We try to limit our trips to Walmart to once a month, and I hit the jackpot there last weekend.

The Redken company ceased production of a certain hair product called Thickening Lotion. I have used it for decades to lend body to my hair so it doesn’t hang in my eyes. Well, this has reportedly been a rather unpopular move nation-wide, and I am quite unhappy about it. My hair dresser is beside herself about it.

My hairdresser has tried to find an alternative for me, like this weird foam stuff that sort of works, and hairspray, which I really dislike. I looked on-line for it, and found they were selling it for $100 a bottle on ebay.

As Husband and I left Walmart Saturday I spied two bottles of my beloved hair goop on the shelves in the Walmart Beauty Salon. It was on sale for 20% off, and cost me $20.00 a bottle. I was elated! Now I am set for another 4 months of happy hair styling and clear vision.

Remember Dipity-do? What hair products have you used in the past that you would never use again? What is the most embarrassing hair style you ever had?

31 thoughts on “Serendipity-do”

  1. Rise and Shine, Baboons,

    I am off to the Ridgedale Y today to assist in setting up the Master Gardener Indoor Plant sale. My hair is its usual style—short. I will poke my head back into the trail late in the day.

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  2. Dippity-Do! I think my mom used that on her perm–whatever she used, it was a lavender colored thick liquid that she’d dip her rattail comb in. The most elaborate hairdo I ever had was a Louise Brooks bob, in my high goth days; I think it looked pretty good, but I eventually gave it up as too much time and money to maintain and went back to the short crewcut I’d worn in college.

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  3. Like almost every woman I have ever known, I wish I had different hair. Mine is just slightly wavy, and I would really rather it be straight or curly but not this middle road. Unfortunately, this goes hand-in-hand with the fact that I am extremely lazy about my hair. So no gels, no curling, no blow drying — just brush and go.

    When I was a young married, I decided to get a perm since I always thought having curly hair would be better. It was not better and it was a very long four months until enough of it had grown out so that I didn’t want to take the shears to my head every time I looked in the mirror.

    I’ve tried very short hair a few times but I have kind of a round head and I think I look too much like Charlie Brown with short hair.

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  4. I inherited my mom’s fine textured, thin, stick straight hair. I’ve always wished it had at least a little wave and was thicker. Over the years I have tried numerous lengths, styles, and colors – long, middle part, tucked behind my ears in the late 60s & early 70s; fairly short with bangs; short to medium length permed through most of the 80s; really short (think 1 to 2 inches) for nearly 2 decades; color from natural mousy brown to frosted to nearly white blonde to the current light brown/blonde with sunbleached highlights. During 2020 it got long enough for a short ponytail. Now I am trying to keep it in a mid length style that doesn’t require lots of fussing. Like VS, I am rather lazy when it comes to hair – am willing to blow dry but not much else. The easiest style was the super short – just wash and towel dry but it’s just not a good look anymore. I am a bit jealous of those women who can carry off the nearly shaved head look.

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  5. I remember dippity-do, and even half of the annoying jingle that was part of the TV ads.
    For a time, in 1971, I had cans of “The Dry Look” hair spray for men in my kit. Right next to the Right Guard deodorant spray.
    My most embarrassing hairstyle was in the autumn of 1975 when I was growing my hair back long after a summer in the Army Reserve. I had quite a “flip” over my ears.

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  6. Until a few months ago I had a stylist that didn’t “get” my style – kept trying to make it into a bouffant sort of thing, wanted me to use a foamy something that I did try, and ended up switching stylists. Mine is really short and needs hardly any attention at all, and this one gets it.
    Will finish later…

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  7. I remember Dippity-Do. Not sure Mom or Sis ever used it, though. Dad was a Brylcream guy. “A little dab’ll do ya.” But even before that, it was Butch Wax. I’m pretty sure I used both when I was in grade school, and I wore mostly crew cuts.

    Then junior high came in the late ’60s, and we all grew our hair longer. Me gradually, and never “hippie long.” But I ended HS with a rather embarrassing (in hindsight) Prince Valiant look. Gradually scaled that back throughout college to a more typical late 70s hair style and it’s been pretty much the same ever since other than the steeply receding hairline on more forehead (now a fivehead, and if I live long enough, a sixhead.) 🙂

    Chris in Owatonna

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  8. My dad used something… did Suave make a hair oil?
    And I remember mom using Aqua Net on Sunday mornings before church.

    Into my early 30’s I had a lot of big curly hair. Son sees pictures of me back then and says “Who’s the girl?”.
    One drivers license photo I look a bit like David Crosby.
    Then it started to thin. And I went to an old time barber for a while and I asked him for a flat top. He kinda frowned and said ‘Well, you don’t really have enough hair for that, but we’ll see’. I recall liking the way it looked, but yeah… It didn’t last long.

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  9. When I was 12, I got a one time bouffant styling for my grandparents’ 50th wedding anniversary. I felt like the Jolly Green Giant as it made me so tall. It was a pain to wash all the hair spray and back combing out.

