Something Fishy

I was very sad and alarmed to learn the other day that a billion snow crabs have disappeared from the waters around Alaska, and there will be no snow crab harvest this year. I can’t imagine the price of snow crab going forward. I really like snow crab, and I will miss having it.

I am currently in a Maryland resort on the Potomac River, and I had the best lobster roll last night that I have ever eaten. I never liked sea food growing up in rural Minnesota, but I have learned to love fish and shell fish as an adult. Our son likes sea food. Our daughter still doesn’t, but I hope she will develop a liking for it given she lives on Puget Sound.

Where did a billion snow crabs go? When will they return? What are we doing to our oceans? I hope that I can still enjoy a good lobster roll in years to come.

What is your favorite fish dish? What foods did you not like as a child that you like now?

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  1. I do love fish. The past year I have been eating fish every other day…salmon, halibut, cod, tuna. When I lived in Washington state, I discovered and loved Dungeness Crab. When I was staying on Cape Cod, I loved every fish we had plus clams, mussels and, of course, lobster. Especially Lobster, even though I hate cooking them when they are alive. When I was a child, our Christmas Eve tradition was oyster stew. I liked the stew but not the little oysters in it. As an adult I still don’t like raw oysters. Or clams  I also just remembered liking Northern Pikes as a child and the Bullseye my grandfather the Watonwan River that ran through his pasture. Living in Minnesota near Lake Superior I love White Fish, Lake Trout and I endulge in Steelhead Trout at a nearby restaurant every time I go there. Another nearby restaurant has super tasting walleye.  Guess I like fish A LOT!  Thanks for asking, Reneeinnd!

    Cynthia “Life is a shifting carpet…learn to dance.”

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  2. Maybe the crabs went south for the winter.

    I have a slow-roasted salmon recipe I’ve made dozens of times that’s to die for. Salmon’s one of my favorite kinds of seafood. I also love a good lobster roll, crabcake, and tuna steak. Shrimp almost anything. A basic saute with lemon, butter, garlic, and white wine is hard to beat. And lobster or shrimp bisque is an elegant treat. Seared sea scallops are delish too. I could go on and on. Unfortunately, seafood’s expensive, and my wife doesn’t like it as much as I do, so we don’t have it often.

    I didn’t like ANY seafood when I was a kid! Correction–I could tolerate a tuna fish sandwich. Probably because all we had were fish sticks (yuk!), salmon croquettes, and clam chowder from a can.

    Also, I didn’t like pizza, spicy food of any kind, or sauerkraut.

    Chris in Owatonna

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  3. I have several favorite fishy dishys… my aunt’s Portuguese Seafood Stew is a favorite, since you can put shrimp in it, and just about anything else you’ve got in the fridge. I make my s-i-l’s Curried Tuna Patties. And of course the salt cod for our version of Fish & Lefse at Christmas.

    I’ve recently discovered a brand of frozen walleye that’s so much better than, say, tillapia. Even Husband likes this one if I don’t overcook it.

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  4. My parents liked foods that as a child I thought were awful–Dad liked pickled beets, and Mom liked horseradish and Limburger cheese. Obviously the Limburger is permanently off the menu, but I’ve developed a liking for beets–it probably helped that my ex-hippie friend used to make delicious pickled beets–and eating wasabi with my sushi taught me to like horseradish (wasabi is particularly yummy with avocado rolls).

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  5. RIse and Shine, Baboons,

    I have always loved most fish and seafood, with the exception of oysters and clams. I do not like that gritty texture at all. My favorite food as a child if our family ate out at a “fancy” place, meaning a steakhouse, was the shrimp platter.

    I have a seafood stew that is a Caribbean style, coconut milk-based dish (No curry powder, coriander, or cumin—produces a metallic taste. ICK!) that is delicious. I like to grill salmon, although my tolerance for salmon is limited after early childhood canned salmon with those little bones in the meat. Shudder.

    The big winner, though, is walleye. Love It.

    I have seen the snow crab stories. It appears to be one more consequence of climate change. Or they went North somewhere.

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  6. I have a really good recipe for North German fish goulash soup with lots of paprika. As a kid I couldn’t stand nuts of any kind. Now, I love nuts (except peanuts).

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    1. Talk about fishy! I just read a summary of his life and career. 7 marriages, some of them bigamous. 6 children. And he considered himself a devout Christian. Good Grief. I had not thought about him for a long time. He was kind of a mess.

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      1. Jacque, he was one of the worst people on the planet. When I read a biography, I just laughed all the way through, in disbelief at the despicable behaviour of both Jerry and his family. Not that any of it was at all funny.


