The Game’s Afoot

This chess game has been ongoing for a couple of years – in the front yard of a house about 15 blocks up from my house.  I’ve always been intrigued by it, mostly because I’m not a big “decorations in the yard” type of gal. 

The other intrigue has to do with the fact that my natural instinct is to say “the cat is going to crush the dog”.  My second instinct is to say “why is the bird watching so intently?”  Personally I think watching games like chess and GO are akin to watching the proverbial paint dry.

Personally I like dice games because if you lose, you can always blame it on bad luck with the dice.  Aggravation, Sorry, Parchesi, even Monopoly.  I know the rules of chess and GO but haven’t played either for years. I’m also fond of trivia games.

Do you think cats are better chess players than dogs?

27 thoughts on “The Game’s Afoot”

  1. According to Jane, who’s studied cat behaviour a little, cats will,for instance,share sentry duty. One cat will sleep while a neighbour patrols both cats’ territories. Then vice versa. I’ve seen a cat on TV that plays piano. Dogs mostly are just wondering if it’s dinner time yet. I’d say the cat wouldn’t have much trouble.

    I have a new phone that spells in English without being asked! And it has all the Spanish accents,but I don’t know how to work that bit yet.

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        1. Whenever I hear this, in my mind’s eye, I see Buster Keaton. Incidentally, I am separated from Buster Keaton by only one degree.

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        2. In the 1960s, Northwest Orient Airlines did a series of commercials featuring Buster Keaton.

          When I worked at the agency that handled the Northwest account (and I worked on that account), I worked and traveled with a guy that had produced those commercials with Buster Keaton.

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  2. The Bird is about to halt the match as there is a problem with the setup. A black royalty piece is within the white ranks and a white piece is with black’s people. Birds are smarter than dogs and cats.

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  3. As noted above, the cat would have a determined plan of attack, attack, attack, attack!!! The dog would be more defensive or, dare I say, responsive. I think the ultimate winner would depend on the length of time that the game would take. The dog would, inevitably, be distracted by a squirrel or something and lose interest. The cat would certainly be coldly calculating and very happy (one could say ‘willing’) to sacrifice as many of their own pieces as possible, possibly to the detriment of their own coldly calculated plan. The dog’s moves, while spontaneous, could also be somewhat random. Which could throw off the cat’s plans and be somewhat advantageous. And, of course, it’s only a matter of time before the cat would have to bat, bat, bat all of the pieces off of the board and forfeit the game.

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  4. Tgith took part of my answer as well – the cat batting all of the pieces off the board. My sister and niece each have two cats and all of the kitties love to bat objects off any surface.

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    1. Nimue’s favorite thing to knock off is a little set of Matryoska that I got in St. Petersburg that lives on my dresser. But she always waits until I’m in the room, then she makes eye contact and without breaking eye contact, she bats the little dolls right off.

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