My Star Wars Name Is…..

I’m a Star Wars Fan.  Not a rabid fan and I have to admit that I haven’t even seen the last few movies because they haven’t come around for free yet.  But I will always remember when Star Wars IV came out in 1977.   I went to the first night it opened at The Grand Theatre in Northfield; I hadn’t heard anything about it but some other friends were going so I went along for the fun.  When the curtains pulled back and the screen filled with stars and the music blared out, I felt as if somehow my life had changed.

Night 2, Night 3 and Night 4 found me at The Grand again, each night with a different group of friends.  I was a bit like a CGI proselytizer – trying to get as many people as I knew to see and fall for the new special effects that were on the screen. By Night 5, my friends were starting to give me grief, so my streak ended. (There have been only two other movies that got the Night 1, Night 2, Night 3, Night 4 treatment – Blazing Saddles and Princess Bride. Oddly enough Blazing Saddles was also at The Grand.)

Over the years I’ve watched IV, V and VI over and over again. The others not as much. I’ve never been to a convention, although I’ve certainly thought about it. When May 4 began to be known as Star Wars Day, I noted it but didn’t go crazy over it. YA did give me a book a few years back on May 4, William Shakespeare’s Star Wars: Verily, A New Hope. Kind of my wheelhouse, right?

I do enjoy all the memes and puns that are associated with Star Wars – and there are A LOT of them. Here’s a new one I found a couple of weeks ago.

Q.  Why isn’t Leia married in A New Hope?

A.  She’s been looking for love in Alderaan places

Where is this going, you all ask? This is where it’s going. When I found the phrase “May the Horse be With Ewe” last week, I fell off my chair laughing.  Almost immediately I started thinking about making a card and ended up with the design you see above. On the inside of the card, in the Star Wars font (yes, there is such a thing), I do have “May The Horse Be With Ewe”.  I couldn’t help myself. So far a couple of folks who have received it have called and laughed with me.  I’m pretty sure that Nonny is not going to get the joke.  I’m not even sure if she has SEEN Star Wars.

Which Star Wars character do you like best?

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  1. I’m a Han Solo guy too, only because I’m a Harrison Ford fan. Not a Star-Wars-head at all. Not sure I ever sat through the entire first movie in one sitting. Certainly didn’t go to any theater showings. Am I a dinosaur, or what?

    Chris in Owatonna

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    1. You’re not alone… I know a few folks who have never seen any of the films. My mother included… although she did understand the card and thought it was funny.

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    1. Listened 5 times now. Right away thought this would have fit perfectly with TLGMS and surprise!….PHC has featured it.


  2. I was 9 in 1977, and saw the movie 3 times; the last time my parents let me see it by myself (first movie I’d ever seen alone!) because they were tired of it. I’d been a reader of fantasy before that, but Star Wars made me a science fiction fan–you could say it changed my life, because it put me on the path to joining the Fandom community in adulthood. When I was a kid Han Solo was my favorite, but I didn’t stick with SW as a fandom and haven’t seen all of the films and series or read the books, so I can’t say I have a favorite character now.

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    1. I do kind of want to see The Mandalorian, but I resent having to pay for streaming. Although, “Loki” is also on Disney+, so maybe it’d be worth it…?

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    2. I was about the same age when I saw the first Star Wars (Episode IV) in 1977 – in Chicago, on a family trip. Memorable in part because we had to wait outside the theater for something like two hours… and it was hot. Africa hot. But man, fell in love with the music. Bought the soundtrack on vinyl with my allowance.

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  3. Ar-too-dee-too. : )

    I’ve seen the first four, but not V or VI – not by design, just never got there. I was into it a bit early on because Joel was, and his older cousin gave him a huge space station (once he’d “outgrown” it) that we had to put in the basement – didn’t fit anywhere upstairs.

    I was more into Star TREK, The Next Generation. We watched that together, and I made him a uniform one year for Halloween… he and a buddy would play Star Trek a lot. I would want to be Dr. Beverly Crusher.

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  4. I like the little guy with the big ears. What’s his name? Now they have a baby one that looks just like him. Sorry, I just don’t do popular culture well at all.

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      1. Yes! I was just thinking. He’s the one with the turned around sentence structure. I was going to say, “At popular culture, pathetic am I!”

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        1. That is most common sentence structure in German. Mark Twain said to speak German you take a deep breath and when you are almost out of air you throw in the verb. My once German speaking father sometimes when he got excited he would use that pattern.

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        2. Yes, I was going to say German sentence structure but then I doubted myself. So I just said “turned around”.

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      2. And I’m wondering why they reinvented him with this new little baby one. The first one was good so it’s best to have a second one? Seems like reinventing the Yoda.

