About 20 years ago I worked with a young woman who had a tattoo across her wrist.  Turned out is said “I’ll always love” and was in memory of her mother who had passed away a few years earlier. 

Since then I have always thought that maybe somebody I would be a tattoo commemorating the big love of my life – YA.  I wanted flowers with YA’s name, preferably in her own handwriting.  I’ve mentioned this repeatedly over the years and I’m sure that YA was sick of hearing about it.  My questions the last year about who is reputable got next to nothing, although she did once mention Grand Avenue Tattoo over in St. Paul.  I wasn’t sure if YA was embarrassed that her old mother was even considering a tattoo or if she was convinced I would never act on this and she didn’t want to waste her time.

A few months ago I decided I would make this tattoo my retirement gift to myself.  I made my plan for while she was out of town; if she DID think I was pushing ahead, there might be lots and lots of questions and “in my face” stuff.  When I called the shop earlier in the week they said my idea was perfect for a “walk-in” appointment and that sometimes folks start lining up an hour before the shop opens.  I got there a bit after 11 with a book, an umbrella and my printed design, which included a couple of cards that YA has given me over the years that have her signature – I was the first one there and there was a bench!  By the time the shop opened, there were at least 12 folks in line behind me – including another baboon!!!

It didn’t hurt as much as I was expecting – although having your skin pierced is definitely noticeable, it was in fairly short bursts (4-5 second each) and about half way through, the area was getting a little numb and it didn’t hurt much at all. (In all fairness, I do have to say that for the next couple of hours, it stung quite a bit.)  And it didn’t take as long as I was expecting either – even with the different colors, it only took about 45 minutes. 

My artist was a young man named Tony.  He’s from the west coast and he has done art his whole life, including a lot of painting on his own; he started doing tattoo work a couple of years ago.  He has 7 siblings who are scattered, including one living in Thailand these days and he just did a tattoo for his oldest brother two weeks ago.  He was very pleasant and answered all my questions (and I had a lot).   He did a great job… it looks just like my design.  I knew going in that I didn’t want the design on the inside of my wrist and I let Tony guide me as to good placement – a little up on my air from the bend in my wrist.  I love it.

What was the last gift that you gave to yourself?

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  1. I recently gifted myself a 3-class certificate course in neuroscience from Harvard Online. Being retired clergy, this is WAY out of my field. Lesson one has almost stopped me, but since I paid for the certificate, the cheapskate in me will see it through.

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  2. Ink! I would be that other baboon….

    A bit over a year ago Ms S said she wanted a tattoo – the words “Love, Papa” in her dad’s handwriting. Had pondered off and on myself about getting something, but was never sure what I wanted until I committed to mother/daughter tattoos for Ms S’ 18th birthday. Mine is not as fancy as VS’ art – just says, “Nevertheless, she persisted” in a font I liked. But it’s there, and it’s true, and meaningful, for a couple different reasons. Told the key reason to Max, my artist – he initially just said he liked knowing more about my word choice and it was a cool. When Ms S’ eyes started to leak when it was her turn, he knew it wasn’t because of physical pain – so he paused and gently said, “I get it. Take your time. I lost my dad at about your age. Let me know when you’re ready – we have lots of time.”

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    1. It was fun to research the difference in weaves between percale and sateen sheets, and how percale sheets are cooler and get softer and softer over time due to the weave. I loved percale sheets when I was growing up. They wrinkle more, however, but that doesn’t bother me. I have no intention of ironing my sheets.

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      1. Oooh, I’ve never been able to splurge on sheets although I think of it every now and then. Once I took a one-night trip to Playa del Carmen (no client, just me) to see a hotel. The rooms were ultra-luxurious and as I was settling in after my property tour, I noticed that my initials were embroidered onto one of the pillowcases. Nice touch. Anyway, the sheets were so soft and silky and I figured they probably didn’t keep the embroidered pillowcases (hard to imagine a pillowcase library), I took it with me. I always had it on my bed, laundering it every week when i changed the sheets… until, of course, I wore it out!

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  3. I don’t give “gifts” to myself in a way that makes me think, “I deserve/want XYZ so I’m going to give it to myself.” I’m more utilitarian. I buy mostly out of necessity. That’s not to say I don’t spend money on just me. I’m not shy about treating myself to ice cream now and then. or books, CDs, golf equipment (gloves and socks and shoes and shirts mostly–but those are usually purchased with pro shop credit I’ve acquired over the season.)

    But kudos to you VS, for doing something special for you. Beautiful tattoo. Enjoy it for many many years.

    Chris in Owatonna

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  4. Congratulations on both tattoos! I wish I’d seen the question about tattooists, because I love mine–Tatus by Kore on Lynlake in Minneapolis. But it sounds as though you both had good experiences and like the results, and that’s the most important thing. Now just keep them clean and dry, use whatever ointment your tattooist recommended, and be amused by the multicolored flakes that come off as they heal!

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  5. Hi-
    I have several things in my Amazon and Acme Tools carts…just waiting for my ‘Work’ work salary to kick back in before I purchase. Several are tools, because… tools.
    But there is also the 6″ electric pruning saw that would be so great for both Kelly and to use for pruning and trimming so many many things.

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    1. I made it go away. I have been watching the spam the last week and none of the baboons have ended up there for several days. WordPress still didn’t answer my question but I’ll keep keeping an eye on it.

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  6. Gave myself an MRI sedated but they held my neck in a position it does not tolerate and I am in massive pain.


    1. And did something to my bad lower right side so knee collapses. Hope by tomorrow I get report on brain which I expect to be at least decent if not good. My back does not like my lying on it. These things will recover in 2-4 days.

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  7. My sheets came from Massachusetts and were shipped on Friday and were to arrive yesterday. I guess they aren’t too aware of where Western ND is, since they only left Chicago this morning. Delivery is pending. I predict Friday.

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