At Blevins Book Club on Sunday, tim and I were extolling the high quality of Ben’s eggs, having both gotten some the weekend that the straw bales were delivered.  Even the organic eggs that I get from my milk man pale by comparison.  I commented that I wished Ben lived a bit closer so I could justify driving down for eggs on a regular basis.

I should not have been surprised when I got a text from tim today saying maybe we could do some kind of driving swap/egg coop arrangements.  For the first five minutes after I got the text, I thought “tim is one crazy dude.”   Then the next five minutes I was emailing Ben with a few questions to even determine the feasibility of this. 

The third five minutes I was looking up directions between my house and Ben’s farm and thinking about how every few weeks I could get in almost 3 hours of books on tape when I was driving down and bacl.  And the fourth five minutes I was thinking about the spreadsheet I could design if this turns out to be do-able and more baboons than just tim and I can co-op (a lot of this does depend on Ben’s chickens after all).

I’m not sure what the next few five-minute increments will bring – but please don’t anybody tell my milk man!

How far will you go for your favorite products?


  1. Now that I am older, not far. Last time I can think of is about 30 years ago when I drove about 50 miles to my Uncles farm to help with the butchering and get some of his wonderful sausage!

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        1. Ha ha – I didn’t think of that. Although she would probably bristle at being referred to as “a product”!!

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  2. We are used to having to go a distance to get our favorite products. We go to Newell, SD to get lamb from the butcher shop there, we go to Fargo for the olive oil we like at the Syrian grocery store, and I admit we are very spoiled.

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  3. I often drive one mile to grocery shop.
    My weird morning: as always unplugged my iPhones which I keep right by me at night. I always look first at messenger to see if my kids are chattering. We three share a few messages a day. The entry panel said “No pool.” I did not enter that. It often has gobbelty gook in it, once or three times a word, I don’t remember what. But not a message that could relate to my life. I do go to the pool at 7 on Monday Wednesday and Friday. Not today. Sometimes I think maybe it enters from something I say. Did I talk in my sleep? But I do not use voice entry.
    Listening to Vaughn Williams wrapped up on my patio with mist falling around me.
    Remember what Chico said: “You can’t fool me. There ain’t no sanity clause.”

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  4. I guess I am not enough of a foodie. There is a wonderful meat market a dozen miles west in Nicollet. Wonderful. Worth that drive. But have not been there since I started living alone. Hard for me to care that much for cooking just for me. I put going there on my weekly chores every week.
    When I moved out of my childhood home to go to the U of Chi it took me a long time to get used to non fresh eggs and chicken and not home canned veg. I could not get used to pasteurized whole milk. Quit drinking it.

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    1. And daughter just reminded me. That 12 mile drive is now over 20. Huge detour for making a dangerous highway four lane which will take a few months. But would still be worth it.

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  5. I travel 60 miles round trip for bird food at Sugarcreek Bird farm.
    “I like this place and could willingly waste my time in it.”

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  6. I daresay you could probably find farm-raised free range eggs closer than Ben’s. That is in no way a disparagement of Ben’s eggs but I assume there is no particular magic in the way he feeds or raises his chickens. The eggs are fresh and the chickens get a varied diet.

    I can’t think of an instance where we have gone to exceptional distance for a product but we have several times gone considerable distances for an experience. We once drove from upper New York state all the way across Massachusetts solely to visit Mount Auburn Cemetery. On our way back to New York later that day we also stopped at Bronson Alcott’s Fruitlands.

    Just a couple of weeks ago we drove to Cedarburg, north of Milwaukee, to see a show of Japanese quilts. We spent about an hour in the exhibit.

    Of course we often find other diversions along the way but many of our road trips are keyed to a single quixotic destination.

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  7. I’ve had people tell Me how much they like my eggs. Yeah, I don’t know, they’re just chickens…nothing special, like Bill said.

    Production really varies. I’m not sure they’re up to this challenge. It might be a ‘play it by ear’ sort of thing.

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  8. i tend to remember to put that distant item on my memory list for when i’m in the neighborhood

    i used to drive to fleet farm to get cat food then new owners made cat food less of an item in inventory as a constant and i stopped going to fleet farm

    used to go to costco for my 300 pack of lipton tea then they discontinued it and i stopped going there

    i have my daughter pick me up tea in kosovo that is special

    bills foods on lake street for olives

    canada for malkins raspberry jam and labatts sweet cream ale

    but i guess i don’t get in the car and drive to get a product

    til now

    i’m thinking if i could get 2 or 3 dozen eggs every 2 or three weeks i would be good
    i don’t know what vs needs but i imagine trying to come up with 5 or six dozen eggs every few weeks could be an issue
    let me know if it works ben

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    1. I get olives (& feta) at Bill’s as well… but since it’s about 5 minutes from my house, I hardly even think of it as a separate trip!