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  10. Back in junior high school, when my younger sister was still shorter than me, Mom wanted a formal picture of the three of us. We all went to the local beauty shop and had our hair “done”. That framed picture was on our living room wall for years and all three of us were mortified by it. Now we just get the giggles (and occasionally hysterical) when thinking or talking about it.
    When I was a senior, my very long hair was styled into an “updo” for the Junior/Senior Banquet. The stylist used so much hairspray that my hair was essentially lacquered. Like Renee, it was a pain (and painful) to get all the back combing and hair spray out.

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  11. The first time using a clipper, I was inexperienced in running it over my head. I used the lowest setting. I kinda went by feel and didn’t look carefully enough in a mirror. Unbeknownst to me, I missed a patch on the back. Not exactly a Mohawk cut but a good half inch tall. A kindly workmate pointed it out but not until several hours exposure on the job site. I made sure to wear my hard hat the rest of the day.

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  12. 60-70 years ago I used brylcream or the like. Why? Did not need it. That was my last nod to fashion for my hair or use of anything other than shampoo and comb. Other than color it has changed little, about as thick as ever, never thick thick. My brother went bald. I have been steadfastly out of fashion in most ways all my life.
    My daughter has always been fine with her hair. Her daughter has loved her very curly, naturally curly, hair her whole life. Leaves it quite long. Mr. Tuxedo has grown his out to about 4 inches below his color and it is quite curly. We have no idea where all those curls come from. My sister being my sister is critical of the curls.
    Poor Sandy. Had that thick Black Russian Hair that got destroyed by illness in her teens, turned into thin whispy sparse hair. My son has that Russian hair. When it and his beard are long like now he looks like Rasputin.

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  14. My mom gave us home perms when we were little, because my sister and I both have straight-as-a-stick hair, and curls were in… There are some very embarrassing photos. Luckily the 60s arrived and long straight hair was in for a time – other people even ironed their hair, but not me!

    Last perm I had was early 90s, and I see photos and wonder What Was I Thinking?? Kind of looks like two triangles that start at my temples… Wish I could show a photo.

    I now have a receding hairline in front, but cover it with bangs. My hair is just starting to go gray (!), which I kind of welcome – kind of a badge of honor for having survived this long. There are days when I forget to look at my hair in the morning, and catch a glimpse of myself mid-day and say “Oh dear, I really should at least run a comb through it!”

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  15. Oh, how can I forget the Toni home perms of my childhood? Not only did we look awful but the house smelled awful, too. Back in the early 80s I had a very short curly perm – looked vaguely like a poodle!

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  16. I remember Dippity-Do. My mom used it on me when I wanted long hair and she thought it should have pin curls. Have you ever slept in pin curls? She would take locks of my hair, slather them with Dippity-Do, and curl them into spirals all over my head fixed in place with two bobby pins in each curl. In the morning all the pins were taken out and my hair was brushed out. It looked wavy and full. I’ve always admired long hair but pin curls weren’t my thing. They were too much bother and they were no fun to sleep in.

    I vacillated between long and short hair for a number of years in my high school and college days. I usually had kind of a wavy, frizzy mop of unruly hair. Figuring out an easy care style that works for me has been a challenge so finally I decided that long hair is the easiest way. I don’t have to have a salon and a stylist. It’s been long for many years now. I had a foot cut off a year ago and it’s been slow to grow back but it’s still thick and now almost completely gray. I’ve also worn bangs for several years but I can’t find anyone to cut them so that I like them. So now I’m growing them out too and right now they’re in a frightful stage. Perfect time of year for frightful looking hair.

    The most embarrassing hair style I ever had was given to me by a gay hairdresser who used to have a salon in Northfield. He was one of a group of friends I hung around with in the ‘80s. He kept telling me how great I would look in a “stack perm.” He emphasized that as I aged I would only have “four long hairs!” He talked about this quite a bit and pushed me to get this fantastic perm. I had never had a perm before. Finally, I relented and went in for this hair makeover. Hippy no more. It took about three hours of horrible smells and lots of discomfort and boredom. It was finally over and he took all the stuff out of my hair and turned me around. I tried to pretend I was overjoyed. I really tried. I’m not a good actress. It was perfectly straight down to about my ears then stuck out in a mass of curls from my ears down. I went home and washed it and washed it. I bought a blow dryer and tried to blow dry it back to my normal hair. I used all kinds of conditioners on it to get it to relax. It took months before I finally got rid of that perm. I’ve never had another one.

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  17. When I was a junior in high school, I got the part of Anne Frank In the fall play. The Spanish teacher who was also the director thought m
    I should look more pathetic and offered to cut my hair a little bit towarf that end. She started my bangs at the very top of my head and they ended about two inches above my eyebrows. She achieved the pathetic look she was going for! I was horrified but it was too late. When I got home my dad took one look at me snd took me downtown and bought me a pretty decent human hair wig that cost more than he could afford. Except onstage, I wore that sucker through most of the rest of my junior year.

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  18. I had long stright hair with bangs in junior high. Then I had long straight hair, parted in the middle, with the bangs growing out. It took a really long time to get the bangs to full length.

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