A diagnostics company in Kentucky ran up a $450,000 bill for an employee birthday party.  It wasn’t over the top decorations or a gilded cake. 

Several days before his birthday, the employee asked his manager to not throw a party for fears it would trigger his anxiety disorder; he doesn’t do well being the center of attention and worried about having a panic attack. 

The glassbowl manager decided to throw a party anyway, planning the fete over lunch in the breakroom.  The birthday boy fled the building and ate his lunch in the car.  To add insult to injury, the next day the employee was scolded in a meeting and then fired. 

The lawsuit filed against the company alleged that they did not accommodate his anxiety disorder and caused him to suffer loss of income, benefits as well as causing him emotional distress and mental anxiety.  The jury on the case agreed and awarded him $450,000.

What kind of party would you throw for yourself with a $450K budget?

35 thoughts on “Celebration!”

    1. I allowed myself $1000 for some nice snacks at my party, which would be of modest size because beyond that it becomes impersonal.

      If I have the other 449K also at my command there are any number of individuals and local businesses that need help after the last two years. I’d probably gift my kids some significant chunks as well.

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  1. This would have to be spread over several weeks or months – I would celebrate on a world tour via train – Amtrak and Via of course, and also Euro Rail (does that include the British Isles?) and Orient Express. I’d have a special birthday dinner on each rail line where I’d treat everyone on the train who wanted to attend the birthday meal…

    Wow, I’d better start researching.

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  2. When The mystery trees right off my patio drop lower branches, a cavity is left. A black squirrel is nesting in one only 2 feet off the ground. I suppose 2 squirrels are in there. Don’t have to both be black. But a black squirrel is bringing leaves into the cavity. In all my years in the woods I have never seen that before. I would use a bit of the money to give them a house warming party before a predator such as one of the feral cats cleans it out.

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  3. Once had a student who was later a church member with high anxiety disorder. She had to drop out of college despite her high intelligence. She became a lab tech. Then they found a new drug to help her.
    My sensory processing disorder would flair up in any big party, as it would for my 8 year old grandson. Maybe I would stage a big party but stay in the car. If I had it this bad at an earlier age, I would have had to quit teaching.

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  4. The Late Great Morning Show Party.
    I’m quite sure a DJ can be found.
    Food catering by GenWay.
    Coming in a costume will be encouraged. Pirates welcome.

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  5. Whatever is left after tax would be divided in several ways. My immediate family would get healthy chunks for their needs, my favorite charities (including MPR & TPT) would get very nice donations, and I would keep a chunk for travel to countries that I have not yet visited in lieu of a party.

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  6. Rise and Shine, Baboons,

    OT: This morning has been spent getting my laptop up and running after two weeks of sitting unused. It did not want to start, or load, or compute. I am typing on it now, so I hope this is working again. More OT. Yesterday I had my two week post surgery check. All is well and I can drive and return to the gym to ride a stationary bike. Woot. Woot.

    Judgemental Rant Follows:

    I cannot even fathom what this manager was thinking by doing this. It is the therapist speaking right now–Social Phobia is often misunderstood and can be treated effectvely. It is very common and quite disabling. Following the social isolation created by the pandemic, it is quite prevalent and out of control at this time. That manager wrote the handbook on what not to do! Did the manager keep his/her job? The manager is the one to be fired, not the employee. OK. Got that off my chest.

    Now to the money. When I was a child playing three wishes I would say
    1. A horse (live in the back yard and eat the grass I mowed).
    2. A swimming pool (for the horse to drink from and for me to swim in)
    3. Three more wishes

    The adult version of $450K is $500 for a really delicious cake, a small party, and some beverages. A trip to Italy for at least 6 weeks. Invest the rest and live on some of the proceeds of the investment.

    And now I am off to the first work meeting in several weeks.

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  7. I’m planning a lunch date for some retirees who were fellow nurses at the home where I’ve been working for the last several years. The youngest one of us just retired on May 1. She doesn’t like to be the center of attention either and she did specify that she didn’t want a party. The regular staff who currently work in the home organized a 2-hour open house for her and gave her flowers and gift cards. She knew about it but was comfortable with the setting and the people who showed up. Those of us who retired all benefitted from very nice luncheons that she planned for us. She gave us all themed luncheons and she created a variety of things including framed pictures and poems. She enjoyed giving those parties but she always said it was a lot of work. I’m sure it was. So the retirees planned a luncheon for her. There will be seven of us, all retired nurses. She knows us all well. She likes to go out for lunch at a local restaurant and so we have a table reserved there, in a corner in a small room. I’ve put together a Pandora-style charm bracelet with charms that reflect her and her history. I’ve purchased a couple of kalanchoe plants, yellow and pink. I’ve been working on a poem too. The luncheon is tomorrow. Is this too much? We’ve been very careful not to make it big or make a big deal over her. Total cost for me has been less than $200. The open house might have cost a little more than that but not much. I wasn’t in on that planning. I’d probably invest the remainder of the money in environmentally and socially responsible ways. I would also donate to my favorite charities: MPR, TPT, TNC, and others.

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  8. For myself? None. I’m with the guy in the story. I don’t mind being the center of attention but I prefer it on my own terms. Certainly not for my birthday, which I tend to ignore and hope others would as well. At my last job, HR used to post peoples’ birthdays on a monthly list…unless you requested not to be on the list. When I sent my request to be taken off, I got pushback. “Why don’t you want people to celebrate your birthday? Don’t you want people to show their appreciation of you? Are you depressed or having self-esteem issues? We have an Employee Assistance Program, you know. Etc, etc, etc…” It was like they didn’t have anything better to do than go ‘on retreats’ and try to manufacture problems with employees.

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  9. i think a trip to the moon would be more than that
    i was thinking a motorcycle party where everyone gets a motorcycle of their choice and a winding mountain ride maybe to banff through glaiccer and yellowstone
    week long ride with massage and mimosa at days end

    or a new york city theater weekend with rooms on central park then on to coffee on the river across from norte dam in paris and an express to milan for express o and tiramissou coffee shop in amsterdam with mushrooms and a flight back with guitars in first class

    there i think i spent it all

    if not motorcycles through the alps would be plug in of choice to add an extra couple of 0’s

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  10. OT – Just have to share my good news with all y’all. Just returned from my appointment with the dermatologist. The Mohs scheduled for May 31st will be on the scalp only. The lesion on my back is healing nicely, so we’ll just keep a close eye on it and trust that the 2 mm clean margins on the previous excision are sufficient. There are no lesions of concern anywhere on this sprawling body of mine.

    We’ve cancelled all three appointments with oncologists and radiologist, so unless Dr. Tan, who will be doing the Mohs procedure, deems necessary, I should be free to enjoy the summer wearing a wide rimmed sunhat and an SPF 30 lotion slathered generously all over. Don’t fret, that’s NOT all I’ll be wearing. Time to invest in sunscreen, tim! Gosh, I feel so relieved.

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      1. Me too, Linda, me too. I had made a concerted effort to not worry about it, but I can feel the tension leaving my body. A heavy load has been lifted off of my shoulders.

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  11. glad to hear pj
    i will be a sunscreen carrying guy thanks to your warning shot and gentle reminder

    by the way costco bidet seat went on dale for $150ish
    i’d ask for an adjustment
    i’ll bet they’d be happy to do it with just this much information

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    1. I just checked. The seat we have is $299.99 at Costco, but you’re right, they carry some that are cheaper. I think I saw one for $99.00.


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