening to the Morning Show. I never wanted it to end. I don’t know if I can choose one favorite. One favorite was “Little Potato” (what is it about that song?), Mary Black’s version of Joni Mitchell’s “The Urge for Going,” Greg Brown’s “Early”, Nancy Griffith’s “Love at the Five and Dime,” and Lee Moore’s “The Cat came Back”, all just for starters. I can’t choose one. So here’s one in honor of Margaret’s birthday.

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  7. I should never have gotten started on this thread – TOO MANY SONGS! But this is another sort of obscure one. “Pied Piper” by its creator, Malvina Reynolds.

    And in my dreams I swear I heard Michael Cooney do this once, perhaps on PHC, but I have had correspondence with Michael and he swears he never did the song. Does anyone else recall this at all?

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    1. Apologies once again for flooding today’s posting, but I can’t not say something about The Roches. Harmonies you can only find in a sisters’ act, together with super-original song ideas. The two I remember specifically from LGMS are their biographical “We”

      and their common experience anthem “Mr. Sellack.”

      And sadly, just like the LGMS, with the passing of Maggie a few years back, they are consigned to our memories.

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    2. I have heard that song before, and it does sound like the kind of material that Michael Cooney would do, but if he says he didn’t, I’d absolutely trust that. I know that the version I have heard was by a male singer, and I’ll think about it some more to see if I can figure out who it might have been. Perhaps ask Mike Pengra, he’d certainly know if it was on the TLGMS.

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        1. Barbara- [this is a reply to your comment below which isn’t allowing replies] YAY! I authorize the admins to pass that info along… Thanks.


  8. I’m glad someone else already mentioned “Waltzing with Bears,” so that I can name “Albert Einstein, Genius” instead! I found a version on Youtube, but alas, not the exact version TLGMS played, by the Cranberry Lake Jug Band. I believe the album might be available to download, if I trusted download sites.

    Does anyone know what has happened to the TLGMS record collection? Does Dale have it, or Mike Pengra, or MPR? I hope it wasn’t sold off, it was full of treasures!

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    1. Mike still has a lot of the songs cataloged I believe. To get myself in the mood for today I listed to the Keepers Request that Mike & Dale did several years ago using a list that we baboons put together. You can still find it if you search it on the Radio Heartland page… it was Albert on it!

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  9. OK, I have tried posting this song about 20 times now. I’ve tried it from my iPad, my phone, and now from my Dell laptop. I’ve tried various options of the song from YouTube. It won’t let me post it, no matter what I do. I’m afraid 20 versions are going to post all of a sudden. I simply wanted to give Margaret a birthday song we can all remember. I hope his works. If it doesn’t, I give up. Happy birthday, Margaret! Ihttps://youtu.be/jedGsny0FkE

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  10. To my personal taste, a lot of the novelty songs got over-played to the extent that I never want to hear them again. But I’ll never get tired of this:

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  11. Every time I see a Mallard around here I hope it’s one of mine.
    There are some Canadian Geese nesting around the college. They’re mean! Security has taped off quite a corridor around them.

    I learned so much good music from TLGMS and MIke is still teaching me good stuff on Radio Heartland.
    Met Peter and Dean a few times when they’d play with the ‘Harmony for Mayo’ series.
    Lou and Peter, Ann Reed…

    Easter Island Heads was sons favorite and we had that played for his birthday a few times.

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  12. I miss the B. Marty Berry analysis of popular songs.
    Bad, Bad Leroy Brown told from Mr. Brown’s perspective. A misunderstood product of his environment and innocent of wrongdoing.

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    1. This lovely song ought to be a remembrance particular to a generation that is passing from the earth. but the people of Ukraine, and also of Russia, will remember the summer of 2021 as The Summer Before the War.

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  13. Ok, I promise this is my last word on this subject – at least for today. When we did one of these song-fests a couple years ago, someone asked for the “Little Bit of Cucumber” that the boys played on the LGMS. After some searching, I tracked it down. It is a 1974 performance by John Roberts and Tony Barrand. And I apologize in advance for the “colourful” lyrics…

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