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  5. Took my two small children to it. They fell in love at ages 7 and 5. My son got the whole set up of it. Dozen years later we bought the three on cassette. They wore it out over 4-5 years. I forced myself to watch it once with them. Never seen it since. Or sequels prequels smequels.
    We were talking about odor sensitivities. Yesterday a man came to pool and took up a full and a half locker, half of the short bench, and the whole double sink counter. I was in the small locker room when he came out. When he packed up he had only a little more stuff than most of us. At the end he took out a large bottle of cologne and splashed it all over himself. Thus I was not on her yesterday but home throwing up and lying in a dark room. He behaves the same in the pool.

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    1. Oh, that’s terrible, Clyde! I’ve seen the same kind of behavior at the senior center where I swim. They just put something in the newsletter about showering before going into the pool or hot tub so that you don’t put your body’s oil and lotion and Voltaren and whatever else you use into the water to share with everyone else. People without these sensitivities don’t understand. It’s too bad because we all need the exercise! I hope you’re better today.

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    2. there was a sign in my doctors office that said …. due to the sensitivity of some patients please refrain from wearing any odor or fragerence as it causes allergic reaction and distress

      yours could be printed and signed
      the management

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  6. I saw the first Star War movie when it first came out, and I liked it just fine. Haven’t seen another since then, though. Guess I wasn’t as captivated as a lot of people. I’m not what you’d call a huge science fiction fan, probably lack of imagination on my part. It all seems a bit over the top to me, with too much noise, commotion, and flashing lights. (Not a fan of action movies either.)

    Prior to the first SW movie, I had seen 2001: A Space Odyssey, another science fiction movie that garnered a lot of attention and everybody was talking about. I recall going to see it at the time because I wanted to know what all the fuss was about. My friend, Tia, was (and still is) obsessed with science fiction movies. After SW, she even got herself a dog that looked like Chewbacca. My favorite SF movie was E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial, most of which I loved until Spielberg went nuts with the closing segment of the film.

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  7. I saw each of the first three (IV, V, VI) multiple times and have the boxed set of DVDs. Not too enthralled with the 3 prequels. Mixed feelings about the numerous sequels/spin offs. Initially my favorite character was Luke (cute and my age) but that crush wore off quickly. It’s hard to choose just one favorite character……Han Solo, R2D2, Chewy, Yoda. John WiIliams’ music for the series is perfect! I really like The Mandalorian. The Book of Boba Fett didn’t excite me until the Mandalorian showed up.

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  8. May 4th, 1945 is the Danish liberation from German occupation at the end of WWII. Danes still celebrate this day. May 4th is also the date I was diagnosed with endometrial cancer in 1995. I commemorate both by placing a lighted candle in the front window after dark.

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    1. Congratulations PJ on both counts. Endometrial cancer, or cancer of any kind, is such a serious an event in anyone’s life. It is so hard to do the treatment and march yourself into an experience that has so many side effects. I wish for you many more years, cancer free, of course.

      The Danes Liberation Day is also important. I did not realize until we visited Norway and the Netherlands, the ongoing and indelible mark left on all of Europe by Hitler’s German Occupation. The Norwegians who brought up this topic with us in a hostel, were still not recovered from Norway’s lack of commitment to the Allies in the war. So Danish freedom is important.

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  9. Rise and Shine Baboons,

    I am writing from my recovery bed, all comfy and treated for pain. Today was my favorite Star Wars character. I loved it that he spoke English in German word order. My absolute favorite Star Wars event was the bars and taverns on the various planets. The characters and the behavior depicted there was just so, so, so bar-like. Leering men, flirting women, the hint of illegal transactions all going on in a noisy environment.

    My son and his business partners now have a robot that makes small batches of circuit boards for customers who do not buy these small batches from China. The robot looks more like the oven in your kitchen than R2D2 or C3PO. His robot has no charm at all, just income generating capacity.

    In the movie, Nomadland, Quartzite, AZ is featured with some weird bar scenes. Quartzite and Star Wars bars feel the same to me. What a bunch of characters inhabit both places.

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      1. Maybe after I am off pain meds. I also wanted to write one about some Extension staff my dad worked with. But right now my thoughts don’t hang together that well. But I am not in pain!

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  10. OT and one for Bill. Was looking at headphones. Some have Protein Leather. But I wanted Corinthian Leather.


    1. You can shear a Corinthian many times but you can only skin one once. Leather is a good source of protein but not through your ears.

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  11. somewhere my time deterrences are messed up
    i remember coming home from china and having my wife tell me we had to go to star wars
    i was so tired i couldn’t stay awake in line but the movie got me to snap to and i didn’t fall asleep until the drive home
    but in 77 i had not started going to china yet
    it must have been germany and she wasn’t my wife yet and after trying to remember i wonder what else in my chronological brain i have juxtaposed
    sounds like memory wars intro here

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