  7. OT – Update on yesterday’s notice of bookstore opening:

    “Hey everyone! Our event has gotten a lot more attention than expected! Which is amazing! We love to see everyone showing their support!
    Because our store only consists of two rooms totaling about 700 sq ft or so, it will likely get pretty cramped in there! That is why we are going to be open all weekend, and encourage you to instead feel free to visit us during our open hours on Saturday or Sunday for a less crowded shopping experience! Saturday 12pm-10pm & Sunday 12pm-7pm.
    If you plan on visiting please park on the street, the lot behind the building is private parking and we want to respect our neighbors!
    Open tonight 6pm-10pm!”

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  8. I’ve never liked fish. *

    *Oh, but tuna was OK.

    Don’t like lobsters, oysters, mussels, or crab, either**

    **Oh, but crab Rangoon is yummy, and we had ‘She crab soup’ down in South Carolina and that was good!

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  9. I like lots of different fish, unfortunately Hans doesn’t (except for tuna from a can), so I rarely cook it when he’s home. I often take advantage if there’s good fish on the menu when we go out to eat (which we haven’t really done much during the pandemic).

    Until I was twelve years old, virtually all the fish we ate Dad and I had caught, or it had been caught that same day by some of our local fisherman friends. Cod, plaice, eel, needlefish, flounder, mackerel, herring, pretty much anything you could catch in our local waters (an arm of the Baltic). Even as a little kid, we’d catch our own tiny shrimp, and if we got lucky, once in a while we’d catch a few crabs. Crab meet is a favorite, I like it even better than lobster. I also like clams, and various oysters. I think I’ve told here before about how Charlotte and I would go dig up clams when we visited them in Kino, Mexico. They’d need to soak in a bucket of fresh seawater, that needed to be changed a couple of times a day for a day or two, before they’d be clean enough to cook and eat. But what a feast.

    Local fish that I enjoy includes everything from walleye and whitefish to various trout and even smelt.

    I make sure to get an assortment of pickled herring and gravlax during the Christmas holiday season. Smoked salmon, too. Nothing beats a freshly smoked herring, but I haven’t had one in years. My sisters lives a ten minute drive from a small fishing harbor. Whenever I visit her, we visit the small fish shop and restaurant right on the pier frequently.

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  10. No fish for me. And even before I became a vegetarian, there wasn’t a lot of fish in my house again because my mother doesn’t like fish.

    And I think we completely missed the ball on what’s happened to the crabs. It must be aliens.

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    1. Things “They” don’t want you to know :

      There have in fact been several sightings of mysterious crab abducting craft, yes in the shape of of a saucer.

      Men in black suits, wielding strange looking implements with flashing lights, have been seen emerging from plain black cars.

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  11. Gatitos Palomar.
    1. Jane took Meep for her first inoculation today. Nobody came up with a new name, so Jane told Laura to write her up as Meep. “It’s the sound she makes,” she explained. With that, Meep turned to them and said “MEEP!” Laura thought that was dead cute.

    2.Carmen,who lives diagonally opposite, has a row of plants, in pots, along the front of her house. Three mornings running, a different pot has been knocked over, making something of a mess. She seems to think we’re to blame, and is acting grumpy with us.
    Well…. we have food and water on our doorstep, and several street cats take advantage of that. And we can hardly deny it. We also put food out for the cats in the abandoned, partly built apartment block fifty yards away. Everyone in the village has seen me doing that illegal act. But at least we’re not the only ones.
    And it’s well known that our house is stuffed full of cats ( one of which was handed to us by Jose, Carmen’s grown up son.) We’ve suddenly realised that Carmen is blaming our cats for her troubles. She ignored Jane’s protest that they never leave the house. I’ll have to try and catch Isabel, who cleans fir Carmen, and ask her to explain. Our cats never come out the front door. That’s why we’re so careful about keeping it shut. And they can’t go out the back, its closed in with metal mosquito mesh. And so are the windows. It’s not our cats( and it seems to happen at the time the kids go through here on the way to school). Carmen will be telling her friends, and it will become the truth to them,that the English people are letting their cats wreck the place.

    3 Rafael is building our shed!

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  12. I’m having a seafood plate just now including crab. I’d forgotten what a battle it is to get that meat out of the legs. Maybe in another decade I’ll be up to it again.

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  13. I like lots of the fish mentioned above, especially salmon, steelhead trout, rainbow trout, walleye, tuna. A restaurant nearby serves a basket of fried sunnies that is wonderful. We used to catch sunnies in the St. Croix when I was little.

    I used to make salmon loaf from time to time. Haven’t done that in years, but maybe I will soon. My mother made salmon loaf and served it with creamed peas. Comfort food.

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  14. stone crab is the only meat i eat because the critter isn’t killed to harvest the meat
    i’ve often wondered if it could be raised as a crip


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