Virtual Chicago

YA took a long weekend trip to Chicago the past three days.  I dropped her off early on Friday at the airport.   I was really looking forward to having a long weekend all to myself.  You all know that I adore YA but since I haven’t traveled for work since March of 2020, we haven’t really had a break from each other for quite a while now.

She didn’t ask me for any input on her trip, except for two questions, one about her Real ID and one about security at the airport.  When I asked her if she needed a packing list printed out (I have it on my pc), she said no.  (I did see that she had created and printed out her own packing list when I took a couple of things into her room yesterday!)  As the parent of a young adult, I was not expecting to hear from much if at all until her pick-up (noon today).

It was a nice surprise on Friday afternoon when I got a photo text of A Sunday Afternoon on the Island of La Grande Jatte by George Seurat with a question about whether this was my favorite painting (I had mentioned my favorite painting was hanging in the Chicago Art Institute – this isn’t it). 

Later on Friday I got a quick text about an “ok impossible burger” but no photo to enshrine the meal.

Then on Saturday morning this photo came.

I didn’t realize right away that it was taxidermy – The Natural History Museum.   A bit later, a photo of Sue, the famous tyrannosaurus rex, showed up (header photo).  No texts about dinner.

Yesterday, there was a photo of a breakfast taco and smoothie and then, some real polar bears at the Chicago Zoo

This was followed by a picture of a lovely flower – the Botanical Gardens.  I didn’t even remember that this was on her schedule. 

No photo of the pizza dinner last night.  Her flight arrives at noon today so no more photos will be coming. But I definitely feel like I had a trip to Chicago even though I barely left the house over the weekend!

If you could get a virtual tour of someplace, where would that be?

24 thoughts on “Virtual Chicago”

  1. Thanks for the reminder. There are many such tours available but I just haven’t taken them. So this afternoon I’m off to the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City. I was there in-person just before Covid struck.

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    1. The B-52‘s remind me of the fact that I gave away a set of Bob Dylan tickets at the Orpheum 25 years ago 30 years ago to take my date to see the B-52’s at the Minnesota state fair because that was a group that she enjoyed they started playing and it was a is that all there is moment
      I was thinking about all the possible virtual tours that could be taken and most of them would be so unsatisfying in virtual form versus really being there that I wouldn’t want to wish for it the Louvre comes to mind a hike through the mountains in the alps the North Shore all wonderful places but just enough to make you really upset that you weren’t there when you’re doing it on a virtual tour I suppose if I was going to do a virtual tour of somewhere that I wouldn’t have an opportunity to do otherwise it would be something like doing a virtual tour of Bob Dylan‘s house or I would get a feel for some thing I wouldn’t have a chance to experience in any other way
      My first thought was about time travel also and trying to figure out what where and when I think it’ll be a kick to go hang out with Jesus and the apostles for that year or two that he was rockin before they put an end to his mission

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  2. Travel and daughter’s two kids: each child gets to pick a senior year trip. Lily chose Yellowstone and the Tetons. Mr. Tuxedo has chosen for next year Chicago to see Wicked (daughter just bought tickets) and to go to an top rated restaurant, yet to be chosen. We are enjoying that difference.
    Bears: daughter and Lily were at the zoo Friday and got an amazing video of two big Russian bears roaring at each other right on the other side of the glass.

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  3. Rise and Shine, Baboons,

    I have been wanting a trip back to ireland since I travelled there in 2017, so that would be my virtual choice now, as well. I especially want to see the stone house left by my Newell ancestors in County Down by the Irish Sea. I have been looking at my photos and videos of the trip. As I have delved into genealogy these last years, I have found more and more Irish and Scottish Presbyterians in the branches of the family tree. So before I go I will practice a tight-lipped Presbyterian facial expression. Although, I must say none of the Irish or N. Irish I met there were tight lipped at all. They all loved an evening of singing—in a pub, on a bus, at supper. The singing was such a delightful experience.

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  4. I would like a virtual tour of the Amazon rainforest. I would love to go there but I think I should have done that when I was younger, bolder, dumber. I know too much now. Like I know about the little species of carp that enters your body through your urethra and has to be surgically removed. And all kinds of poisonous insects and other animals. So, my tour of the Amazon would have to be an armchair tour.

    Like Jacque, I wouldn’t mind spending an evening in an Irish pub. I doubt I’d be able to sit through it virtually though. I’d have to get up and dance. Or join in on my mandolin. An Irish pub would be great fun though!

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    1. I’ll have to admit that a fish swimming up my urethra would be very low on the list of things I’d be worrying about if I ever found myself in the Amazon rainforest. 🙂

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      1. Several years ago I was on a trip to Brazil that included 3 days in the Amazon rainforest. Our lodge was built on stilts with elevated wooden walkways between buildings. We did 2 hikes, went fishing for piranha (2 folks were successful and the fish were thrown back), went on a nighttime boat trip looking for caiman (found 2 baby ones and I got to hold one of them), and even did a quick dip in the river (the one our lodge was on, not the Amazon itself). Nothing bad happened to anyone in the group – no little carp, no insect bites, no poisonous critters (though we were shown the vine that produces curare). It was fabulous!

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  5. I have gone on a lot of vicarious trips in the last few months via Facebook friends. Especially tantalizing are trips to rural France and England. I also have heard horror stories of flying back from Europe-cancelled or delayed flights resulting in rerouting, crowded airports, 24 hour journeys that used to be 8-10 hours so vicarious travel is not bad right now. I love the daily photo shots sent to you. I bet you can’t wait to hear the details of what she saw/did between the photos.

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  6. That’s great, VS, that she included you virtually in her weekend.

    I would like to do the Louvre, since we didn’t do that when we were briefly in Paris in 2015. But also the Metropolitan Museum of Art in NYC, and several others that have been mentioned here lately. I’d like to see some of the exhibits I’ve missed at the Art Institute in Mpls., the Van Gogh…

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    1. I think I’ve talked about my HOUR at the Louvre. Was there with client and the supplier we were with whisked us in and out. But in our hour she got us around to the Winged VIctory, the Mona Lisa, the Psyche Revive and the Venus de Milo. I was out of breathe!

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      1. The Louvre is just so vast. You could get lost for days in there. I enjoyed the smaller museums in Paris, Amsterdam, and Edinburgh more. Plus the Mona Lisa was hung below a painting of a nude woman. A bunch of adolescent schoolboys were clustered under that discussing anatomy. They spoke French, but the discussion was obvious in any language. The Mona Lisa is a small painting and we were far from it due to these boys. So irritating. So boyish.

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  7. Remember the issue with a check of mine cashed for $200 less than I wrote it. My bank explained that it was an error at the landlord’s bank. They would have brought in a bunch of checks at once along with a sheet listing each and the total. A clerk would have keyed in all the checks. She made two errors. 1) she keyed in my check wrong and she did not check her total against the landlord office total.
    When you think about it it is amazing this does not happen more. It also teaches me something. I check my bank account every day and check off charges Tuesday-Saturday as they come in. I do not look to be sure it is the correct amount listed for checks, an error I will correct.

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  8. Lovely post! I want to go virtually to Bremen, and to my grandfather’s village, Neddenaverbergen, and to Hamburg in 1900-1914 to see my great grandfather running his dray service on the wharves.

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