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    2. Oh man, Bill’s Imported Foods was one of the places I used to go out of my way for when I lived in the Cities… for their Halvah! Well, Bill’s or Emily’s Lebanese Delicatessen. I can’t find that anywhere down here (though I haven’t really tried Rochester or LaCrosse.)

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  9. Rise and Shine, Baboons,

    We go a long ways to purchase meat. When I visit my mother I take my cooler and shop at a local meat market/grocery store known for personal service, high quality, and low prices. We even stop on the way to AZ and pick some up. I have it pre=frozen, then use an electric cooler. The meat in AZ is quite low quality. Soon we will fly back and forth, and then I do not know how we will acquire meat. However, I have noticed butcher shops popping up there, which is new.

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  10. I have driven across town for a few things and when I am in Nisswa, there is a favorite chocolate shop I visit and buy up truffles. A couple of times a year I endeavor to make a pilgrimage to Ingebretsen’s on Lake Street for Scandinavian treats. In a few months I will have an excuse to explore the cheese shops of Wisconsin on a regular basis getting Darling Daughter to and from college…

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    1. P.S. Sorry I missed book club – I think it was about 6pm when I realized that the day had come and gone and the thing I was forgetting about was book club (and at least one other thing on my “to do” list that got finished yesterday instead). 😐

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      1. It was a nice gathering and we yakked and yakked, but only about 12 minutes of actual book talk. None of us liked either of the titles, which is unusual!

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        1. This is how book clubs should go… about 12 minutes of actual book talk, I mean. Unless the book has really struck a chord with everyone. I consider them an excuse to get together and catch up with everyone’s lives…

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  11. I used to go as far as Osseo for lefse and pie, but since I don’t have a car anymore I haven’t been to the Norske Nook in years. They ship, but I miss the drive along Highway 10 and the experience of the restaurant itself–the outfits on the waitresses, the mural, the rosemaling. Norske Nook became a tradition for trips to and from graduate school in Chicago, witch school in Madison, and of course WisCon (the latter in company with friends who have passed or have moved away).

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      1. Sadly, I have to agree. The last time we were there it was very disappointing. At least we have the memories…


    1. This reminds me that when I was visiting home in Iowa, my folks and I would often travel to a little Norwegian restraunt in Story City (right by Ames on I-35) for their Kumla. : ) Maybe meet dad’s brother and fam. there…

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  12. I intended to go to book club but I was worn out from working the night before. I’ve been dealing with some stress and I really needed a couple of days to relax, rest and return myself to me.

    I used to drive farther for items I liked and I am still willing to drive places if there is need. I have gotten some eggs from farmers in my area which are fresh and very good. I do like the fresh eggs and I prefer to buy food grown locally. I live kind of between Ben and you folks in the Cities so if I would be willing to help get Ben’s eggs to folks in the Metro area if people wanted me to. I could go to Ben’s farm, get the eggs, bring them to Northfield and someone could come to my house, pick them up and bring them to the folks in the Metro. Less driving for VS that way but then you don’t get to see Ben’s farm which is WAY more interesting than my condo. Just a thought.

    I’m sorry about not attending the BBC. What are your selections for the next meeting? I’m currently reading Chris’ books.

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        1. sorry you couldn’t make it
          hope you get yourself back soon

          i think a north field option on bens eggs could be a piece of the puzzle to consider

          maybe every 4th or 5rh time

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  13. I now go to Rochester for Trader Joe’s, but only a couple of times a year. They have one of my favorite teas (TJ’s Irish Breakfast), and I like their salsas, breads, dressings… ETC. And their greeting cards!

    Slightly related: I’ve had ants the past couple of weeks, and have learned from experience I don’t need to poison them to make them disappear – just find the source of what they’re seeking – either grease or sugar. This time it took several swipes to clear whatever had fallen under the corner of the stove, or on a throw rug in the dining room… and VOILA – they stopped coming. It occurs to me that their sense of smell must be incredible, and they ARE willing to travel long distances to get even a cookie crumb or two!

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  14. When Sixth Chamber Used Books had their store in St. Paul, I went there often to browse, and also sold some stuff there. They closed their St. Paul store, but the owner has a newer place in River Falls, which is a bit of a hike, but I have a friend who lives in River Falls, so I occasionally take a drive over to have lunch with my friend and do a little buying and selling. Used books are, of course, easy to order online, but I would rather go to a physical shop if that’s an option. The River Falls store, Fox Den Books, also has a very sweet pooch named Jem who comes to greet you at the door.

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      1. We were also regular customers at Sixth Chamber and drove down to River Falls once to visit Fox Den while Sixth Chamber was still in operation. At the time James’ wife was running the River Falls store. So it was more a case of consolidation—from two stores to one—and that meant that James no longer had to make the daily commute up to St. Paul.

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      2. I used to go to the St. Paul store often. Such a great little place. I love that photo of Jem. Looks exactly like, Snoopy, my first dog in the US. A spirited little guy.

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