Spa Day

Our puppy went to the groomer today. The groomer said he did splendidly, and was easy to work with. She did a really good job with him, and studied the photos and literature I gave her on Cesky terriers. She did a really good job on his beard today. His fur is turning more and more platinum. He started out as completely black as a newborn.

He has been so happy and relaxed since we got him home. I guess he liked all the attention and cossetting and brushing. It was a spa day for him. I have never been to a spa. I have never had a massage or a pedicure or manicure. I don’t know how I would react having someone so close and personal.

Kyrill told me that he was so handsome now that I should sign him up on a dating site so he could get a girlfriend. I told him that wasn’t going to happen. He gets neutered next week.

Have you ever been to a spa? What do you think it would be like to go to one of those spas in Baden-Baden, Germany? How would you describe yourself on a dating site?

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  1. Rise and Shine Baboons,

    Kyrill is a very handsome dude. That is pretty sweet that he arrived home happy.

    I love a massage, although I am picky about who my massage therapist is, given the intimacy you mention. I also get pedicures because it prevents my heels from cracking in the winter,which is a painful thing. I do not get manicures because I just wreck them with gardening and art work,plus long nails are so inconvenient.

    Dating site? Ugh. No thanks. I just can’t…

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  2. My sister took me to a spa in Marin County once, but if memory serves, we just did the hot tub? I would love a good 1-hour massage, and would do one monthly if I could afford it.

    I’m not familiar with the Baden-Baden spa, and don’t have time to look it up – what’s special?


  3. Hanging around with the college kids, I think often how glad I am not to be out there trying to date these days.
    I have had some really good massages. And I’ve had some mediocre massages. And some were it feels like I’ve been hit by a bus for two days after. Maybe they were good for me?
    Right now I found a really good massage therapist that has helped my legs and back and is making me walk better. It is more expensive than I’d like, but the benefits far outweigh the cost. One more scheduled on Thursday before my knee.
    No spa treatments for me either. And no interest. (Making a manly grunting noise). 😉

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  4. Not even sure this qualifies as a “spa, but I got a massage once with my wife in Stillwater while we stayed at the Lowell Inn for a decades-ago anniversary. I don’t remember much about it other than massages are wasted on the young. I think massages should only be given to those over 50 who can really benefit from them–and to pro athletes, of course.

    I have no desire to go to any spa, even though I’m sure Baden-Baden is lovely.

    Dating site profile?? As a few would say on this blog: *SNORT!* I thought for five minutes and can’t really come up with anything other than describing my typical day and what I do for “fun.” (A lot of weird things like golf and wilderness canoeing and exercising and drinking wine and reading books and writing novels.)

    I can’t imagine being that desperate for female companionship. And I hope I never get in that situation. Wife and I always “argue” about who wants to die first so we don’t have to be the surviving spouse and endure the grief. I guess our ideal exit is to both peacefully die in our sleep on the same day.

    The site would have to be something like E-Harmony only the E would stand for “Elder.”

    Chris in Owatonna

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  5. Sensory processing disorder. No one is touching me. Dating site profile: not interested.
    Joking but wonder if that would work. But I would never give my name as Clyde.

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  6. I have had lots of massages over the years. While I was still working, I viewed them – along with physical exercise – as an essential part of my preventive maintenance program. Now that my body has started to succumb to the ravages of use and abuse over the years, some form of bodywork is essential if I want to be able to get out of bed in the morning.

    I’ve been to two different day spas, and neither was a comfortable experience for me. Probably picked the wrong kind of spa, though I suspect that this sagging old body would feel out of place in most of them.

    I’ve had two pedicures, and I loved them. One of these days, I should treat myself to another one. My first pedicure was in preparation for a vacation to Mexico. I was surprised how much I loved the process of it, and even more so, how long those red toe nails stayed pretty, and lifted my spirits whenever I looked at them. I’ve had only one manicure, and didn’t care for it. I can’t stand the feel of polish on my finger nails, so even though I had opted for a clear polish, I promptly removed it when I got home.

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  7. I get a 90 minute massage on a monthly basis. I consider it essential torture. Per my request, my therapist uses firm pressure in order to get all the knots out. Parts of the massage can be quite painful but I feel great at the end. In Vietnam I had a 60 minute foot/lower leg massage (included a hot soak at the beginning) which was heavenly. I’ve only had one pedicure – enjoyed it but not to the point of having one regularly. No manicures for me. My fingernails are kept very short. I play piano with curved fingers and can’t stand fingernails clicking on the keys. And as an NICU nurse, long nails were very inconvenient (as well as being dirty underneath) and nail polish was forbidden unless you wanted to wear gloves every time you touched a baby.

    Dating sites – no thank you!

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    1. I had a massage at our hotel in Guangzhou in China. The masseuse was a tiny Chinese woman with amazingly strong hands. She also walked on my back, a technique no other masseuse had ever used on me before. I suppose her small stature allowed her to do that without ill effect. I had come down with a nasty upper respiratory infection, and was trying everything I could think of to give my body a bit of a boost before heading home. I don’t recall exactly how much I paid for the hour-long session, but I remember it felt good and was dirt cheap, even if it didn’t cure what ailed me.

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  8. No spas, no dating sites. I’d rather be alone than go to a dating site. I’ve had some trouble accessing the site lately. Ben, please see my comment at the end of your last Farm Report on Saturday.

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    1. Thanks Krista. I’ve heard pros and cons to the ice machines; seems like a really good idea for the good ones. I haven’t found any to rent locally and I’m not sure if the docs will prescribe one.
      I know I need to follow the instructions, and watch out for infections. I appreciate your advice on this.

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      1. Let me check with my friend about where she rented hers from. She really liked it and almost rented a second one. She had it for 4 weeks and just raved about it- ease of use and convenience. It gives consistent cold and also applies intermittent pressure which is helpful for circulation. I think it was called “Nice”.

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      2. A friend of mine, a medical doctor -if that makes any difference to you – just had knee replacement surgery. She swears by her ice machine. Makes a huge difference. Can’t imagine that your doctor wouldn’t prescribe, or at least recommend, one.

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  9. I painted my toenails myself (once). Every time I looked down at my toes, it shocked me. It looked like someone had smashed my toes with a hammer. Couldn’t stand it!


  10. I had to chuckle, Renee, at the description of Kyrill”s changing color. From now on I’m going to refer to my mousy grey hair as platinum, though I’ll admit it looks a lot better on him than it does on me. 🙂

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  11. Now I feel inspired to schedule a globe-trotting trip to indulge in spa days at places with reduplicated names. After Baden-Baden, I’ll go to Pagp Pago, Tolitoli, Lapu-Lapu, and Lomaloma. Oh, wait, I forgot – I don’t have a passport. Is there a spa in Paw Paw?

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