What’s Your Sign?

On our recent trip to Fargo, our family stopped in to the bookstore at Concordia College in neighboring Moorhead, MN to get some Concordia gear. Daughter, son, daughter in law, and I are all alums, and we needed new sweatshirts. I had no sweatpants, so I got some of those, too. Grandson even got a t shirt.

I typically avoid wearing clothes with designer labels or slogans. I don’t feel the need to be a walking billboard. I feel differently about my college, though. The gear is really comfortable, too.

I remember back in the day when it was pretty common to ask people what their zodiac sign was when you met them, as though that would tell you everything you needed to know about the person. I am Aquarius. Husband is Sagittarius. I no longer remember if that makes us compatible or not. We will be married 39 years come September. I still sometimes read my horoscope in our weekly paper, though, just to see what I should expect. It is never correct.

What is your zodiac sign? Is is an accurate reflection of your personality? Ever been to a fortune teller?

31 thoughts on “What’s Your Sign?”

  1. I am a Leo although I can’t really tell you if it’s a good reflection of my personality because I really don’t know that much about it. I’ve never, even as a youngster, been very interested in astrology. It just doesn’t make any sense to me. No fortuneteller either.

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  2. I am an Aries, and the little I remember about the details do seem to fit me – lots of energy to begin projects, for instance…

    I have a good friend here who once read astrological charts as part of her income. She’s explained that the Sun Sign is only part of the story – there’s also your moon sign and rising sign.

    I have seen a few psychics over the years, and a couple of astrologers. With one exception, what they have told me has been spot on. It wasn’t any kind of detail that included timing or events, though. More of a direction I would be headed, something I might be drawn to. To my mind these are a kind of energy work, and though we can’t see energy, it’s there.

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  3. Rise and Shine, Baboons,

    This whole topic brings to mind the old stereotype of the lounge lizard in a leisure suit approaching an attractive woman in a bar, saying, “Hey baby, what’s your sign?” When I was a student at Iowa State University, when I would get approached by a frat guy wanting to know my sorority, I would tell them I was an Alph-alpha—and they would believe this, but they could never locate the sorority’s house. These guys were narrow-minded thinkers, I guess, not understanding I made up the sorority and named it after the field hay plant, alfalfa.

    I am a Leo, and there are aspects of that which are like me. I have both had a psychic reading and read Tarot cards for people. Some readers are very good.

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    1. When the original album came out in 69 or 70, I almost wore out the album from listening to it so much. Especially love this song. The singer here absolutely kills it (although the overall arrangement isn’t as good as the broadway show… OR as good as the Fifth Dimension’s version. Both had a better tempo and conveyed more energy. But I’ll take her voice singing ANYTHING! Wow. such great power and perfect pitch and phrasing.


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  4. Aquarius here. I vaguely remember being in synch with the general description of Aquarians–although how such a generalization can be valid for every single Aquarian in the world defies plausibility.

    Chris in Owatonna

    *BSP* I’ll be at Beagle & Wolf Books & Bindery in Park Rapids Friday from 1-3 pm. Then the NAC Art & Book Festival in Hackensack is on Saturday from 9-3. Both are great events (3 authors at B&W–me, Jason Lee Willis, and Christine Husom). Hackensack is a terrific author event. About 30 authors from all genres will be selling & signing. Also a street art fair, music, food, and activities for the kids. If you’ll be “Up North” this weekend, check out these events. *end BSP*


  5. The delightful young, very young, and vibrant, very vibrant, women who take care of Sandra rushed up to me as I came in a few months ago to ask me my sign. They had discovered astrology and were having fun playing with it. I had to tell them I did not know. They looked it up by my birthday. Kayla, the three race three culture woman said “see I told you.” The point was that she was sure Sandy’s and my signs were compatible. I wanted to say they were judging a lot on little and warped evidence.
    I have never really looked up my sign in detail until now. I read three sites. One was rather specific and close in some ways and way off in others. The second was rather vague and not much like me. The third was a bit more specific and only slightly like me.
    The fact that the young women who take care of Sandra had not really even heard of it before is a cultural shift. They stumbled on it in the newspaper.
    Doc, former doctor, down the hall from Sandra died two weeks ago. He always sat at his dining table in the common area and ream his newspaper over and over again. For a week they put his newspaper in his table with a simple sign on it that said “Good-bye, Doc.”

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  6. My Sun is in Capricorn (although just the sun sign won’t tell you that much, all of the planets have influence depending on what sign and house they’re in and their aspects to each other). I’m a pretty mild Capricorn–not a lot of the ambition and determination it’s known for, and I really wish I had the legendary Capricorn abilities with money!

