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Photo credit:  Markus Spiske

There’s been a lot of resume talk at our house as YA has recently moved to another job at her company.  She hasn’t actually shown me her current resume but I know she updates it regularly so that it’s up to date all the time. So it’s ready at a moment’s notice, if the need should arise!

Last week when we talked about sheets, K-Two said

“I got really good at making up mattresses for isolettes, bassinets, and cribs during my career – a skill no longer needed. And if really pushed, I could probably still change the sheets of an occupied bed.”

This got me to thinking how imminently practical (and refreshing) it would be to see solid skills like bed-making show up on a resume, instead of the boring vanilla stuff that you see on most resumes these days.

I started to think about the very practical skills that I could list on a resume.

    1. Can organize errands based on opening times and order efficiency
    2. Can coax almost any grumpy person into a smile
    3. Can get a pill down even the most recalcitrant kitty
    4. Can make 15 pies in one day

Any good skills for your resume this week?

56 thoughts on “Resume Refresh”

      1. I also voice this hope. I’m guessing because of the nasty climate surrounding politics these days I felt the need to thank everyone volunteering that I came in contact with at the polling place on Tuesday.

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  1. Funny you should use a header photo of Legos. Having spent part of yesterday with the grandkids, the special skill that came immediately to mind was, “Having gotten down on the floor can get up again, albeit gracelessly”.

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    1. Jane loved getting her old Lego out for her nephews and nieces. Grandma would get the kids up to the table to eat, and Jane would lag behind on the floor, busily building.

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      1. Today Husband forgot to push in his chair when he got up from the table, and Kyrill hopped up and stole an elk sausage in a bun compete with relish. He didn’t drop it.

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        1. I came in the house and put a whole edam cheese on the table, went upstairs to fetch something, and came straight back down. Elapsed time, perhaps thirty seconds. The cheese was still present, but it was inside Neil’s black Alsation, Prince.

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  2. Besides knowing how to compose a proper paragraph and write a decent story, my resume skills are limited to:

    1. Shows up on time every workday
    2. Does what he’s told to do
    3. Does it to the best of his ability.

    Chris in Owatonna

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  3. I’m taking a ‘voiceover intensive’ this Friday, Saturday, & Sunday. It’s supposed to show us how to kick our VO work into high-gear. We were asked to do a ‘cover letter’ to the guest speakers we have, who are (apparently) big-time agents. Apparently, this cover letter is supposed to get like an ‘elevator pitch,’ much more sales-oriented than just the standard intro type of letter. I was instructed to ‘put some personality’ into it. I banged it out last night. It certainly sounds like me…whether that’s good or bad is anyone’s guess at this point…

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    1. Hope and it’s an enjoyable weekend. I gotta say that voiceover work is highly underrated and much more difficult than most people assume.

      I do however find it extremely ironic that for a voiceover seminar you’re asked to send in a printed piece of paper instead of an actual sample of your work.

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  4. Funny, VS!

    – can remember the tune and words to most songs I encountered starting from age two, OR
    – can find and post a link (on Youtube most likely) to almost any song requested
    – can create an egg dish in 50 + ways
    – can have 10 lists going at once, and occasionally consolidate information to one list

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  5. Rise and Shine Baboons,

    I am retiring at the end of July, only continuing to do a small amount of supervision for another year after that. I am finding that getting people to accept my retirement is a new skill to develop—VS, I am thinking you also understand this. The resume skills involved are as follows:

    Firmly stating, “No, I do not want to work anymore.”

    Getting up slowly and moaning about how much moving hurts.

    Pretending you can’t remember stuff.

    Actually getting out those retirement fund statements and completing forms to start with payments.

    Meeting with bombastic financial guys who want to talk about their financial prowess.

    Listing the user names and passwords in a retrievable form so I can access the online accounts.

    Entering said user names and passwords so they actually produce the accounts. Easier said than done.

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    1. The fact that YA is now working in the travel division has actually created several more of these conversations in the last two weeks in which someone is exhorting me to return to work. Sigh.

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  6. Hmm, my resume’s not looking too good.
    I only ever did one, under instruction, and it didn’t come in handy. We called them CV’s.

    Capable of deep one to one communication, on a hit and miss basis.

    I’ll see if I can think of anything else.

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    1. Norwegian potato Flatbread. It is rolled very thin, cooked on a griddle, and stays soft and pliable. The kind I make is a particularly traditional kind popular with the Norwegian immigrants who settled in the US. There are several different kinds, actually, some hard, some soft. It is the food of the poor, but has become a holiday delicacy here.

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      1. It is 8° right now, with a wind chill of -11°. It is going to be very cold for at least the next week. I think it is here to stay.


  7. My resume doesn’t look all that great. I can manage two pies in a day, but only if it’s a holiday. I’m a kitty-pilling failure. I have stuff from the library that’s way overdue. But I do have good intentions of getting organized someday.

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