The Rockets Red Glare!

Hallelujah!!!  Joy of joys – let the heavens part and rain down the praise of angels!!!

Yes, it’s really me.  All the painting is done – the breakfast room, the kitchen and the windows on the front porch.

As if this isn’t momentous enough, I cleaned up and organized the tool room in the basement before putting all the various tools away that have been cluttering up the porch and the dining room and the breakfast room for weeks.  I hadn’t planned on the clean up/organization.  In fact, my initial plan was to dump everything into the tool room and then ignore it until after the holidays.  Then at the very last minute, I changed my mind.  Assuming it would take a lot longer than it actually did, I was thinking I would do the clean up on day and then sort out all the tools the next day.  But it went swimmingly and once I got going, I just kept going. 

One big black garbage bag got filled with junk as I emptied every cabinet and drawer so I could clean them.  It’s amazing what you find when you do this.  We have 8 of those paint keys that they give you when you purchase paint.  We have 12 scrappers.  We have six handles for scrubbing pads.  We have four bags of steel wool, each with a different amount in it.  But the most amazing was the tape.

It seems like I am always buying tape and now I know why… we keep taking it to the basement when we’re done with a project.  The photo only shows the tape that survived – several rolls were too dirty or dried out to keep.  I brought all the tape up so that it’s in the dining room chest of drawers; hopefully this will keep us from buying more the next time we have a project!

What do you have too much of?

59 thoughts on “The Rockets Red Glare!”

  1. Rise and Shine, Baboons,

    Right now there is way too much dog hair in the house. For an unknown reason my dog is shedding hair rapidly this fall. I also find a lot of used hearing aid batteries around the house which do not seem to make it to the garbage. Then there is the cabinet full of device boxes. Really, I must dispose of those—I never will need them again. Why Am I keeping them?

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    1. I found quite a few things in the basement that I don’t even know what they were. So they went into the garbage bag because I’m thinking if I don’t even know what they are, the chances are that I’m going to need one of them in the future and remember that I have it in the basement are slim to none.

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  2. I am an organizer. Every year I clean out all my closet and drawers. The rule is if you haven’t used it in a year out it goes! Exception is things of sentimental value which are stored together! I am constantly amazed at the amount of STUFF that accumulatees!

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        1. Actually, all of Apple’s boxes are exquisite. Attention has been paid to every single little detail. Husband just bought an Apple watch. He spent a good deal of time admiring the packaging before he looked at the actual watch.

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    1. Ha! I have a big plastic, under-the-bed, storage unit full of T-shirts from various Minnesota Folk Festivals. Most of them have been worn only a few times during the actual festival where I was a volunteer. I’d happily pass them on to someone who has a use for them, but they’re too good to just trash.

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    2. And I can say the same about state fair T-shirts. And T-shirts with polar bears. And T-shirts with funny sayings on them. And science themed T-shirts. OK I think it’s probably just too many T-shirts.

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  3. Looking at the basement, the garage and into the closets, I think we have too much stuff that is coated in sentimental gravy. Some of that is stuff that our offspring left behind when they decamped from Taiwan to make their lives in the USA: stuff that we packed up and brought with us in retirement, but which they had left behind because they trusted us to get rid of it for them. Other accumulation is what came into our household as my in-laws downsized, and eventually left this mortal coil. I have no say in the disposition or disposal of anything in either category. I’m grateful, though, for ample space in basement, garage and closets, because we don’t acquire much any longer.

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    1. That sentimental gravy is powerful stuff if you happen to like it.
      My mother didn’t. She couldn’t wait for me to be out of the house before she started giving away whatever I had left behind. Shortly before I immigrated to the US, I had purchased a beautiful, and expensive, black velvet skirt. I intended to add it to my suitcase at the last minute, but forgot it. By the time I discovered that I had left it behind, she had already given it away. Didn’t even think to ask me about it.

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    2. Aboksu, you’ve got to get more stuff to fill all that space,right away! Space was made for stuff, and that’s how it’s got to be!


      1. It’s easy to get started. Just pick up stuff from beside the road,or on waste ground,or beside dumpsters,as you call them. Any stuff will do,as long as it’s stuff. I have a van, and that helps. People I don’t really know seek me out and offer me stuff, under the pretext I can get money for it. They must know as well as I do that that’s not true, but we both know I’m going to use it to fill up empty spaces, anyway. Some people actually pay me to take away their stuff! They say, “Do you need me to come to the Ecoparc (Spanish recycling centre)and help unload?” Who are they kidding, I’m not going near the place. Give them my new stuff? Not likely. I’ve got space in my garage for that,on top of the long dresser which is on top of two chests of drawers.
        Just a few tips for the “stuff” beginner. With luck, you’ll soon get the hang of it,and who knows, you may start to think up new ways of getting stuff!


      1. Our “culinary” blow torch is just an ordinary small blow torch. Hans uses it for lighting the candles on the dinner table, and I cringe every time he does. For some reason he refuses to use those emergency lighters for the stove, which are much more appropriate in size for the task at hand.

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  4. I have too many feathers. All four of The Birds are moulting at the same time. This is not a yuuuge problem. A little messy but lets me confirm their synchronized ages.


    1. Ah books, I particularly LOVE books but all those years as an Air Force nurse traveling around the states and some of the world I had to leave books behind. I have donated to many libraries! In my old age I find it difficult (eyesight) to read books. Ǹot a technical person I am surprised how many books I have accumulated in my Kindle!

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  5. Just this morning I was trying to find the right charger cable for some headphones. I pulled out of the junk drawer (the charger cable junk drawer) about 6 of the mini-usb charger cables. One was blue, two were 6″ long, and the rest were about 2′ long. I saved the blue, one 6″, and one long, and bundled the rest together and stuffed them back in the drawer under the large felt squares (where did the large felt squares come from??).
    We have too many charger cables. But I better save them all.

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    1. We’ve had masses of charger cables in this house. Most of them disappear after very little use, and we’re always short of them, and have to buy more.


    2. Eventually the connector will change and they’ll become obsolete. But then you’ll have to save them because, since they’re obsolete, where would you get one if you needed it?

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