You’ve Got to be Kidding Me!

In the “always something new under the sun” category – I came downstairs last week to find Nimue’s two ceramic bowls replaced with these two plates. 

YA purchased them because apparently kitties can get “whisker fatigue” if they eat from regular bowls. I’m not even going to look up whisker fatigue; if I do find it legitimized online, it will just make me crazy.

Any new “news” in your world lately?

52 thoughts on “You’ve Got to be Kidding Me!”

        1. my wife is an adjunct professor and teaches online as well as in person classes and some hybrids
          this allows the schools to pay for a couple classes over the load they can assign to the single teacher which makes up a department and not have to pay full benefits and if enough people don’t sign up for a clas they simply drop it and don’t pay the teacher
          it’s a new online college recipe for education model that will soon spill over into the rest of the market ala uber and amazon

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  1. Rise and Shine, Baboons,

    I will not google whisker fatigue, and even though I do not know anything about it, I think I do not have it. Just sayin’.

    News here:

    I am retiring in July, following VS’ retirement in August.

    I am now a Master Gardener Certified Food Preservation Specialist. Soon that program will offer a Therapeutic Horticulture program which I will also participate in. The activities those certifications allow will replace paid work in retirement.

    COVID has left us with a new sensibility about health safety. I now think about going places in a different way. Where is my mask? Is the new question.

    That is it. Pretty boring here.

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    1. i sure you could easily monetize master gardener opportunities
      roving garden guru to community centers and community gardens for 1 hour talks monthly for a fee
      some of those old folks homes are looking to busy up their residents

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        1. This is actually happened to me twice in my lifetime, first, with my baking and then with my card making. I enjoy both much more now that I’m just doing it for fun.


  2. Only in this day and age would whisker fatigue be a “thing.” As if we don’t have enough to worry about already (politics, climate change, a possible World War 3, etc., now we have to worry about our cats’ whisker health. I won’t even look it up because I don’t want to know! (Information overload)

    What about MY whisker health?? I’ve been shaving regularly for almost 50 years. I’ll bet my whiskers are pretty damn tired of getting sliced off at the skin line day in and day out. Although in the interest of minimalizing facial scarring, I cut back to shaving every other day to give my shaving cuts an extra day to heal. 😉

    Chris in Owatonna

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  3. I have been learning a lot about the two hemispheres of our brains, the right and left, and what parts of our personalities they’re responsible. I highly recommend Jill Bolte Taylor’s “My Stroke of Insight” – it’s not just for stroke survivors.

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  4. I had shallow bowls for my cats in their senior years for that reason, but those plates look pretty flat to me – I found having a bit of a lip around the edge was helpful, to keep food from getting pushed off the edge by feline tongues.

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  5. My friend’s 18-year old miniature poodle mix passed away yesterday. I guess it was expected, she was 18, but still – it’s a hard thing to lose your little family member and housemate.

    I am making progress on my basement finishing project. The stairs were once just rough boards. I have conquered sanding and using primer. Next step is painting which I will tackle tomorrow. After that I will use the epoxy floor finishing kit I bought at Menards to cover the bare concrete floor. I’m gaining confidence but the truth is, if someone can mess up a simple project like this, it’s me. This being a very small home, I have to relocate all the stuff I have stored in the basement while the floor project is done. Also, I might as well paint the walls while I’m at it. I’ll be glad to have my basement look somewhat better than a concrete root cellar. I’m still waiting for my December 1 Xcel Energy audit and blower door test. That will (hopefully) tell me where the cigarette smoke is coming from and (hopefully) give me recommendations for sealing it out.

    I’m going to be with my friend today.

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    1. What’s your plan to get out when painting the stairs? Is there a basement exit? Paint every other step? Paint going up? Good luck with all of it! You’re doing great!

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        1. There are really only two exits from my unit. Through the basement and out the garage door or through the front door. My garage is on ground level. So is the front door. From there you have to climb stairs to get to the main level no matter which entrance you use.


      1. I have to remember to unlock the front door from inside before I start. Then I go out through the garage and in the front door.


  6. One of our cats, the boy, likes to paw the water dish around, but I don’t think he has whisker fatigue, I think he just likes to make a mess. He also likes to knock over clear water bottles and roll them around to watch the water slosh (which is why I now have an aluminum bottle with a tight-fitting cap). Another cat is allergic to plastic–if she eats from a plastic bowl her chin will break out, so she has her own all-metal bowl. Weirdly enough, she also likes to chew plastic bags and throw up the pieces. Proof, I guess, that we are most attracted to the things that are bad for us.

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    1. When the wind is from the northwest the passenger side window in the pickup lets out a high pitched scream as you drive on the Interstate. I may be really irritable when I drive home

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    1. No… water is in quite a large bowl on the floor that is shared with Guinevere. Besides, Nimue prefers to dip her paw into the water and then lick the water off said paw. It doesn’t seem very efficient, but it is cute.

      One plate is for her dry kibble and one plate is for her wet food (one tablespoon on morning and one at night).

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  7. We are hiring a cleaning company to vacuum and clean carpets after our remodel. There is thick dust on every surface and wall and floor in our bedroom and basement.

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      1. I wish had even a smidge of “liking to clean” dna. I can get onboard with “picking up” fairly easily but I really wish everything would clean itself.

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    1. my in-laws anniversary is nov 22
      i asked what they were thinking getting married on jfks day of remembeerence and they said they just didn’t think of it
      i may have been the first person to bring it up to them

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