    I have had readings of various kinds and used to do Tarot readings for friends. Recently I found a good Ogham (think of them as Irish runes) reader in an online group I’m part of, and her readings have been accurate.

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  7. I had a Tarot reading once when I was 16 by a woman traveling with my school group on a summer trip to a language program in Saltillo, Mexico. It was interesting , but I don’t remember much about it. I also had a friend who liked the I Ching. He was a college professor but liked arcane things like that.


  8. i am a picies and in chinese astrology a goat
    i am poster it g guy or each
    last fortune teller looked at my stuff and got a horrified expression on her face and said. what do you do? i told her i sell stuff and she said you are going to be doing a lot of lawyer stuff in a very sorrowful voice
    i wish she had the ability to tweak it rather than just pre announcing it
    it’s been a sh*tshow
    hey crow girls houses remind me i had the expensive reading where someone did all that
    i love that stuff
    remind me crow girl how i get rid of the curse
    i pissed off a woman in hong kong who cast a spell and it’s gotten old
    begone witch !!!

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  9. Sagittarius here. Some of the traits I definitely don’t fit – outgoing, good conversationalist, funny, disorganized, flighty, unfocused. Others seem to fit pretty well – travel loving, conflict avoidant, picky (especially food), stubborn (although I think I get that from Mom), impatient (definitely from Dad). I pay no attention to my horoscope – never seems to fit.


  10. I’m an Aries and it fits to a degree, but not perfectly. I think I have more in common with Pisces characteristics. I have learned that both my sun and moon are in Aries. I’m not really certain what that means.

    I had my palms read once many years ago. She told me that I am extra intuitive and that it’s an incredible gift which I must use. I agree that I am very intuitive but I find it difficult to know when the feelings I’m having are a real message from the universe or not. There have been times when I wished I would have listened to my intuition. Like the time when I was playing an informal gig with a bunch of women, The Downhome Divas, at the Coffee Hag in Mankato. I had a strong feeling of doubt and I didn’t want to go. But I didn’t listen to my intuition and I went. My guitar was near the front of the stage. Someone moved something and my guitar fell off, breaking the neck of my guitar. My beautiful handmade guitar. I was devastated. I wished so much that I had listened to my intuition.


  11. Oops! I wasn’t quite done. Last week I was in some kind of weird negative energy, like when Mercury is in retrograde or something. If something could go wrong it did. It was kind of a Murphy’s Law week. My phone decided it was done connecting to the service provider. The service provider tried lots of things for a couple of hours but it didn’t help. Then I was disconnected from my phone service before getting a code which would allow me to keep my phone number. Also my coworkers were really relying on me for help as one of our clients was failing and had just started hospice. He passed away on Saturday. All this as I was leaving for the Tall Ships festival in Two Harbors. I ended up being a day late and had to spend money on a new phone and service. I’m grateful that I was eventually able to get my phone number back!

    I think I’m okay now but when it rains, it pours.

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  12. Evening. Kelly and I are both Taurus’. It mostly fits. Although we’re probably not supposed to be together.

    I went to a psychic once way back in the 80s. “Madame Zondra” used to have commercials on the radio and I happen to be driving by the restaurant where she would have her sessions and I pulled in on the spur the moment. And the only thing I remember her saying is I would have trouble with money. That hasn’t been true in the long run, it may have been true for a few years when I first saw her.

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  13. I, too, am a Taurus. My sister is, famously, a Leo. Her second ex-husband is into astrology, big time. He doesn’t get out of bed without having consulted something. Supposedly knows a lot about astrology. I don’t, so have never really discussed it with him. How could I? I simply don’t get it. BUT, according to him, my sister being a Leo, and me being a Taurus, means that we’re forever in conflict. Until Finn told me that, I thought it was plain old sibling rivalry, but what do I know?

    For what it’s worth Ben, it’s my understanding that Tauruses get along well together. I know that a couple of my closest friends also happen to be Tauruses.

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  14. My sun sign is Aries. I don’t think of myself as being a typical Aries personality, but there are other factors as well. Moon in Libra, Gemini rising.

    I was born at about eight months into my mother’s pregnancy by the decision of my mother’s doctor. She had fluctuations in blood pressure that suggested possible toxemia, so I was delivered early by caesarian. If I had been born full term, I would likely have been a Taurus. Does that have an effect on personality? That’s anybody’s guess.

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